Rowan: The Screaming Girl

A monologue that I wrote about a Jewish mum who just got out of Auschwitz


1. Rowan

I'm free. I'm actually free. No more starvation and pain. I can go home.... Home. Funny word after two years of yearning about it. But now? I don't have a home. It was taken by SS soldiers and used for ghettos. Even if I did have a home why would I go back. I would be surrounded by people who I had called friends and then they had betrayed me. If I went back I would starting blaming people. For the near genocide of the Jewish people and anyone who didn't fit into the Nazi's frame of perfect and... for the murder of my girl. It would be her birthday in 2 days. She'd be 7. Rowan.

She'd just started school when we were called up. I was lucky enough to be a seamstress and I pleaded to the soldiers that she could help me. For the first and the last time the guards were merciful and let her stay with me. My mother and father were tired and crippled from the journey, they were taken in a cart up to have showers. I never saw them again. Rowan and I were taken up to the barrack where we lived for two years. It was a great life but we managed. Then Rowan started to get other jobs. Gardening, collecting belonging... then she started to waitress for the guards.

One day, I was in the barracks and heard a scream. When I looked out of the window I was horrifies to see my little girl being dragged along. I ran from the barracks and shrieked at the guard. Turned out that Rowan had stolen a piece of bread. She was hungry. She couldn't help it. This did not effect the guard and he carried on hauling along. Unknowingly to the guard I followed them until we came to a huge steel gate. As I entered my nightmares came true. Huge metal building, like monsters, with black smoke pumping out of them. I heard screams from every direction. I saw Rowan be dragged into one of these buildings and then, she was screaming. Every agony and terror she had ever felt went into that scream. And then. Silence. Rowan never came out. Gassed. She was 6. She hadn't lived.

I now know there are people in this world who will happily slaughter children. And for that reason I can never look at the world in the same way. How can I with the things I have seen?

Its decided then. Rowan, I'll be with you soon. After all what do I have to live for? Anyway, the day I died was the day I heard your screams as you were murdered. There hasn't been a day passed when.... when I wished I had died with you.

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