love me or not i will always love you

One little girl moves to Londen and meets a boy named Louis Tomlinson and right when she laid eyes on him she know she loved him.......


6. How About Cookies I know You like Them

(Lou's P.O.V)            "Hey Taylor do you want to make cookies" "UHHHH YESSSS!!!!" she screamed and seemed really happy so taht made me happy. "do you have the mix" "of course it wouldn't be a house without cookie mix" "hahahahaha then lets get started." We ran to the kitchen and got out all the stuff and mixed it all together i had something in mide that would be sooo funny. "hey Tay whats over there" she truned around and when she turned back i stuck up the spoon and and batter got all over her face and it was sooo funny. But she didn't think it was funny then i said "fine just get me back now" then she took a handfull of batter and put it right on my head and that is when it started......THE COOKIEDOUGH FIGHT!!!!........... We had so much fun we had so much mix in our hair and all over our clothes. I thought i was going to die.

(Tay's P.O.V)          "hahahahah that was so much fun we need to do this more often" "you bet," lou said back.  "hey how about we go take showers and meet back at my place or something i don't know" Lou said to me. "that is the best idea we had all day haha" "isn't it." Then we said our good byes and huged then hoped strait into the shower. Once i got out of the shower i was bored so i thought i would sraiten my hair just for the fun of it. Then i heard the phone ring and once again i ran downstairs to get it. "hELLO???" "hey its Lou im out of the shower you can come over now if you want???" "OK!!! im on my way meet me outside." I ran outside to meet Lou i started to run likei haven't seen him in ages or in a romantic movie. Then he starts to run then when we met he picked me up and spun me around. "hahahaha is only been 20 minutes," "i know i missed you haha." If i had to say so it sounded out like we were dating but i guess not. "Why did you straiten your hair goin' out with some one," Louis said nudging me i started to crack up and said "no i was just bored out of my mind!!!!!" i said between laughs. "Why didn't you come over faster than" "i don't know i didn't want to be a bother" i said starting to lauph again.


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