Bakenikias were supposed to have died out hundreds of years ago, but one sighting could change on village's beliefs forever...


5. Secrets

"Look, I know this is freakishly weird, just don't go sharpening your knives to get a panther skin hyde ok!" I pleaded, "Please if I could just exp-"

"No need" she answered quickly but so quiet that even I had to strain my ears. "This village is shrouded in faerie floklore and monsters, no-one will attack you. That's only if you keep your wits about you when you hunt or track animals, stay off the sheep and cows, leave the humans alone when your out in true form and you will be perfectly safe. Got that?" I nodded quickly but there was one question just straining to get out. "Hey, you know when you said 'leave the humans alone,'"


"Does that mean, your not really human either?" She seemed to consider a suitable reply and finally settled for a little nod of the head. "Mm Hm" she said, eyeing the nearest tree and placing her feet carefully as she climbed "hey, your not leaving me are you?" I cried, letting out a low mow in the process, "Nope, just showing you what I really am, oh and please don't attack me" She was already at the top of the tree, I considered why she had said that and managed to keep control of myself, just in case, and prepared for the worst...

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