Bleeding Love

There's a girl with a heart disease, if she has to much pressure on her heart she could have a heart attack and die. Lately she has been calm about things nothing really bothered her. She falls in love but she knows its a challenge for her if she does. She gets hated for the boy she fell in love with but she handles it. But soon enough her heart wont take it, shes been in hospitals technically all her life, is this year her last?


1. Intro

Every second every breathe of air you take a snowflake falls to the ground piece by piece. Pilling on top of the others, forming into snow.


Life moves on.Windows crystallizes up into frost from the cold, the air outside becomes sharp. Inside is warm an cozy, heater on, hot coco in your hands. Sitting by the fireplace in comfort .


Christmas tree shinning as bright as ever with many colors on it. This is Christmas for you, an the story of my life.

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