The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


9. The first night


Elani sat in the garden licking her ice-cream. It was such beautiful weather, sunny with a slight breeze. She leaned her back against the wall of the house, enjoying the peacefulness and quiet. Sitting in this position reminded her of when she was younger, and she and Louis had played fetch with his dog. She smiled. Good times.

Speaking of Louis, were was he? Or Harry, for that matter? She began to feel worried. Louis hadn't been himself lately. She started to get up. 'Liam,' she turned to see him swinging on the swing. 'Where's Louis? And Harry?'

Liam glanced around. 'I dunno. Maybe they're still inside. Zayn have you seen them?' 

Zayn shrugged. 'No idea where they are.'

Niall appeared from around the corner. He had finished his first ice-cream and was on to his second. 'Yeah, they're still in Louis's room.' he confirmed. 'I heard them when I was getting more to eat. I think they're arguing.' 

'Arguing?' Liam frowned. 'Should we see if they're ok?'

Just then Harry and Louis opened the door. They were both smiling, but Elani could tell by their eyes that something was wrong.

Zayn voiced her thoughts. 'Are you guys ok?'

They looked at each other and nodded simultaneously. 

'Let's play football,' suggested Harry, a little quickly. 

The boys murmured their agreement. 

'I'm on Zayn's team,' Niall said immediately.

'And I'm on Niall's team,' Liam said hopping off the swing and standing by Niall's side.

Much to Elani's pleasure Louis said, 'I'm with Ellie.'

Harry pouted. 'Well I'm not going to be on anyone's team cause nobody picked me.' He crossed his arms.

Louis laughed. 'Harry, you can be on my team!'

Harry's smile returned and he ran over and gave them both a hug. 'We need tactics,' he said. 'And a name. Any ideas?'

'Losers!' Niall shouted from across the lawn. 

'Says you!' retorted Louis. 'We're going to smash!'

'As if! We'll win by far!' Liam protested.

Harry chuckled. 'We'll see by the end of the day, when you're blue from all you're bruises!'

'Bring it on!' shouted Zayn, and the three went into a small huddle.

'I know a great name,' Louis said. 'What about Carrot Man and his Mushroom Companions! It plays on the vegetable theme.'

His suggestion was greeted by a general silence. After a pause Louis raised an eyebrow. 'Well, does anyone have a better idea?' 

'What about the Three Scorers? Or the Awesome Three?' Harry asked.

'Those are the most boring names I have ever heard,' Louis stated, and patted Harry on the back. 'You have an idea, Ellie?'

' Flesh Eating Rubber Duckies?' Elani said hopefully.

Louis stroked his invisible beard. 'Not bad, what about carrot man and the-'

'Don't even finish that,' said Harry.

'Curly Carrots?' Louis pleaded. 'Christopher Carrot,  I Stripy Carrot Boy -'

'No,' the two groaned.

'The Anonymous Dream Killers.' Harry suggested.

'Fine,' Louis grumbled. 'But can it at least be the Anonymous Carrot Dream Killers?'

Harry ignored him. He raised his arms and shouted across the garden. 'Let the games begin!'

This followed by very loud shouts from the opposing team, who had called themselves the Power Rangers due to Zayn's persistent arguing. 

Louis advanced forward, dribbling the ball. 'Is no one going to defend me? Hurry up! I don't have all day.'

All afternoon, in fact, the six played soccer until it was too dark to see. They were all completely tired, but it was the most fun Elani had ever had in ages. 


Sitting around the campfire wrapped in blankets, the group toasted marshmallows and sipped their hot chocolate for desert. The other four boys had asked their parents if they could sleep over, and so here they were now, throwing food at each other and wrestling one another to the ground. Louis could see Ellie watching in amusement in the corner, her body wrapped tightly in a blanket, her face red from the fire. Her hair seemed to glow, her eyes sparkling, and since Louis' face was in shadow, he was free to stare at this beautiful sight all night long.

His phone vibrated in his pocket. He glanced at it, and just like that the moment was destroyed. It was from Bianca. So far she had been wiped away from his mind, away from all his thoughts, but now her face seeped into his brain like an evil witch. He bit his lip nervously and ignored the call.

