Shot in the Dark

Harry Styles; Andrew Morgan
Red Cuffs; Black Cuffs
Public Enemy No.1; Secret Lover

Harry's Styles. Son of Richard Styles; Head of the No.1 gang 'Red Cuffs'

Andrew Morgan. Daughter of Carl Morgan; Head of the No.2 gang 'Black Cuffs'

What happens when their worlds collide, When Andrew truly sees Harry for the first time and can't bring herself to pull the trigger?

Simple Answer; They Fall In Love And They Live Happily Ever After - But There Would Be No Story If It Were That Simple.

"I'll Be Here For You, 'Till Death Do Us Part"

*Bang, Bang, Bang


1. Prologue

"Point the gun, move it up a little, there you go, now shoot" Niall says, nudging the gun in my hands up a little.


"Straight on target, Andrew you are a natural, I'm proud to call you my sister" Niall laughs, clapping me quickly on the shoulder.

I look up at him, he's taller than me, but not by much. "I'm not your sister" I mumble, pointing the gun again and clearing the target with one clean hit.

"I think you're ready" Carl nods, coming out from behind the basements bars. Carl is my father, but is also leader of the gang that runs the city. He's not much of a father, but I've been told he is the best fighter you will ever see.

"Maybe I don't want to fight" I say, looking down at my fingers. I play with them, not wanting to look my father in the eye as I say the words I fear will break his heart.

"What did you just say?!" Hesnarls, pinning me up against the wall and spitting in my face. I wipe the spit off, slowly, with a shaky hand. "You're part of this family now, you're part of this gang, you're part of this war. You. Will. Fight"

"He's right" Niall speaks up from the corner. "We need you to do this, they don't know Dad has a daughter. They will underestimate you, they will over look you and you will be able to get closer to them then we ever will be able to. You're fierce and dynamic and you're our secret weapon. We need you" Niall explains, using his hands to emphasize his point, determination clear in his voice.

"What's going on?" A female voices from the corner. The women is my mother, the only female that has made it into any gang in the world. And I am so proud.

"She doesn't want to fight" Carl spits, still pinning my small frame to the wall on the east side of the basement.

"Leave her be then" My mother simply states, grabbing a gun and walking out of the room quickly, before anyone can fuss further.

Niall and Carl follow her out of the room, cursing at her. I trail behind, hesitant. I don't want to get caught up in a fight.

"If she doesn't want to fight, then so be it, I'm not forcing her into anything she doesn't want to do Carl" She explains, crossing the narrow road as I walk up the stairs, watching mum walk out of the house.

Three shots ring around the now silent house, Niall and Carl both stunned to silence at the tone my mother used with them. She meant buisness, she must've to have made such a mistake like not looking when she was about to cross the road.

Charging out immediately after the echoes stop, Carl turns and shoots two clean shots from where the bullet was fired from.

The word mum slips out of my mouth as a strangled cry. I run to the window as quick as I can, tears streaming down my face as I watch my mother struggle under the pain of the wound. Slowly, her struggling comes to a halt and her limbs turn weak.

I look back at Niall, whos face is contorted into a weird shape, as if trying to fight of the tears that were pooling in her eyes. I look back to the street, where my mothers body has drowned in the puddle of blood that seeps from her head. It's that picture that haunts me, still to this day. It's that picture that gives me the motivation to carry on.

Because I made a promise that day, not to myself, but to my mother. I promised that I would fight, no matter what. To win.

To get revenge.

To shoot the enemy when they least expect it. To shoot them in the dark.

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