Bleeding Love

There's a girl with a heart disease, if she has to much pressure on her heart she could have a heart attack and die. Lately she has been calm about things nothing really bothered her. She falls in love but she knows its a challenge for her if she does. She gets hated for the boy she fell in love with but she handles it. But soon enough her heart wont take it, shes been in hospitals technically all her life, is this year her last?


3. Welcome home

Joanna's P.O.V


I've been discharged from the hospital finally. I'm heading my way home. Nature is so beautiful, white snow covers the side walks in perfection, windows sparkle from the snow flakes, everything is just perfect. I'm finally home at last. There is a giant banner saying "welcome home Joanna" in black and purple. Balloons all over the place in different colors and shapes, purple, white, pink, multi color, round, oval, etc.


Being in the hospital to me is like being home in a way since I've been there so much. It's December 1st I'm 16 years old my birthday is on May the 4th. I can't wait for it to happen.


"Joanna darling how are you feeling to be home?" My mother asks

"Oh umm it's lovely thank you, I've been waiting for this day to be back home"

My mum just smiled at me with her bright hazel eyes. My eye color is just a bright grey as if I'm almost blind. My father works in the army so I never get to see him but his eyes are also hazel. My mother doesn't let me explore the world on my own because of my health condition. I can travel with friends or family I can never travel alone but I still respect her for that.


All the leaves on the trees have fallen to the ground. The trees are now empty with no color or hair. It's as if it has cancer it fights it's best in the fall but can't handle it anymore and looses the battle in the winter. Trees are brave and strong they never give up even with the worst conditions.


"Joanna your dad is on the phone" mother says


I walked to the door and inside the old home. The walls was chipping and starting to create wholes. It's time to move and hopefully we do. I grab the phone from my mum's hand.


"Thank you" I say to her She nods her head full of brown long hair.

"Hi dad"

"Sweetie welcome home how are you?"

"I'm good I'm taking it really easy as usual"

"Good dont pressure your self"

"I know father haha"

"I must go now honey I am about to go in battle soon take care I will see you next year love you"

"Ok bye dad love you too" It's always hard having to hang up the phone knowing you may never talk to him again if he dies or if he goes missing.

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