The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


2. School


Louis watched Elani sleep. Her head had drooped down and was now resting on his shoulder. Her brown hair covered part of her face, and her chest rose up and down as she breathed. She was cute.

Louis had met Elani from his sister. His sister and her sister were very good friends. Louis was a year older than Elani. Because of this he hardly saw her at school as they played in different areas. He missed her so much then.

Louis sat staring at Elani, watching her sleep peacefully. Here while she slept, her guard was down. The guard that kept her cautious and wary was gone, and she seemed more relaxed. And she was so pretty. Even though her eyes were closed, he could imagine them; the beautiful blue-green colour like the sea. And those rare smiles she gave that lighted up her face. Just seeing her smile made him feel like smiling too.

Louis never told anyone but he liked Elani. A lot. Even though he like confident girls, there was something special about her that made her different. Around her he was more gentle, more aware of what he was doing, almost like he was afraid to scare her. This gave him a feeling of protectiveness over her.

Gently he removed himself from her so she lay on the couch. She stirred but didn't wake. he looked at her and smiled. Then without thinking, he bent down and kissed her forehead. 

He couldn't tell her he loved her. Not unless he wanted to risk their friendship. At the moment that was the most he could do.

Twenty minutes later Elani stirred and woke up. She blinked and sat up quickly.

'Oh my gosh, I am so sorry.'

'Sorry? Don't be. You needed a rest.'

He could tell she was speechless at what she had done. He shook his head.

'You never do anything wrong Elani. You don't need to be sorry.' He stretched his arms out, asking for a hug.

She hesitated, but then  stood up from the couch and hugged him.

Louis smiled and placed one hand down to the small of her back. 'Remember,' he whispered in her ear, 'I've got your back.'


Two days later it was Monday and school started again. more than anything he wanted to spend time with Elani. But he knew, if he was to get her, he was to take things slowly. 

He noticed Harry on the way up the school steps, immediately recognising the curls.


'Hey Lou! How's everything?'

'Good, good.'

They walked in silence for a bit, Louis thinking about Friday and wondering what had made Elani so scared. He didn't notice Harry looking at him.

'Something wrong man? You're not usually that quiet.'

'Nah.' His words reminded him of Elani even more. 'Nothing's wrong.'

'You're daydreaming.'

Desperately he came up with something to say. 'Yeah, dreaming of the maths test we'll have today. You know, I've been studying so hard I think I'll actually do well this time.'

'Maths test? What maths test? There's no maths test.'

Dammit. So that didn't work. Where was a maths test when he needed one?

'Just joking!' Louis forced a grin. 'Tried to get you worried.'

Harry looked unsure but laughed anyway, and shook his hair into place. 'Didn't work. Hey Niall!'

Niall appeared around the corner, chewing on a packet of chips, Liam and Zayn following after. 'Hey,' they all said simultaneously. 

'First class is English,' Zayn said, checking his timetable. 'We're writing poetry. Come on.'

During the day Louis found he couldn't concentrate. His mind was constantly on Elani, what she was doing, was she ok, was she thinking of him? He shook his head absent mindedly. Elani didn't like him in that way.

'What's wrong Tom?' 

Louis was lurched from his thoughts as Zayn looked at him. 


'You shook your head.'

'Everyone can shake their head.'

'You shook your head because you were upset.'

'I shook my head because I can't find anything to rhyme with 'bee.''

'Tea? Ski? Wii? Me? Your name.'

And Elani. Elani rhymes.


Louis frowned. 'Tommo doesn't rhyme.'

'No I was calling you. You're day dreaming again. Are you trying to find a word that rhymes with nest?'


'What do you keep thinking about?'

'I'm thinking about something that rhymes with bee.'

'I told you, tea, flea, Zayn is pretty- hey that's a good one. I'm using that.'

'You and you're hair.'

'You and you're carrots.'

'At least carrots are healthy.'

'What? Hair isn't healthy?'

'Not when you're too obsessed with it.'

'What is everyone's problem about my hair? My hair is perfect. It looks good on me!'

'I'm more good looking.' Louis wiggled his eyebrows.

Harry smiled from the other side of the table. 'What are you talking about? The curls gets the girls.'

'Huh,' Louis said, 'you look like Susan Boyle.'

'I do not!'

Zayn scowled. 'Well, I'm-'

'Boys! Stop talking!' The teacher scolded. 'Get you're work done.'

Zayn narrowed his eyes jokingly. 'This is final. I'm the awesome one, I've got the charm-'


The three fell silent and before they knew it it was lunch already.


At lunch Louis told his friends he was going to the canteen. When he was out of sight he rushed over to the area where Elani played.

There Elani stood, getting taunted by her own friends. Louis could her their shouts from where he was standing.

'You're ugly.' No wonder you don't have a boyfriend.'

'Yeah, You're such an idiot.' Louis recognised that girl as Bianca. 

'You're so stupid. Why don't you go away?'

Elani, being who she was, couldn't bring herself to say anything.

'Why aren't you saying anything? Scared?' Bianca smirked and punched her.

Elani gasped and held her side, doubling over. Her 'freinds' laughed. 'Hope that hurt,' Bianca continued and pushed her.

Louis watched in horror as Elani was pushed around, getting called names, and getting pushed around again before she could recover. Was this what they had been doing to her all along? Was this what she was afraid to tell him? Suddenly he felt even more protective tan usual. He could stand it no longer.

'Stop!' he yelled. 

The girls turned around immediately.

'Louis! Bianca put on an innocent expression and began walking towards him. 'Hey babe, what's up?'

Elani however watched with wide eyes as he approached.

'What are you thinking?' Louis nearly shouted. Elani shook her head fearfully, but he was angry and nothing would stop him. 'What are you doing to her?'

'Huh?' Bianca fixed her appearance and tried to make a good impression on him. 'As if you care about her. Look at me! I'm so much prettier.'

'Yeah right. Do you do you're makeup with a brush or just dip you're head in the bucket?'

Bianca snarled. 'I'm confident. I'm smart. Look at me. I'm your type.'

Louis felt like throwing a punch himself. 'Get out of my way.'

'Don't pay attention to Elani. As if you care.'

'Care?' Louis growled.'I care a lot. I care. I CARE!'

Bianca put her hands up defensively. 'Ok cutee. Whatever. You care. But Elani's ugly and stupid. If you wanna go all boyfriendy over her, good luck, because she's not worth it.

In the background Elani staggered back and bit her lip. Louis was so angry his vision went blurry.

'Compared to her you're fish poo on the bottom of the ocean. Elani's pretty. She's nice. And her eyes are  beautiful. And when she smiles- she's amazing. She's the complete opposite to you.' Louis stepped forward so Bianca had to look up to meet his gaze.

She snarled again and turned to Elani, who was standing with her mouth slightly open, her eyes wide. 'There you go. You found yourself a boyfriend. And a very stupid one too.' Without saying anything more she stormed off, her friends following her.

Louis glanced at Elani, now crouching and staring at him. He didn't know what to do. He took a step forward and with that Elani bolted. She ran off into the back of the school and disappeared amongst the bushes.

'Elani! Come back!'

But she was gone.

Louis groaned and put his head in his hands. He had ruined their friendship for sure. Feeling like crying he headed back to his playground.




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