The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


12. When everything is wrong

Due the the amount of time I have now, I'll be making all of my chapters a lot shorter. Well, happy holidays!!! And a shout out to Chelsea.Direction4life, go read her movella Ups and Downs, that would be great. 


Everything felt completely wrong. Everything. The way he and Bianca held hands, how she made him agree with her, how she lead him around like a puppy dog. He hated her, loathed her, but he had to stay strong. He breathed in. 'Ellie, I've got you're back.' he muttered.

Bianca looked up at him. 'Oh, still crazy on Elani are you? And now you're calling her stupid nicknames. What about me? Give me a nick name. How about, you know, like princess or something.'

Louis gritted his teeth. 'I've had enough Bianca. Yes you've threatened me a lot, and yes I've been following your orders, but as soon as we go into class I'm going to wipe you from my memory. I can love who I want. Please, let go of my hand.'

'Oh, we'll see. How about taking me to the shops tomorrow?' She gripped his hand tighter.

'I won't take you and let go...' Suddenly he saw a dash of brown hair flee behind the building. He blinked and looked again. Yes, that green t-shirt. He groaned. Ellie had seen him and Bianca. How could he explain this?

'Bianca. I've just remembered! I need to go somewhere! Please! Let me go!'

'No babe, I saw Ellie run away. You're not going after her.'


She was now smiling evilly, and ran her hands through her hair. 'Well- I could do one thing. I'll tell you what? You kiss me. If you kiss me, I'll go away forever.'

'Kiss you? But that's- that's...'

'Forever Louis. And I'll never bother you again.'

'Bianca I can't-'

'Just kiss me!'

He breathed in and closed his eyes. 'Can't we go to somewhere more private? We're in front of the entire school.'

'That's what makes it perfect. Now, or you're chance is gone.'

'Forever. Promise?'

'I don't break my promises.' 

'Fine.' He ran a hand through his hair, then leaned forward, eyes tightly shut, and kissed her.

And she held him there. He could here people forming around them, urging them on, and the more Louis tried to pull away the more Bianca clung on. 

The bell rang and Bianca let go, pecked him on the cheek and walked into a crowd o f her friends, who started congratulating her. The boys were laughing at him, the girls staring and gawking. Thank goodness the other boys weren't here. He was sure to be the next thing to talk about, not only for today, but possibly for the whole year. He could only hope Ellie didn't see. Rushing to class, he fought the tears that were threatening to spill.



Rumours? What rumours? Bianca rushed up to her. 'Have you heard what everyone's been talking about?'

Ellie was in no mood for gossip and didn't reply. Knowing Bianca she'd tell her anyway, and then make fun of her.

'Louis kissed me!'

She spun on her heel. 'He WHAT?'

'Kissed me! Jealous huh? Well clearly he doesn't like you!'

'But- but- he wouldn't kiss you!'

'Well ask someone. The whole school saw it. I don't know how you didn't.'

'He kissed you? He- he...'

'Hard to believe huh?'

'Why would he... why?'

'Lets just say he chooses me over you.' Bianca patted her on the arm none to softly. 'Well, have fun being single for the rest of you're life.'

Ellie fought down the tears. Did Louis really choose Bianca over her?



Louis sat at the front of the class, flipping through his maths book and paying no attention to the teacher. He didn't even know what page he was suppose to be on. His mind kept going back to that stupid kiss. He was most likely going to get detention for that.

The bell rang. 'Lewis Tomlinson, can I have a word with you please?'

The rest of the class gave him smirks as they left the room, and Louis trudged up to the teacher's desk. Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn followed.

'Well, what are you boys doing here? This is only a talk with Lewis.'

They sent him puzzled looks, but he only shrugged. 'I'll tell you later.'

Concerned, they walked out the door, promising to save him a spot on the bench.

'And it's Louis sir, not Lewis.'

He scowled. 'Same thing. Now Louis, I have heard that you were kissing on the playground this morning. Is that true?'

He looked at the ground.

'Well, is it?'

He sighed. 'Yes sir.'

'Now last time you went into the girls bathroom. I gave you a warning not to do it again.'

'Yes sir.'

'These rumours I've heard are rather extreme. Bianca Artlen? Is that who you were kissing?'

'Yes sir.'

'Was it a dare?'

'No sir.' Suddenly he felt an urge to dob on her. It was a babyish way, but he had enough. He wanted Bianca to stop harassing him. He opened his mouth, and unsure, closed it again.

'What would you like to say?'

'It's Bianca,' he said, and with each word he got more confident. 'She's been blackmailing me.'

'Blackmailing you? How is that? She's a top student, Louis. Very polite. Don't you blame it on her.'

'No Sir. She's a bully! She's been bullying Elani Chade, who's in her grade. I told her to stop, and she said she only would if I went out with her. She's been threatening me non stop.'

'And why should I believe that?'

Louis rubbed the back of his neck. So obviously Bianca was a teacher's pet and got away with everything she did. How could he really prove that she was bullying people?

'Elani can tell you sir. She doesn't know about the blackmailing sir, but she's been bullied by Bianca since year two.' (sorry I live in Australia) As soon as he said her name he wasn't so sure. Ellie would be mad at him right now.

'Ok, I'm going to need you to go down to the office with me. We'll go get Bianca and Elani.'

Once down in the office, Mr Stewart turned on the speaker. 'Can Elani Chade and Bianca Artlen please go down to the office?'

It felt like hours until they came down. It took no explaining why they were here whatsoever, the expression on their faces told Louis enough.

'Look sir, I'll prove it!' Louis said, pulling Ellie to him. Before she could protest he pulled up her long sleeves, which she wore to hide her bruises. Sure enough there was a huge, purple bruise on her forearm.

Mr Stewart examined it closely. 'That sure is nasty. Bianca did you do that?'

Bianca put an innocent expression on her face. 'No sir. Why would I ever do that?'

'Elani did she do that?'

Elani looked up at Louis, and pulled her sleeve down. Then she glanced at Bianca, who was waving money in the air behind Mr Stewarts back. She cleared her throat. 

'Yes sir. She did.'

Louis heaved a sigh of relief.

'And is it true you've been blackmailing Louis, Bianca?'

Ellie looked up at him again in astonishment. 'Blackmailing? Louis- what...'

'Blackmailing?' Bianca shouted. 'I do no such thing!'

Louis took out his phone in anger. 'Yes you have! Sir, look at this. She's been threatening me non stop!'

Sure enough the last text he had received from her was, 'I'll kick you're ass so hard you'll be heard screaming all the way from Antarctica. WALK WITH ME TO SCHOOL NOW!'

Bianca screamed in frustration. 'That's not me!'

Mr Stewart was fuming with anger. 'Miss Artlen, you are in huge trouble.'

'But- but...'

'Louis, Bianca shake hands.'

Bianca gripped his hand tight. They shook, but Bianca's eyes told him it wasn't over.





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