It's Him

It's his eyes, his hair, his smile, his humour, his teeth, his lips, his nose, his laugh. It's him x


10. It's Happening

I couldn't believe this was happening! Boys were fighting over me! Here's the story.


Well, Jordan dumped Brooklyn and said he loved me. I was like, "YESSSSS!!!". Then Dan came up to me and said, "I love you. Will you go out with me?". I was like, "WHAATTT???". First my crush liked me and now his best friend liked me too. What was happening??


I got home to see a rose on my doorstep and a note on my window.

The rose said, "Love you Ally. See you at mine for studying tonight. Love Jordan x"

The note said, "Hey Ally. Hope all is okay. See you at lunch tomorrow. Love Dan x"

Here's the conversation between me and Dan on the phone. I had to talk to him.

Me: Hello?

Dan: Hi Ally! What's up?

Me: I need to talk to you.

Dan: Sure. What about?

Me: Why have you all of a sudden started liking me?

Dan: I always have done. I just told you at the wrong time. Will you please go out with me?

Me: I'm sorry, I can't. I love Jordan. But I know someone who will be perfect for you.

Dan: Who?

Me: Alicia. She's loved you for ages and never had the courage. I'm sure if you ask her, she wouldn't be able to say no!

Dan: Thanks Ally. There will always be a place for you in my heart!

Me: Same for you bye!

Dan: Bye!


That was all cleared up. I'm so glad that's all done. Off to Jordan's now!

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