The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


27. Will you be my girlfriend?

Guys I can't believe I reached 3K!!! akjsfakjb thank you so much everyone!



It had taken nine hours for Louis to come out of hospital, and Ellie found herself by his side the entire time, finding it as her responsibility that he was injured. Holding his right hand tightly, she looked up at him from where she was sitting on the chair, and where he was lying on the hospital bed. He smiled at her reassuringly. 

'Don't look so guilty!' he laughed, his thumb rubbing over hers. 'You know I'd do anything to protect you. I've got your back, remember?'

It felt like ages ago when he first mentioned that. It was incredible that back then she had thought he was just being nice. He was, obviously, but he had really meant it, and she could see it now in his eyes.

Next to her Liam rubbed her back soothingly. He had felt terrible for letting Ellie run off, and hadn't said anything for the first three hours. It had taken convincing from both Ellie and Louis that it wasn't his fault, and that it was Louis' choice to go after Bianca, and Ellie's choice to go after him. 

'But you could have died,' he had forced out, face turing white. 

'Then it would be my fault,' Louis said earnestly from where he lay. 'I wouldn't have protected her enough.'

Then the conversation was dropped as the doctor had come in, advising Louis on his medication. Luckily his leg would be out of the cast just before his birthday.

'You'd look strange,' Zayn pointed out. 'Like those tennis players, with one arm bigger than the other.'

Louis smiled knowingly at Ellie, who was biting her lip. 'I would much rather have a smaller arm than a life without you, ok?' he said, turning slightly to face her better as the other boys cooed. 'It's my left arm anyway.'

'Yes, but you lost your phone and your keys as well,' she pointed out, eyes squeezed shut.

'I'm pretty sure you're more valuable than both those things,' he glanced at the ceiling, then looked back at her sheepishly, an expression she wasn't familiar with, coming from him. 'Maybe, I like you more than I let on,' he continued in doubt. 'Maybe I'm hiding my feelings too much, or you're just extremely oblivious.'

He smiled at her, but didn't earn one back. She was confused. 

'What I mean is,' Louis said hesitantly, 'is that I- actually it's ok.'

'Louis your limbs are in bloody casts, it's not ok. You can tell me. I won't laugh or anything.'

'No, laughing is ok,' he grinned at her, 'I like it when you smile. I just don't want you to be, upset or confused or scared or anything like that....'

Oh god he was stuttering. Since when did Tomlinson stutter? Laughing softly she squeezed his hand comfortingly. 'I don't think I can be scared of anything anymore,' she admitted. Looking around she saw the boys walking quietly out of the room, catching Harry wink in the last second.

He looked at her thoughtfully, then sighed. 'I don't know how to tell you.'

She stared at their hands linked together, then at his other arm in the cast. Taking a deep breath she rested her head on his chest, before he pulled her onto the bed with him.

'We should of stayed in Paris.' She said smiling as his hand left hers and wrapped around her waist. 'We would have been safe there.'

'Mhmmm,' Louis agreed, his thumb rubbing circles on a bit of skin exposed just above her jeans. She watched in amusement as his eyes started to close. Her eyes trailed down to a little scrape on his nose, then to his lips, parted slightly as he took small breaths.

Louis opened one eye. 'You quiet finished?' he chuckled, propping himself up, wincing as some weight was transferred onto his arm. Opening his other eye he smirked as her cheeks flushed. 'Awww, you're embarrassed,' his eyebrows raised mockingly.

'Stop it,' she laughed, cheeks becoming even redder, and pushed him away from her. He pouted ad wrapped her arms around her even tighter.

'Hey,' he whined, 'i was kidding!'

His lips kissed the tip of her nose twice, before closing the gap and kissing her properly, rolling her under him. She squealed but let him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

He pulled away, eyes shining. 'That's what I'm talking about,' he laughed, placing a smaller kiss onto her cheek. Her arms still around his neck, she kissed him again, and felt his lips curve up in a smirk.

'You're needy today.'

'Shut up!' she slapped him on the arm and tried to push him off her, her arms straining under his chest. 'Lou!'

He rolled off smiling, joining their hands together again. 'Sorry Love. Thought i deserved something, you know, after all that effort.'

Ellie laughed breathlessly, her heart feeling light in her chest. Her lips were still tingling, bits of his hair tickling her cheek. She brushed them away.

'i love you Ellie,' Louis said, his good knee nudging hers.

'I know Louis, you tell me all the time.' She nodded. He had been mentioning it a lot recently, as friends, obviously.

Louis mumbled something but then closed his eyes again and went to sleep.



When he woke up he saw that Ellie had taken refuge on the other bed and was still asleep. Sighing he let him self flop back onto his pillow and close his eyes for a moment.

Someone pounded on the door. 'Come in,' Louis said croakily, struggling to sit up. His body was hurting in every way possible, the events of yesterday tumbling into his mind.

a crowd of people surged in, causing a massive headache. But when he opened his eyes, the headache didn't matter. 

'Boo bear,' His mother rushed towards his bed and cupped his face in her hands, observing every scratch and bruise on his body. 'I had a heart attack when I got the phone call and I rushed here straight away... thank goodness you're ok!' They hugged as his sisters jumped onto the bed, cheering happily. Looking over their heads he saw his friends smiling at them from the chairs that lined the far wall.

Shifting his position he spotted the same thing happening with Ellie's family. Her mother was crying, hugging her tightly as if she would disappear again. 'You didn't tell me anything was going on!' she was murmuring, stroking Ellie's hair. Ashley had tears in her eyes and had an arm over her shoulder, her dad standing with a guilty expression on his face, contrasting to Matt's uncomfortable one.

Ellie's mum came to shake hands with him. 'Thank you so much, I can't tell you how grateful I am,' she said earnestly, her face solemn. His own mother squeezed his shoulder.

'I'd do anything for her,' he said, from the heart. 'She means everything to me.' he looked over at her and caught her eye.

From across the room Ellie smiled, her cheeks tingling pink. Her brother elbowed her, and she winced, pushing him back.

Everything was back to normal, and perfect, as long as he was concerned. 'Ellie,' he said, eyes twinkling, 'will you be my girlfriend?'



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