A message popped up on the screen. Babe, why aren't you answering?

Louis gritted his teeth. Should he answer or not?

Don't pretend to ignore me.

He looked around, making sure no one could read the text. Then wincing, he unlocked his phone and twiddled his thumbs over the screen, deciding what was best for an answer .

Can we not text now? He quickly replied, I'm busy.

I don't care if your busy.Her answer appeared, If I want to speak to you I'll speak to you.

Later. Please?

No. Now.

There's people around me. They might see who I'm texting. Then I'll have to explain everything.He could almost imagine her sneering face, daring him to anger her.

To his relief, she answered, Fine, but I'm walking with you to school tomorrow. 

Louis turned his phone off and shoved it deep into his pocket, as if  the phone itself would take all his problems away. But of course, her texts stuck at the back of his mind, and he felt uneasy and fidgety. He closed his eyes. 'Stop thinking about this. Stop.'

Someone patted him on the arm shyly, and his eyes flew open again.

'Lou?' Ellie questioned timidly. 'What's wrong? You're really upset today.'

Her concern was comforting, but it wouldn't help in any way. Louis stiffened, struggled to smile, though it looked more like a grimace, and hugged her. 'Don't worry about me. I'm fine.'

'No you're not,' Ellie's voice was muffled through his shirt. 'There's something on your mind.'

He smiled at her, 'Of course, I'm thinking of how beautiful you are,' he chuckled, then bit his lip as he realised what he had just said. He glanced down to see her looking back at him, her eyes sparkling with question. 

'Oh!' She blushed and looked down. 'Thanks.'

There was a short pause.

'But I'm not really,' Ellie rubbed the back of her neck, which Louis found extremely cute. 'I'm not pretty at all.'

Louis hugged her tighter, 'but you are in my eyes.'

She blushed again and smiled, her eyes bright in contrast to the dark night.

Soon Liam ordered everyone to bed, and Louis showed them around the house, preparing mattresses for everyone to sleep. Nobody complained, they were all bleary eyed and tiered, longing to crash onto the bed/couch and fall asleep.

Niall was sleeping in a spare room, Liam on the couch and Zayn on the mattress. Louis and Ellie would be sleeping in their own rooms, which left Harry bed-less. 

'It's fine,' Harry assured Louis, who was stressing about, trying to arrange a place where he could sleep. 'I can sleep on the floor.'

'I can't let you do that!' Louis protested, chewing his bottom lip and looking around. 'You could sleep on my bed. I'll move somewhere.'

Harry placed his hand on his shoulder. 'No. I'm sleeping on the floor, and that's that.'

The two argued for a while, the others rubbing their eyes, waiting for them to make a decision. After Louis threatened to straighten Harry's hair and post it on Twitter, Harry sighed and made his way up the stairs to Louis' room, yawning. 'Good night everyone,' he mumbled, 'and Lou, don't blame me if you wake up tomorrow with a sore back.'

Louis only shrugged and ruffled his hair. 'Anything for my friends.' At this he thought of Ellie, sighed, and glanced at her discreetly, before heading up the stairs himself. 


Ellie stared at Louis on the floor of her room. He had a pillow under his head, and she had thrown her blanket over his body, but apart from that he was lying on nothing else. There was no way he was sleeping like that. She crossed her arms over her chest and frowned at him, making him raise his eyebrows and smirk. 

'What?' he asked cheekily.

'Get off the floor!' she sighed. 'I can't let you sleep like that!'

'It's my house. I get to choose what to do.'

'Yes, and I'm the visitor! So I'm telling you to get on the bed!'

He looked at her with pleading eyes that made her want to melt, but she stayed put and stared back at him firmly. 

'You can't sleep on the floor, Louis!'

'But if I sleep on the bed then you have to sleep on the floor!'

'But I'd prefer to sleep on the floor!'

'Well, so do I!'

Ellie sighed. 'Just get on the bed.'


She considered dragging him, but decided against it, and instead grabbed her own pillow from her now lonely bed and lay on the floor next to him. 'See! I'm staying here. Move.'


'Well I'm not moving back on the bed.'

