The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


8. What now?


Louis walked angrily up to the medical room, his head swimming with thoughts. Did he make the right decision? Would Bianca really stop bullying? And most of all, Elani was staying with him for four weeks. How was this going to work?

He barely noticed where he was going. He let his feet lead him. All he knew was that he was never ever going to let Elani go. How ever long it would take, he would never forget her.

Louis stormed into the room. Elani sat on the bed, a tissue pressed to her nose, which was bleeding fiercely. Niall sat close by, holding a tissue box, and Liam rubbed comforting circles on her back. Harry spotted him coming in, and ran over.

'Don't worry mate, she's fine.'

'No she's not!' Louis yelled. Elani looked at him in surprise and tried to stand up, but Zayn wouldn't let her.

'Louis,' she said, her voice muffled through the tissue. 'Louis-'

Louis hushed her, his anger fading, and sat next to her, wrapping his arms protectively around her. The boys didn't say anything. They were in no mood to tease them.

Elani struggled to talk through the tissue. 'Owwmffghlhgjhdd.'

'What?' Zayn leaned closer.

'Owekfkbksjbfv. Okjbfkjbkdjssdvhdqwevs!' She shook her head and took the tissue off. The bleeding was slowing down, and she grabbed another tissue and wiped the blood off her face. Even in that state, she managed to look like an angel.

'Thanks for helping, guys,' Elani started, and smiled at them. Louis's heart pumped faster. 'I'm really sorry, I bring too much trouble. If you want, I'll go hang out with other people. I'm afraid this will happen a lot.'

Niall shook his head hurriedly. 'No way. You're staying with us, right here. We can be your body guards and keep you away from that jerk.' The other boys nodded their heads in agreement.

Elani looked at them. 'No one can stop the bullying.' She stared at Louis pointedly, not angry at what happened at all. 'Bianca has reasons behind the bullying, and I can't stop it. You guys shouldn't be involved. Knowing her, she'll muck you're lives up.'

Louis didn't know what to say. Instead he just hugged her tighter.

'That's the longest I've ever heard you speak,' noted Harry. 'You were so shy before.'

Elani looked at the ground and shrugged. 'Well, I didn't know you guys very well, so...' her voice died out. She licked her lips and started again. 'But I know I can trust you guys. You're all my besties now!' She giggled, more relaxed than Louis had ever seen, despite her bleeding nose. He smiled at her, and she looked up at him, smiling back, her blue-green eyes shining brightly. She was like a magnet. He felt himself leaning in...

'Elani?' The warden peered into the room. 'How are you feeling?'

Louis and Elani jumped apart. She cleared her throat, and dabbed at her nose with a new tissue. 'Uh, yeah. I'm good.' Was that disappointment in her voice?

Not believing her the warden told her to remove the tissue, and examined her nose. 'Well, the bleeding has receded a little. That's good. What caused this?'

Elani glanced at the boys quickly warningly.

'She fell over.' Niall said.

'Did she?' the warden raised an eyebrow.

'Yep,' Zayn continued hurriedly, and looked at Niall with a questioning glance.

'Where did she fall?' The warden asked, turning to Zayn.

'Uh- outside her classroom.'

'I see,' she nodded, not convincingly, but dropped the subject. 'Here, Elani, use this ice, it will stop the bleeding and keep the swelling down.'

Elani took it gratefully and threw her tissue into the bin. The warden stood for a moment, observing her and then said, 'I'll be back to check on you later. Keep the noise down.' Elani thanked her and leaned against the wall, sighing. 

'I'm fine, really.' she said once the warden had closed the door. 'The bleeding will stop any moment now.'

'I can't believe Bianca said those things to you.' Liam said, shaking his head. 'How can a person be so mean?'

Louis agreed wholly. And now he was stuck with a dreadful situation...

'Did you bash her up, Lou?' Harry asked, interrupting his thoughts.

'You didn't, did you?' Elani asked anxiously.

Should he tell the truth? He bit his lip. 'Nothing happened,' he said at last, his heart sinking deeper. 'I just told her to go away.'

Elani sighed in relief. 'That's good. I wouldn't want you to get involved. Once she hates you, she hates you.'

Louis avoided her gaze. He felt like crying, and yet he could tell no one. 


Louis sat in class, head in his hands. After all that had happened he couldn't concentrate. He let out an enormous sigh as the bell rang, forgot to collect his homework from the teacher, and went straight out of the classroom.

'Hey babe,' Bianca greeted him, smiling smugly.

Louis groaned inwardly, but met her gaze defiantly. 'Just Louis. Louis is fine.'

'How are you, babe?'

'Don't call me that!'

'That? I most definitely didn't call you that.'

'That's not funny.'

Bianca smirked. 'You make me laugh. Come on, honey. You're walking me home.'

'No Bianca. I can't walk you home today. Just give me some room, please?'

'But babe, we're dating.'

'But it doesn't mean I have to be with you every second of the day!' He said irritated. 'Just leave me alone!'

'Aw, come on.' She said, linking her arm through his. He stepped back, disgusted.

'Don't touch me.'

Bianca pouted, looking like a fish with extra makeup. 'Come on, darling. You know you want to be with me.'

'Go away,' he repeated with gritted teeth.

Her smile turned into a sinister frown. 'Do you want me to stay away from that cow, or not?'

'Don't you dare call Elani a cow.'

