One to many

It's about this girl named Abilne and her friend Wendy. she went to a concert and they suddnetly become friends with one direction. but her brother Jonothan
He thinks that one direction is a very bad Influance for her
But will he go overboard find out.
Sorry that the chapters are kind of short I'm a beginner but I think you love my book. It is for anyone.


1. School

Ugh I'm soooooo tired! Abilne blurted out. I know. You've been screaming it out for the past 2 hours. Shouted Wendy. Oh sorry. Ok let's get ready Abilne for school. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Oh Abby don't be a big baby. I'm not a big baby Wen. Sure whatever you say. Ugg come on or well be late we don't want to miss first period Abb. Some of us do Wen. Just come on.
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