Bleeding Love

There's a girl with a heart disease, if she has to much pressure on her heart she could have a heart attack and die. Lately she has been calm about things nothing really bothered her. She falls in love but she knows its a challenge for her if she does. She gets hated for the boy she fell in love with but she handles it. But soon enough her heart wont take it, shes been in hospitals technically all her life, is this year her last?


2. Hospital

Joanna's P.O.V.


All you can hear in the white room is the heart monitor going off. You hear me breathing in and out every second. Beep, Beep,Beep, what would happen if that sound stopped? I would die quickly, my heart can only take so much. Why? Why am I in this hospital laying on the bed not having my eyes open?


There's only one reason........... I went in shock.

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