Bakenikias were supposed to have died out hundreds of years ago, but one sighting could change on village's beliefs forever...


2. Adaryn

Those first few weeks I was at my new home me and Adaryn got to know each other very well, and I also got to know the local folklore, at one point many, many years ago there used to be protectors of the village, strange panther-like gods that gaurded the village, circling and stopping suspicious intruders. Adaryn told me this and when she mentioned they were called Bakenikias it made me shift uncomfortably on her bed. "Look," she said staring into my eyes "I have a very special place to show you." With that she beckoned for her to follow me and jumped out of her bedroom window. She waited for my feet to touch the ground and started sprinting into the forest behind her house, I follwed close behind, she had impeccable speed, but it wasn't to difficult to keep up, "There's the old air feild just ahead," she said, I could just make out her words, the wind was roaring in my ears and made it hard to hear much, "when I say," she shouted over the wind, "Jump, okay... NOW" As soon as she said I leapt about twenty feet in the air over an old barrak and landed lightly on the other side where she was waiting for me.

"Not bad!" she remarked, "for a beginner!" and she laughed, it was a kind sort of laugh and I laughed with her, we were both panting and laughing with eachother as best friends should, she was the first proper friend I'd had before. When we had both caught our breath she said "Come on Esta, not far to go now." and with that she was off again, but this time i knew what to expect and was soon racing ahead, even though I wasn't sure where we were going. "Just ahead between those trees" She explained answering my question. I managed to duck in time just as a branch went whizzing over my head "Woah! That was close!" I shouted over my shoulder, "Yeah, watch out for those... ESTA!!!" she screamed and I just managed to duck in time as another branch went whizzing past me, just brushing past my ear. Then I caught sight of where she was taking me...

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