The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


11. Problems and threats

 I'm having very little internet access. To make up for it I'll make this extra chapter extra long. It'll take a while. Sorry.


Harry knew exactly what Bianca wanted to tell Louis. It was about that Tweet Zayn sent. She had stalked Louis's friends and saw the photo of Ellie with Louis. Harry paced back and forth. Louis was gone for more than five minutes, and through the door it sounded like they were shouting at each other. He risked a sideways glance at Elani. She was pale and had stopped eating, her guard back up and her lip trembling. 

Niall was trying to see through the windows without being noticed before Liam caught him. He backed away sheepishly. 'I'm just so worried!' He exclaimed. 'Louis's out there with Bianca all on his own! Who knows what their talking about?'

Elani rubbed her eyes. 'Should we see if he's ok? I mean- she is pretty nasty.'

Immediately Harry leant against the door protectively. 'No. Louis can handle anything on his own. He'll be fine.'

Suddenly the door handle started to move, and Harry quickly turned it. He sighed in relief when he saw Louis was ok. Bianca on the other hand, wasn't looking so happy.

'I'm walking with Bianca to school.' Louis announced reluctantly, and shut the door again.

Zayn raised his eyebrows. 'Vas happening? Something is really wrong.'

Ellie, if possible, was paler. 'I'm such an idiot. Don't you realise? I'm the problem. It's all my fault. This only started when I came here. I need to leave. I shouldn't be here. I cause too much trouble. I'm always too much trouble.' She started to sob, and she grabbed her bag and ran out of the back door. 

Harry stared after her in shock.' Ellie, stop! Come back! Listen to me!' his attempt failed as her footsteps were no longer heard. Harry groaned and sank into a chair. This was all wrong.

Liam scratched the back of his head. 'Should I go after her? I mean, we're already late for school.

Behind him he heard Niall stuff the last pancake into his mouth. 'I dunno,' he said while chewing. 'We don't know where she's gone. Maybe we should give her some space. She is really upset.'

'But that's the point!' argued Zayn. 'We don't know where she's gone. She could be anywhere!'

'I don't think she'd skip school,' Liam said doubtfully. 'I reckon she's just taken the long way by the back streets. She'll be fine. Come on guys, we really need to go.'

'And what about Louis?' Zayn rubbed his eyes. 'What does Bianca want?'

They all turned to Harry.

'You seem to know what's going on.'

Harry panicked and looked up. 'What? No, I don't. I have no clue about what so ever...'

They crossed their arms.

'Don't expect us to not notice anything.' Niall frowned. 'You guys have been sneaking off without us. And Louis comes out miserable every time. That's not like you two. Maybe we can help?'

'You can't.' Harry groaned. 'It's not that simple.'

'Is Ellie involved?' Liam questioned, raising his eyebrows. 

Harry shook his hair into place. 'Look, it's complicated. You guys can't do anything to help. Lets focus on making sure Elani's ok first.'

Zayn rubbed the back of his neck. 'What makes you think you and Lou can solve this problem on your own? Can't you at least tell us what the problem is?'

'I make a promise.' Harry hissed. 'And I'm not breaking it. Lets go.' And he stood up and walked out the door.



Everything couldn't be more perfect. her plan was turning out so well she was considering taking everything a step further. Why not mention they were dating today? The sooner she did, the sooner Elani would be gone.

Seeing to two on twitter made her blood boil. Elani with her head on his chest, Louis' arms wrapped around her and one hand in her hair. Both sleeping peacefully. Bianca gritted her teeth. That would definitely be their last peaceful sleep in a long time.

She looked up at Louis, her eyes glinting. 'So, about you two last night.'

Louis' face showed no emotion, and his voice was flat. 'What about last night.'

'I told you to stay away from her.'

'And I told you to stay away from me! What more do you want?'

'Look, I'm going to say we're dating today. If you argue or fight, or say we're not, you 'love of your life' gets it.

Louis paled slightly, making her smile. 'Please! Why do you hate her so much? She hasn't done anything to you!'

'She's not worth anything. Stop fussing about her. Think about me.' She held his hand.

He scowled and pulled his hand away. 'No. This is my life. My choices. Not yours.'

'I love you babe! Can't you understand that? I'm doing everything for you!'

'If you loved me so much you'd care about the people I love! You're a blackmailer and a cheater!'

'Come on, don't be like that. You know you like me.' She batted her eyelashes. 

'You know I don't!'

Bianca sighed like she was dealing with a small child. 'Whatevs, cutie. But this isn't over. Look, here's Alice. Just a reminder, every teddy bear I have ever known has ended up without it's head. So watch out.' She winked cheerily and walked up to Alice.

'Hey Alice. This is my boyfriend, Louis! Isn't he cute?'

'OMG! Is that the one that's friends with the pig? I don't know why he even talks to her! He's so hot! Oh Bianca you legend!'

'I know!' She pecked him on the cheek, and he grimaced and wiped the lipstick off. 'I can't wait to tell everyone!'



She didn't bother running anymore. She knew the boys weren't following her. She rubbed her swollen eyes. That night was one of the of the only nights when she felt she was actually loved. As her parents were away so much, she always felt very secure, and as her brother Matt was a jerk and offered nothing but complaints, she didn't have much of a different life at home than at school. 

When Louis held her in her arms like that she felt like she was actually part of something, She felt almost normal, not thought as a monster, or in Liam's case- a spoon. How she wished those moments lasted longer. Unfortunately they always seemed to be interrupted before all hell broke loose. Maybe he liked her? She held onto it like it was a lamp in darkness.

 Her eyes were now dry. She felt empty, like all her emotions had been carried away with her tears. She sighed and looked at her watch. Heaving an even bigger sigh, she started to run again, stumbling over bags of rubbish to get to school on time. 

As Ellie got to the front of the school she saw Bianca. She was about to continue walking before she saw... she froze. The familiar build, the hair, the stripy top and red pants, the Toms... standing with Bianca? And holding hands? No... 

All her feelings for that guy came flowing out. Her heart felt like it was being shot multiple times. Her enemy holding hands with Louis... but that was meant to be her! Not Bianca! She was meant to be holding hands with him and laughing and having a good time. Not Bianca!

Suddenly everything made sense. Like the day she got punched on the nose and Louis had talked to Bianca when everyone was gone. Why he and Harry had been having secret meetings. The talk this morning. It was all a plan. Louis wanted to get rid of her. And he had gotten Bianca to help her. Tears were once again flowing. Her best friend! He was her best friend! Not even her best friend wanted her. She felt like a nobody. She was a nobody. A nobody nobody wanted. And nobodies weren't meant to be in this world.

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