Bleeding Love

There's a girl with a heart disease, if she has to much pressure on her heart she could have a heart attack and die. Lately she has been calm about things nothing really bothered her. She falls in love but she knows its a challenge for her if she does. She gets hated for the boy she fell in love with but she handles it. But soon enough her heart wont take it, shes been in hospitals technically all her life, is this year her last?


4. Who's 1D?

Joanna's P.O.V


The light shinning bright into my room landing on my face. The warmth of the sun is perfect. I guess it's time for me to get up. I don't have school this while December and some of January because of the snow, Christmas and news years.


I looks out the window to see snowflakes falling heavily, the sun now being covered by the snow clouds. I walked away from the window getting my MackBook pro, I'm not rich but my mom bought it for me because she had the money. I opened it up and went straight to twitter. I guess you can say I'm famous on twitter because I have 3K followers. I only have the followers because of my father he's a famous general.


On twitter everyone is always talking about this boy band 1D? There's five of them but I don't know their names or know what they look like.


"Joanna" my mom is calling me


"I will be outside shoveling, so come outside if you need me ok?"



She always goes shovels because she likes to drive places just in case something happens. I got a direct message on twitter. "This is what 1D looks like" oh that's what they look like. "Thank you for showing me" they look like normal teenagers to me, so why do girls obsess about them?

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