It's Him

It's his eyes, his hair, his smile, his humour, his teeth, his lips, his nose, his laugh. It's him x


9. Pulled Apart

Everything was spiraling way out of control! 

1. Jordan was going out with Brooklyn, of all people!

2. My 2 bestest friends were fighting over me!


It was in maths. Alicia sits behind me and Emma sits in front of me. I usually always talk to Emma as it is easier for me but Alicia can get very jealous very easily!

Break now and Alicia was so jealous she grabbed me arm and yanked it towards Tastebuds. Emma had the other arm and was yanking it towards the playground. I did not know what they were doing. They both got so annoyed with each other that they both stormed off in other directions without saying a word. How Weird?

Its like I'm being pulled apart by my own 2 best friends. Somethings up and I'm going to find out what it is... (detective mode on)

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