love me or not i will always love you

One little girl moves to Londen and meets a boy named Louis Tomlinson and right when she laid eyes on him she know she loved him.......


3. come in, come in

(Louis P.O.V)             We just stood there in awkward silence but then i asked her to come in and she sweetly replied "i would love to." I took the cookies and put them on the table and got out two classes of milk. I set them on the table and we started to talk she told me about her mom's jod and her older sister Stella and toold me she loveed to sing we will see who is better. After I said i love to sing to we had a sing off, and i have to say she was really really GREAT!!! It was getting late and she had to go home and clean the kitchen.I will alwas wonder if she likes me back.

(Taylor's P.O.V)            When i left that house i knew i liked him a lot but we are more like friends now or should i say for now hahahahahahaha.  I think he is the sweetest guy ever and is very very HOT!!! When i got home i took a long shower put on my pjs and went down for dinner of should i say take out. We still need to get plates and all that junk so im going to ask Louis if he wants to come over or do something tomorrow.


(writers note: hey sorry for the shorty chapter i am havinga  small writers block so i hope you like it and please feed back i would love it if you gave me feedback)



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