The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


16. Pillow fight.


Mrs O'Brian knocked on the door. 

'Come in.'

She peered inside. 'Oh good. You guys are wearing shirts. The other boys across from you don't seem to like them. Any way, we're going to dinner in twenty minutes. You can pick who you want to sit with. Can you tell the boys next door too?'

Liam nodded. Knowing that Harry and Louis were the cheeky ones he decided to stay with them. Niall and Zayn could come over when they felt like it.

'Oh, and do you want me to tell Ellie- I mean Elani, too?' Louis asked.

Mrs O'Brian raised her eyebrow and smiled. 'No, it's ok. I've already told her. '

'Right,' Louis scratched his head in embarrassment and laughed sheepishly. Harry smirked at him.

'Any questions while I'm here?'

'Yeah, Ellie's lonely next door so maybe- could we visit her?'

She laughed knowingly. 'Louis, you can see her whenever you want. As long as you don't spend the night together.'

Louis blushed deep red while Harry covered a snicker, and Liam struggled to remain serious faced.

'Any thing else?'

'No, we're fine thanks,' Liam concluded.

Mrs O'Brian shook her head and closed the door softly. 'Boys,' she murmured. 

Harry burst out laughing. 'Ooooh Lou, what was that about?'

Louis scowled. 'Shut it, you.'

'AND I caught the two almost kissing in Ellie's room!' Harry laughed, flipping his hair. 

'Harry!' He slapped him on the arm, annoyed.

'You totally love her!'

'Harry stop!' Liam shook Harry as he rolled around on the floor laughing so hard it turned silent.  Out of curiosity he turned to Louis.

'Did you really kiss her?'

He shrugged. 'Nearly. Until Harry came along.' He glared at him.

Harry burst into a new fit of laughter.

Niall swung the door open. 'What's all this about? We heard you from our room. You guys are so loud!'

Harry sat up. 'Oh hey Niall! Louis nearly ki-' he was stopped by Louis' hand over his mouth.

'Aww, spill it Lou.' Zayn said, wiggling his eyebrows.

'Don't say a word.' Louis hissed at Harry, who struggled to remove his hand.

Niall grinned. 'Is something going on with you and Ellie?'

'GUYS STOP! STOP!' Liam yelled over the laughter. 'Leave the poor guy alone!'

Louis removed his hand from Harry's mouth and wiped it on Niall's shirt. 'Yuck.'

'Hey!' Niall protested and wiped it off with a pillow, before throwing at Zayn. 

'Ewww!' Zayn shouted. 'Not at my hair! Not at my hair!'

It turned into a huge pillow fight, and it was a very angry Mrs'O Brian who opened the door twenty minutes later.



Wow those boys were noisy. As Ellie ran around her room unpacking her things she could here the boys having some sort of fight next door. Ahh, there was Zayn. 'Not my hair not my hair!' his screams were muffled but clear enough to be heard. Ellie laughed to herself as she took out some dark jeans, a Coca-Cola branded baseball t-shirt with 3/4 length sleeves, and a versity jacket to go on top, as it was very cold.   

She got changed and sat on the bed, thinking as she brushed her hair, putting it into a ponytail. What just happened? That look in Louis' eyes was something she had never seen before. It was a good look, one that made his eyes sparkle even brighter. She sighed. What would of happened if Harry didn't turn up?

She replayed the scene in her head until Mrs O'Brain opened the door. 'Hello, Elani? Are you ready for dinner now? The class is going down together in five minutes.'

Ellie nodded.

'Are the boys disturbing you next door? They seem very loud- let me check.'

She left the door temporarily open so Ellie could see what was going on. Mrs O'Brian flung the door open  and shook her head in disapproval, hands on her hips.

'BOYS! What are you DOING? This is hotel property!'

Ellie moved behind her so she could see what was happening. Harry was frozen, about to bash a pillow on Niall's head, who was cowering under the bedsheets. Liam stood in between Louis and Zayn as they attempted to sword fight and do karate with pillows. All had surprised and innocent expressions on their faces. 

Mrs O'Brian shook her head. 'Boys, boys, boys,' she tutted, 'and you haven't even gotten ready. Put the pillows down. I have given my time to you to take all of you guys to Paris for a learning experience so you can develop in this language. I needed to send MY own children to my mum so she could look after them for a complete week and my mum works full time... blah blah blah'

Ellie crept back into her room, avoiding the lecture Mrs O'Brian was about to give. Her lectures always made people feel guilty, even though it wasn't always their fault. Ellie bit her lip and struggled on keeping her laughter down.

'Ok,' Mrs O'Brian finished her shouting and peeked into her room. 'Ellie, down stairs now.'

The six walked into the dining hall together, gasping as they met the sight. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling, tables were draped with beautiful white fabric, wine glasses were set in a pattern on the table. Chairs around the table were covered in red velvet and further down the room there was a dance floor. They rushed to their table.

'This place is so amazing!' Ellie gasped, looking around. She took her place on one of the seats, and immediately Louis took his place beside her. Ellie blushed.

Zayn chuckled. 'Something between you two?'

'No,' the two said hurriedly together. Everyone laughed, which made the pair go completely red. It was a relief when the waiter came and asked for their orders.


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