the brother and the girl on the next page

kira is a normal girl from denmark, but what well happen when shr finds out that she has a brother, and what if that brother is a famous singer in a band.


6. the boys


”who is this” one of the boys asked ”heeeellooooo boooyyys” louis shouted at them and jumped of harry’s back and ran over to them ”du you have the carrots ” he asked with big eyes ” yes we have but you want get them before you tell os who that is ” the boy with the blond hair said, and louis staid at him with horror ”you won’t eat them well you, you know there mine don’t you” he said with a sad look on his face ”yes Louis i know” he said ”she is a friend of mine” harry said.

”oh nice i’m Niall” he said O M G its my brother and i can’t tell him, act cool ” hi im kira nice to meet you” i say okay it was okay right?.

”and im zayn” the boy with black hair said” my name is liam” said the last of them and shock my hand

”so how do you know harry?” Liam asked while louis jumped around Niall trying to get his carrots ”oh we med on the street” i said, nice kira that just sound idiotic ”oh are you staying the night?” he asked ”yeah i think i am going to chek in at another room i don’t wont to bother you” i said with a sad smile ”oh not thats okay you can just share a bed with one of us if you want” liam said smiling .

”yeah that’s not going to happen” i said with a smile not wanting to sound mad or anything. ”Hey what are you to talking about” said a husky voice behind me. I turned around to see harry smiling at me ” oh we are just talking about wether she should pai for her own room or she just could sleep here” liam said with a small smile oh no he is going to make harry insist that i stay here with them. ”oh no we are not talking about it anymore i am geting my own room and you guys dont have a say in it” i say laughing a little just so they didn’t get upsed ” okay okay don’t get mad, but at least stay for dinner” harry said laughing ”sure” i said looking ito his green eyes.

”yeeeaaah” louis shouted and as we turn around louis jump on naill’s  while hugging a bag of carrots ” get him of me please” naill said while struggling with his balance ”Lou Lou that is it you have here” i said in a childish voice.

” i have carrots” Louis said jumping of naill’s back. Using that voice all ways work. ”can you show me” i asked him in the same tone” yeah” i said and ran over to me.


Harry’s pov.


How did she do that the way she got him to do things and the way she looked she was just mesmerizing


Naill’s pov.


Wow she was beautiful. but why did harry always get the girl, I mean it would be nice if it was me for once


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