the brother and the girl on the next page

kira is a normal girl from denmark, but what well happen when shr finds out that she has a brother, and what if that brother is a famous singer in a band.


3. the car


After walking for what seemed like hours I found a bench, my legs hurt and me head was felled with thoughts. She would let me she him. She hadn’t told him. Where am I going to stay? Why am I here.

I had been sitting there for some time when I felt a hand on my shoulder, and when I looked up it was harry. “Hey are you ok?” I hadn’t realized that I had been crying “no” was the only thing I could say, harry sat down beside me and hugged me.

We sat there for a while until I stopped crying “oh sorry I messed up your shirt” a said as I realized that me make up was all over his shirt “that’s ok , hey du you want to come with me to my hotel and have some to eat” he asked that was nice then I could check in at the same time “ sure I need to check in to an hotel anyway” I say and he lead me to a VARY nice car ”WAO this is a nice ride” I say as he opens the door for me “thanks but it is one of my friends car oh and by the way there are three of my friends are staying at the same hotel room” oh that was going to be awkward “okay why are you staying at a hotel if you know Maura” I ask “well she wanted some time with her son alone and me and the boys has been with Niall in London for the past week so we let him stay there” he said. Niall that was his name, it is a nice name.

We sat in the car for a while in silence, it wasn’t the awkward kind of silence but the nice one “we are here” Harry said as he parked the car and got out of the car and as we walked tortes the front doors there were a lot of screaming girls that came running over and took pictures of harry, but finely we got inside ”what was that, why were there crazy girls after you” I asked shocked “well a am in a band and we came in third in the x-factor” well this was not what I was expecting to heir “nice is the other boys in that band?” I asked “yes there are there names is Louis, nail, Zayn and hey why were you so sad befor?" oh no"wellit's a long story.  

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