the girl in the shaddows

annie has allways been a city girl, so when her father, samuel robbinson, gets a premotion to the country side, she is not happy.But on the plus side, the house is beautifull. It was an old fashioned victorian house, it was ginormas. As annie starts to settle into her new life, she discovers a horrifying secret about the house, that would change her life, forever.


1. chapter one

there was once a girl, who loved her father quite dearly. She had long black hair, that was a straight as an arrow, and cute dimples when she smiled. Her and her father lived in apartment 14, in the whencheire block. Her mother had sadly died about seven years ago, due to cancer. it was a sad and terrible month... that girl, was me. my name is annie franklyn robbinson. My mother choose my middle name, i love it because it reminds me of her, when i say it, it makes me feel her presence, makes me feel that she is holding my hand once more. But thats silly, mother is in heaven, with the lord, and my cat snuggles. Snuggles got run over when i was four, twelve years ago. father raised me to be a christian. every week on sunday, we go to church. all of the girls are mean to me because i belive in our great lord. Also im a bit of a nerd, "dont listen to them, dear." my father would say, so sweet and song-like, and i would have tears in my eyes, when he hugged me. the week  mother passed away, father was a mess.He locked himself in his room, and cried. he wouldnt come out untill ive retreated to my bed, then he started drinking. i told him over and over, "drinking is a sin." but he didnt listen. He started selling his sole to the devil, but the thurday was the worst. He came into my room, creaked open my pale pink door, just a crack and stared at me with his pale blue eyes, of corce i woke up, and sat up in my blue fur sheets." are you okay father?", i whispered softly. He came in without a word, "why are you awake?" he snarled. I have never heard him like this before, i thought, he allways sounded so sweet, gently brushing my hair behind my ears, and smiling, 'my little girl'. but this time he stormed towards my bed, " i said, what're you 'doin up!?", i shook my head, " y-you woke me up..." i stammerd, confused. why was he acting like this? what was wrong with him? then it happened. He punched me, on my left cheek. it still hurts to this day, but not as much as my heart. " THERE. SURVES YOU RIGHT FOR BEING A LITTLE BRAT AND BLAMING EVERYTHING ON ME!" he screams, i burst into tears,then he did. he colapsed onto the hard wooden floor, screaming and wailing. the most in his voice; regret. He looked up at the ceiling, hoping he could see onwards into the heaven, 'please forgive me, lord.', he's my farther, my gardian, everything.

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