The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


21. The Dance


He took a deep breath, remembering what Zayn had said. Maybe she did like him? Then this was the perfect opportunity to ask her to the dance.

I know right. Such short notice? He could have known about the dance earlier so he could have been more prepared. He ran his fingers through his ruffled hair. Oops. This wouldn't be good.

Someone knocked on the door, and Louis stepped away from the mirror, his hand dropping quickly to his side. 'Come in,' he announced, clearing his throat. Harry strode through the door and slumped on the bed. Sighing in relief Louis went back to grooming his hair.

'So,' Harry smirked, his voice muffled from his pillow. 'Who are you asking to the dance?'

It was the latest gossip everyone was talking about, who was going with who. Apparently Michael had gotten a date in less then seven minutes. 

'Ellie,' Louis replied simply.

'Oh yeah,' Harry pulled the blankets over his chest. 'That's all you ever think about, hey? Never think about me anymore.' He pouted and pulled the rest of the blanket over his head.

Louis pulled one of Harry's curls, ignoring the strangled 'ouch!' and checked his reflection before rubbing his neck. 'This is it,' he spoke quietly to himself. 'make it smooth, Tomlinson.'

'You could get some handy tips from me,' Harry added. 'Give you extra charm.'

'And who are you asking out, Harry?'

'Charlie McKenna,' he replied matter-of-factly. 'She's pretty.'

Louis checked his hair for the last time. 'Ellie's in her hotel room right?'

'How would I know? Don't be nervous Lou it's 250% guaranteed that she'll go with you. After that you can ask her to be your girlfriend and you two can get married.'

He sighed. 'i wish.' before he shoved his hands in his pockets and walked out the door.



The knock echoed around he room. Ellie straightened from her bent over position and placed her hair over her left shoulder. 'Come in!'

The door knob turned and Louis appeared, a nervous air around him. His smile wavered, his hands hidden in his pockets. His hair wasn't as messy as it usually was.

'Hi Lou,' She smiled. 'Sorry, my room's really messy.'

He bit his lip. 'You should see mine. Actually don't see mine, you'd start going on about how organised I need to be.' His words stumbled out like they were coming out of a washing machine. Ellie laughed nervously.

'Ok well, did you need something?'

One hand emerged from his pockets to rub the back of his neck. 'Yeah well-'

Ellie waited patiently, eyebrows furrowed slightly together.


'Sorry?' said Ellie.

'D'you-d'you want to go to the dance with me?'

Why did she have to turn red now? Why?

'I mean, it's fine if you say no,' Louis added hurriedly.

A small smile broke her lips apart. 'Of course I'll go.'


One hand snaked around her waist, the other deep inside his pocket. Ellie held up a dress.

'This one?'

Louis' nose cringed. 'It's too long.'

'What do you mean? It goes to mid-calf.'

Cheekiness glinted in his eyes, but his expression remained emotionless. 'It's too long.'

Ellie raised an eyebrow.

'it should at least be up to mid-thigh,' he answered earnestly. He held up a dress almost the same length as a t-shirt.

She gasped and slapped his hand away. 'No way!' 

Louis chuckled and steered her through the crowd, keeping a firm grip on her waist. He had never held her like that before.

'This one.' Ellie held up a bright pink dress with a matching headband.

'Too flowery.' he said with distaste as he indicated the obvious circle of rather large flowers around the hem. 'You should be wearing stripes.'

'Stripes,' Ellie rolled her eyes. 'How romantic.'

'If you keep doing that,' Louis reminded her, 'your eyes will get stuck.'

She stuck her tongue out at him, and he returned the favour.

'What about you? What are you wearing?'

'A purple tuxedo,' he replied immediately. 

'Please tell me you're joking.'

He shrugged. 'This dress?'

It was fluro orange.

'Purple tux and a fluro orange dress? We'll be getting some attention.'

Louis grinned. At first it was like he was grinning at her, but she spun around and saw...

It was perfect.

'It's perfect,' Louis said, echoing Ellie's thoughts.

'It is pretty,' she agreed, and Louis gave her side a little squeeze. 

Ellie flipped over the price tag. Her eyes grew wide, and she dropped the tag and turned away from it.

'What's wrong?'

'It's too expensive.'

Louis flipped over the tag. 'But it's so pretty.'

'Lou, its 800 dollars,' she said, swallowing. 'I can't buy that. Forget about it.'

He smiled cutely. 'Fine. Can you at least try it on?'

She held up the dress in doubt. It shimmered under the dim lights of the room, slowly spinning on the clothes hanger.

'Ok,' she hugged it close to her dress and made her way to the dressing room.



That dress was perfect. He sat down, his tiered legs protesting. Never had shopping made him so tiered. Scrolling through his messages, he waited for her to come out.

The lock was slid back, and Ellie emerged, the dress swishing around her ankles. Her usual vans matched perfectly, her hair still in her ponytail. Louis phone  slid to the ground.

'Wowww.' he said in awe.

Ellie smiled. 'Do you like it?'

He grinned back. 'I love it.' He had to buy it. 'Turn around,' he ordered. 'I want to see what you'll look like with your hair out.'

He slid the elastic from her hair, and quickly pulled the tag off. 

'There,' he said, hiding the tag behind his back. 

'Ellie spinned, giggling. 'I'll go change back.'

Louis nodded, his heart racing. As she disappeared back into the changing room, he showed to tag to the the chashier and bought the dress.








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