Bakenikias were supposed to have died out hundreds of years ago, but one sighting could change on village's beliefs forever...


6. Trouble

She let go of the branch she was holding and jumped. I felt my whole body tense. But she didn't fall, her hair spread around her in a way it would in water, she didn't move but appeared floating 30 foot in the air. Then I noticed the change.

Her hair started to change from the familiar brown I knew to a very vibrant wine red, it grew in length and flowed about her like silk. I was unsure of what to do, my friend, that I had know all my life was suddenly not who I thought she was. Her lips pulled back in a vicious smile as her teeth grew sharp and jagged. The thing that unnerved me most was her eyes, her pupils grew wide and dark, covering the iris so that she no longer had the green I was used to, I thought that would be it, but they kept going, soon taking over the whole of her eye so that they were completely black. 'Daemon' I whispered. Unsure of what to do. My kind were forbidden to come into contact with them, but I had to make an exception, she was my friend.

"See?" she grinned, her sharp teeth glinting and dark eyes glowing. She drifted down slowly, still smiling. "people aren't always who they appear to be" I backed away, shaking my head. "N-no. You can't be, I'm not allowed to. The rules-"

"TO HELL WITH THE RULES" She boomed, and everything became silent. she slowly walked towards me. "We're still friends aren't we" she grinned with maulice.

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