The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


14. Plane trip to Paris


Everyone sat, listening attentively. Everyone accept for Louis and Harry, of course.

'Harry! I swear if you do that one more time, I'll stick five pencils up your nostril.'

'Boys!' scolded Mrs O'Brian. 'Listen! This is important!'

The boys apologised and sat up straight.

'We are going to Paris for a week!'

A murmur of excitement echoed around the class.

'Any questions?'

Niall raised his hand. 'Do they have Nandos in Paris?'

Mrs O'Brian shook his head. 'Niall, we are there to experience and ENJOY French food, NOT food you eat everyday. Now I also expect it will be quite cold, so pack lots of warm clothes.'


'Paris huh?' Louis smiled, and jumped up and down like a two year old as they exited the classroom. 'I guess that's one good thing about learning French.'

'Paris,' Zayn sighed. 'The city of Love.' Niall slapped him on the arm.

Hey! What was that for?'

Niall shrugged and changed the subject. 'Who's sitting next to who on the plane?'

'Zayn.' said Liam.

'Liam!' said Niall.

'Ok, but you have to sit on the other said,' Zayn told Niall, and rubbed his arm. 'You slap hard.'

Louis smiled at Ellie. Thank goodness Bianca didn't take French. 'Well, looks like I'm sitting with you then.'

She blushed and looked down. She was so cute...

Harry cleared his throat. 'What about me, bro? Where am I sitting?'

This time it was Louis' time to blush. 'You can sit with us to.'

Harry sighed. 'Fine, but I'm sitting next to the window so I can avoid all the smooching.'

'Hey!' Ellie protested. 'We're just friends!'

Just friends... it was like being shot. So Ellie obviously didn't like him in that way...



Ellie tugged on her luggage. 'Come on! Move!' It was an old luggage and the wheels were very rusty.

'Here,' Louis slowed down. 'Let me help you.'

'No, you have to much to carry already.'

'Just let me help you Ellie!'

Reluctantly she handed over the luggage, and he took one in each hand and started walking again.

'Louis, give me the carry bag then. I feel useless.'

'I'm fine.'

'Then at least give me you're backpack!'

'I'm fine! Stop complaining or I'll carry you too.'

With that Ellie shut up.

The six followed the rest of the class up to the gate and waited. Ellie yawned. She hadn't slept well the night before.

'Tired?' Louis smiled.

'You looking at me?'

'What else is there to look at?'

'There's a tv right there.'

'It's not as interesting.'

her heart skipped a beat, and she laughed. Then as he continued to stare she slapped him on the arm. 'Stop that! You're making me uncomfortable!'

'Oh yeah?' He said, and opened his eyes wider and stared at her with such ferocity she had to burst out laughing, causing everyone to look at her.

'Fine, staring contest? By the way, I always win.'

He smiled evilly. 'Yeah, right! BRING IT ON!'



The woman down the isle was explaining something, but Ellie wasn't listening. She had only been on a plane once and was scared to death.

Louis next to her smiled. 'Worried babe?'

'Worried? I'm freaking out? What if we crash? What if the engine breaks down and we crash into the sea and our families will never see us again? What if the wings fall off because their so heavy and we land in a volcano and it erupts and-'

Louis laughed. 'Hey, that's cute, but none of those things will happen.'

'Well, what if- ahhhh!' she screamed as the plane started to move.

'Shh Ellie, we'll be fine!'

'How are you so sure?' her voice trembled. 

He sighed and hugged her. 'Look, I'll sing to you, ok?'

And he sung while he played with her hair. His voice was so angelic, so perfect, she could listen to it on replay all day. He held her close and she felt safe and protected, like nothing could ever hurt her. Then  the plane lifted off.

'There, see? I told you! We're fine! We're still alive!'

'You two snuggled up over there?' Zayn yelled from behind them. A few heads turned their way.

'Zayn!' hissed Ellie.

He laughed. 'I heard Louis singing! It was cute! Extremely cute!'

Ellie bushed. Why did she always do that?'

'Cute,' Harry muttered. 'Not when I'm sitting next to the two. In my opinion my curls are cuter.'

Louis rolled his eyes and hugged her tighter. 'It's just a friendly hug. See?'

Just a friendly hug? So he didn't like her in that way then...

'Well then can I have a friendly hug?'

'Sorry curly. Reserved for pretty people only, WITHOUT CURLY HAIR.'


Jerky jerk!'

'Harry, Louis, stop!' Liam yelled, and the two burst out in laughter.

'Joking man!' Harry grinned. 'Louis is most definitely not a jerk.'


There was a pause. 

'Aren't you going to mention how you were joking and didn't mean to call me a jerk...' his voice faded as he realised.


'Jerky jerk!'

'Jerky jerky jerky jerk!'

'Jerky jerky jerky jerky jerky infinity jerk! Huh! Can't beat that!'

Ellie sighed. Boys.




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