It's Him

It's his eyes, his hair, his smile, his humour, his teeth, his lips, his nose, his laugh. It's him x


4. Bullied

I get bullied lots. I don't know why! I think it's because I'm different, nothing like anyone else. But then why don't my friends also get bullied (no offence to them).


Everyone thinks I'm spolit  because I get most of the things I want. Everyone doesn't know that I have a job. I help the old people in the Care Home. I use that money to either buy stuff for my friends of family or buy stuff for me that I really want. 


Only Alicia and Emma know. If any of the three beasts found out I would be dead. They'd spread the rumour EVERYWHERE. As I said, they made it their goal to make my life miserable! 

CuteEms67: Heyyaaaa Ally!


AllyBunny29: Heeeeeeey Ems x


AliciaCake34: Heyyyyaaa guyss!


AllyBunny29: Sorry guys. Can't talk now. Got to go and look after Mrs Bushbuy at the Care Centre. Sorry byyyeeee xxx

AllyBunny29 has left

JordanJoke56: Heeey Ally!


AllyBunny29: oh, hi Jordan x


JordanJoke56: Can I tell you something?


AllyBunny29: Yeah sure x


JordanJoke56: is writing a message....


AllyBunny29: Sorry Jordan got to go now. Got umm homework and research to do. Byeee xxx

AllyBunny29 has left

JordanJoke56: I Love You Ally  xxx






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