Bianca laughed hysterically, as if it was the funniest thing in the world. 'You must be blind. Come on Lou, walk me home.'

'No,' he pulled away again. 'I told you. I can't walk you home today. I have things to do, Bianca, and I have a life. I'll take you out on Saturday. Happy?'

Bianca thought for a second, then grinned. 'Fine babe, I'll walk home by myself. But on Saturday you're taking me to the movies, and out for lunch. I like chicken,' she winked and kissed him on the cheek, which he gingerly wiped away. 'See you tomorrow then.'

As soon as she was out of sight, he dashed madly to Elani's classroom, dodging tired students and jumping over benches. He ignored the disapproving looks of the teachers, and only stopped when he was beside Elani and the others. Her nose had stopped bleeding and she looked a lot better.

Elani's brow was furrowed. 'I was worried about you. As soon as the bell rang Bianca ran to the direction of your classroom. What did she say to you? Are you ok?'

Louis tried to look surprised. 'I didn't even see her walk by.'

'Oh,' Elani said puzzled. 'Well, lets forget about all that. We have four weeks by ourselves. Come on! I'm so excited!'

Louis couldn't help but smile. He turned to the other boys. 'You guys want to help Ell unpack?'

Niall nodded, as did the others. 'Sure,' he said enthusiastically. 'We'll have it done in no time.'



The room was in fact, as Niall had put it, done in no time. Elani had brought so little that it only took a few minutes to take everything out of her suitcase, and another few minutes to put everything into the cupboards. Then it only left some photos of her family which she brought, an alarm clock and her phone. Harry noticed that one of the photos was of her and Louis in the park when they were younger. He stared at it, thinking to himself. No wonder Louis had such a strong connection with her. 

'Is that it, Ellie?' Louis said from the back of the room. Harry realised it was the first time Louis had spoken. Usually he was the loudest and most immature. There was something he was hiding.

'Ellie?' Elani questioned, turning around from her bent over position.

'That's you.' Louis answered, 'there's no other girl in the room.'

'Uh, yeah.' Elani said, straightening. 'That's it.'

'Good,' said Niall. 'I'm hungry. Can we have ice-cream?'

Elani laughed, and Harry noticed Louis turn his head and staring at her. He definitely like her.

'Sure,' Louis said, tearing his eyes away. 'Just in the kitchen at the bottom of the freezer-'

But Niall had already ran down the stairs, followed by the others. Louis however, sank onto the bed and put his head into his hands.

'Lou?' Harry said uncertainly.

Louis's head shot up and his eyes rested on Harry, his expression tired and worried. 'Harry, I thought you had gone. Don't you want ice-cream?'

Harry shook his head and sat next to him. 'There's something wrong. Tell me.'

'Something wrong?' Louis said hurriedly. 'There's nothing wrong.'

Harry raised his eyebrow, and shook his hair into place. 'Yeah? Why do you look so tiered and worried? You haven't been talking much or running around, or playing pranks and telling your mushroom joke... so, why?'

'So why what?' Louis said miserably.

'What's bothering you?'

'Nothing,' he said groaning.

'I'm your best friend, Lou. I know when something is wrong.'

'There's nothing wrong, Hazza, don't worry about me.'

Harry frowned. 'I'm not leaving until you tell me.'

Louis sighed and put his head back into his hands. 'It's so complicated- you won't get it. Go have ice-cream or something.'

'Has it got something to do with Elani?'

Louis mumbled something into his hands, which Harry didn't catch.

'It is, isn't it.'

Louis stayed silent.

'What's happening between you two?'

'I don't want to talk about it,' Louis said quietly.

'You can trust me, Lou. I wouldn't tell anyone.'

'I know,' he whispered, eyes shut tightly. 'But that's the problem. I can't tell anyone, even you.'

'You're telling me whether you like it or not.'

Louis sighed. 'Well, how to start- Bianca- the one that punched Ellie today, well-'

Harry narrowed his eyes suspiciously. 'What did she do?'

'She made me go out with her,' Louis stammered. 'she said if I did, she wouldn't hurt Ellie anymore.'

Harry stared at him horrified. 'You didn't agree to that, did you?'

Louis looked up and sank into the bed sheets. 'Of course I did! I'd do anything for Elani!'

'But, but that's blackmailing!'

'I don't care! Elani doesn't deserve to be bullied like that!'

'And you don't deserve to be blackmailed!'

'You don't understand.'

'That girl! She's so- so... stuck up, shallow, self absorbed, conceited-' with each word Harry got louder.

'Shh!' Louis said, his eyes darting around the room. 'Someone might hear.'

'So what if someone hears?'

'She promised she'd make Ellie's life the worst she could if her plan doesn't work.'

'This is outrageous! How can you let this happen to you?'

'Just drop it, ok? Its my decision!'

'I'll talk to her. I'll make her-'

'Harry,' he warned.

He huffed. 'Fine, but this decision your making, I don't agree with it, at all. But forget about everything. Lets go downstairs and play football.'

Louis grinned thankfully. 'Thanks Harry. Please, don't tell anyone, ok?'

Harry nodded solemnly. 'I promise.'

Fiercely they hugged each other, and Harry couldn't help feeling sorry for his best friend. He so badly wanted to help, to sort Louis's life out, to break his promise. But a promise was a promise, so he too, for the moment, could do nothing about it.






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