the brother and the girl on the next page

kira is a normal girl from denmark, but what well happen when shr finds out that she has a brother, and what if that brother is a famous singer in a band.


5. Boo Bear

He open the door and we stept in ”boo is it you” a voice came from one of the rooms, and i most say the hotel room was huge. ”yeah thats me were are the others” harry asked the voice and a boy walk out of one of the rooms with his head in a phone ”there out buying carrots for meee” and he lookt up and saw me ”who is this, are you brining fans in the hotel now” he said in a little harsh, ”hey louis don’t be so harsh and she is not a fan” he said soft ” her name is kira and she is vary nice” louis lookt sorry ”oh ididn’t know sorry” he said ”its okay” i said looking at the ground ” hey guys i am jost going to change so yeah ” harry said walking in to one of the other rooms ”so why ant you a fan” louis asked ”wel i am not from here and i dont know who you are so” i said ”oh you not from here you can’t tell i mean you can heir that your not from britten but otherwise you could be from the US” he said looking weird ”well thanks i am the bedst in my class, oh and your probly wondering were from and i am from denmark” i said smiling ” i don’t know were that is sorry ” he said looking a the ground”well there is not so meny that du harry dind’t ether, it is right under sweden”



As i chagens in my room i kept thinking of kira she was vary pretty and meture sins she came heir alone just looking for Niall. She was Niall sister and maura would’t let her se him. I am going to take care of her while she is here




Louis and me talkt for a while and then Harry walk in, he had a new shirt on and a cardigan ”boobear” louis shouted at harry and ran over to him and jump on his back, and just then the door opend and three boys walked in and all the convasation stoped and thei staird at me

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