Louis grinned. 'Fine, then we'll both sleep on the floor.'

Ellie rubbed the back of her neck. That wasn't what she wanted. She looked at Louis hopelessly and he grinned. 'I win.'

She shook her head and switched off the light, before lying down fully on the hard floor again. After a few minutes Ellie began shivering from the cold. Behind her she heard Louis laugh.

'Cold ha? You might as well go back on the bed.'

'No thanks.' She clenched her teeth in an attempt to stop her teeth from chattering and rubbed her arms. 'I'm fine here.'

'You are clearly, very cold.' Louis disapprovingly, and his tone made her laugh. 'Here, share my blanket.'

Thankfully she snuggled closer to him, his warmth radiating from his body. She smiled, remembering how she had woken up that morning, with his arms around her. Her eyes were now droopy, her breathing getting steadier and steadier... however how long she tried her mind refused to  shut down. It seemed like she was too tired to fall asleep. 

She sat up in exasperation, rubbing her eyes. 'I can't sleep!' she exclaimed, breaking the eerie silence. Next to her Louis chuckled.

'Lay back down and count sheep.'

'I've tried!'

'Count carrots then.'

'That won't help in anyway.' Ellie muttered irritated. 

Louis sat up beside her, yawning, and ran a hand threw his hair. 'It's Friday tomorrow, you know. School. You'll be really tired.'

Ellie laughed. 'Since when did you give that sort of advice?'

Louis just shrugged and leaned against the wall, pulling the blanket over his legs. He was only wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and shorts, though the cold didn't seem to affect him at all. He smiled as he noticed her still shivering.

'You sure you really don't want to get back on the bed?'

'I'm sure.'

'Its very uncomfortable down here.'

'Then why don't you sleep on the bed?'

'Because I'm not cold like you are.'

To tiered to argue, she dropped the subject. 'Go back to sleep, Lou. Don't stay awake because of me.'

'But I don't want to sleep.'


'Because you can't. I'm not going to sleep until you do.'


'Don't argue. I'm not tired anyway.'


'I said don't argue.' he said, and wrapped the blanket around his shoulders, smiling knowingly.

Not picking up on this, Ellie frowned immediately. 'I'm the cold one. Shouldn't I get the blanket?'

Louis let out a small laugh and held up the corners, inviting her to come over. When she did, he pulled her down, so she was sitting on his lap, and put his arms around her, warming her up immediately. 'There, better?'

She nodded, and stiffened, being so shy, but remembered it was Louis and relaxed, leaning back onto him, her head on his chest. The sat for a few minutes in silence as they enjoyed each other's comfort, before Ellie once again began to feel drowsy. 


Smiling down at her as she struggled to keep her eyes open, Louis stroked Ellie's hair, the dim light from the lamp in the corner making it shine beautifully, high lighting the different shades of light brown. This was the first time he had seen her with her hair out, as she wasn't confident with how she looked with it in public, ad preferred to keep it in a neat ponytail. 

He hadn't realised how soft it was. It slipped smoothly through his fingers and then fell back into place, completely knot-less. The colour fitted perfectly with her eyes, and he stared at her once more, wondering why Bianca had to spoil everything. If only he could sort it all out.

In his lap Ellie shifted and mumbled something. He frowned and leaned in closer, trying to catch what she was saying. She looked dead cute. He swiped the hair out of her face, and when she started mumbling again, he shook her gently. 'Louis,' she groaned.


More mumbling.

'Ellie?' He pulled her closer to hear her clearer. Louis frowned for a second. She was sleep talking! Glancing down at her, Louis smirked and sighed, feeling relaxed. Now that Ellie was sleeping, he could too. He was about to drift off when...

'Lou,' she mumbled, 'Lou... Louis, Louis stop! Louis!'

Curious to what she was going to say, he rubbed his eyes, tightened the blanket around them and smiled. Suddenly he froze. What did she just say? He blinked. It was just a dream right- she couldn't of meant it...

She murmured again, saying exactly the same thing, and Louis gasped and started to grin like a mad man. He poked her cheek. 'You cutie,' he whispered into her ear, even though he knew she wouldn't hear it. 'I love you more, much more.'


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