the brother and the girl on the next page

kira is a normal girl from denmark, but what well happen when shr finds out that she has a brother, and what if that brother is a famous singer in a band.


2. harry


”so what’s your name” he asked me smiling “its Kira, what’s yours” I ask “ it’s Harry, so you not from her are you?” he asked “ no I’m from Denmark” he looked confused “ do you know where that is?” he shook his head “ well you wouldn’t it’s very small, it’s right under Sweden” I say “ well I know where that is, so how du you know Maura?” well that was a thing I couldn’t answer “a long story short my mom knew her” I answer “ oh that’s nice” and we walked In silence  for a while “ well here we are” harry said stopping in front of a house “ well it was nice meeting you harry, and tanks for showing me the way” I said looking into his vary green eyes “ nice meeting you to” he says with this look in hi eyes like he want to tell me something “well I better get going bye” I say turning around “ wait” I hear harry calling after me “ can I have you number” he asked me and I smile “ sure” I give him my number on a piece of paper “thanks” hi said “bye and thanks again” I smiled “ bye” he waved and started waking I turn and knock on the door.


A woman opens the door “may I help you” she asks politely “yeah I’m looking for Maura Gallagher is that you?” I say “yes that’s me” she says “well I have a vary long story to tell you so can I come in” I asked and I got a nod in return and we waked indoors


“so what is this about” Maura asked “well it’s a story m mom told me” and then I started to tell her about my mom and the pregnancy and when I was done she had this look on her face like she was mad at me or something “get out” she whispered “excuse me” I said “I said ‘get out’ GET OUT and stay out of our life” and with that I left.

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