the brother and the girl on the next page

kira is a normal girl from denmark, but what well happen when shr finds out that she has a brother, and what if that brother is a famous singer in a band.


1. the flight

(the languange is danish but i'm translating it while i'm writting it- please coment and tell me if you like it)


"WHAT" i screamed at my mom. she had just told me that i had a brother. i mean i am a lonely child, i dont have a brother. but I have acording to my mom, she had adopted a boy to years befor i was born, so i was 16 and he was now 18. and that was the only reason a was on my way to mullingar, becouse he was abopted in to a irish famlie. my mom thought that i was visiting a freind over their. i had always been wary elfdepending and i had traveldt alodt over their, with friends and alone, but it had alway only been to Dublin this was new and my mom only thoght that i wouldt be in Dublin. i had the womens name and i was so ready to know my new brother.


after a hour in the plane i was their i took a taxi to mullingar and when i got out i was outside a supermarket,i did not know were they lived so i walk in to the store i thought why not get something to eat while i thougt about what to do next. i got an apple (i got a thing for apples) and as i sat on a bench i saw a nice lookin boy pasing by and i thought why not just ask if he knew where thay lived. " hey sorry for batherring you but du you know were maura gallagher lives" I askt him hi looked at me and smiled " of course her son i my bedst friend, do you want me to take you to her" i smiled " yes please thanks" and we started to go.



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