The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


23. Perfect


She walked out the door, wearing the most special thing she had ever owned. To think he had bought the dress for her...

The dance was tonight. What could be better than a romantic dance in Paris? Louis had decided against a purple tux and was wearing his usual braces. In fact, he was just around the corner.

His mouth fell open, wide enough for her to fit her hand in. She giggled and blushed, looking down at herself, then at him. His hair was styled perfectly, his eyes sparkling. He bowed and she curtsied, laughing hysterically. 

'Hi princess,' he whispered, kissing the top of her head. She had let her hair down today. Just for him. She used this as an opportunity to cover the blush creeping to her cheeks.

'You look great,' she mumbled, hugging him.

'You leave me speechless,' he grinned, twirling a strand of her hair. 'Hey, I've got a present for you.' Picking up a bag from the floor, he presented it to her. Nervously she opened it... to find a handful of carrots.

'You like it?' Louis asked hopefully.

She couldn't hide the smile. 'It's very- Louis-ish.' She admitted.

'But you like it?'

Ellie laughed, taking a carrot out and examining it. She gasped as she saw something engraved on the side. Running her thumb over carefully she read what was written.

'Louellie?' She questioned.

Louis hugged her closer to him. 'It stands for both of us. We make a great cou- I mean, we make great friends, so that's- that's what's that for.'

She wondered what he was going to say before he changed it.

'Thank you so much Lou. I can't wait.'

His left hand sneaked around her waist and lead her over to the other boys, all with their own dates.

'Hi Harry,' Louis smiled at his mate. Harry was holding hands with a girl Ellie recognised as Charlie McKenna. She was one of those extremely pretty girls, with brown hair and golden streaks, grey eyes. She smiled and waved, and Ellie waved back. She had always been nice to her, not like the other girls who had been persuaded by Bianca.

Bianca. Ellie had decided the topic should be unmentioned until they arrived back at school. She didn't want to spoil the rest of their time here.

She looked at the other boys. Liam was talking to a girl called Ava-Rose. She was tall and wore the dress Louis had described as 'flowery.'

Niall stood near by with a blonde haired girl called Maddy. Ellie had heard she was extremely smart and a great artist. Maddy winked at her Irish friend, who laughed and flirted back. Ellie rolled her eyes, though it was unnoticed.  

Zayn was already dancing with his date, a girl who Ellie had seen often, though never bothered to learn her name. They were giggling, and the waltz turned into a game of tootsies. 

Louis nudged her. 'Hey. Don't look at them. You're going out with me.'

Ellie nudged him back, the carrots gripped firmly in her hand. It was rather an odd present, with meant a lot to her. 

The limo soon arrived to take them to the dance hall. The students shivered as they walked out into the night, the stars shining brighter than usual. She could feel Louis looking down at her, his hand inching closer to hers. Smiling she took it, and he intertwined their fingers together. Her palm, pressed to his, seemed to be extra sensitive, sparks shooting up her arm.

'You're gonna love my dance moves babe.'

She dropped her right eye into a wink. 'We'll see when we get there.'

The ride was full of chattering excitement. Everyone was eager to dance and have fun. Lots of people were already snogging. 

She shivered as the cool air pressed against her bare skin, the dress held only by thin straps crossing over at the back. Louis took this as an excuse to put his arm around her.

'I've been waiting for this day for ages.'

'I know. I love Paris.'

'No no. You've misunderstood. I've been waiting for so long- so long... for this moment.' he paused, and Ellie looked up at him, clutching her carrot tighter. 'When it's only us two, together.'

Ellie's eyes went wide, and she nodded her head. 'Yeah. Me too, I guess.'

He smiled at her and fixed his braces, which had twisted. 

The limo halted and the class got out, desperately running into the dance hall to escape from the cold wind. Ellie could see Maddy struggling in her stilettos, and was glad she was wearing ballet flats. Though it made her very short compared to the other girls, it was comfortable, and that was what she liked. 

'Bonjour,' a man with a moustache bowed. 'accueil.'

The music started and Louis took her hand grinning. The other hand pressed the small of her back. Her small hands wrapped around his neck, and she bushed, feeling how close they were together.

'You're so adorable,' Louis sighed, his head cocked to one side like he was observing a small puppy.

She smiled, eyeing the bag of carrots beside her feet. 'You're not to bad yourself.'

A hand softly lifted her chin up, and she found herself looking into Louis' eyes.

'I have something to tell you,' Louis admitted.

A small frown creased her forehead, and he kissed it away. 'I've wanted to tell you for a long time.'

What was this all about?

'Ellie, I've known you for twelve years. You've been my best friend for that entire time. And best friends always tell each other secrets, right?'

She nodded, confused. Louis sighed, his hand dropping from her chin to push a strand of hair away from her face, sweeping it behind her ear. 'Well, I think i told you this before, when we were playing truth or dare. I don't think you took much notice of it, but i really mean what I say... I may like my best friend a little. I mean, not a little, it's a rather huge crush...'

Ellie's smile widened, her gaze dropping to stare at the sequins on her small shoes. It was like a firework had exploded in her heart. She felt like shouting it out to the world. Instead she looked up again and whispered,  'Well, I think I like you too, Louis.'

His face became extraordinarily close, his breath tickling her cheek. 'Really?' He asked, eyebrows raised slightly.

Ellie nodded silently, and had just in time to read the surprised expression on his face before he smashed his lips on hers. For a moment she stood shocked. Louis was kissing her. Louis was kissing her!

Around her she could hear the other boys cheering, and Harry yelling, 'You go Tomlinson!'

Before she knew it she was kissing him back with everything she had.

And it was the best moment of her life.



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