The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


6. Four weeks


Elani woke up, not knowing where she was. She shifted a bit and realised she was on the floor in her room. How did she get there? She must of fallen asleep when she was packing. She looked down and saw Louis's arms around her. Aww, he had been so sweet to her lately.

Carefully, so she didn't wake Louis, she slid out of his grasp and sat up, groaning as her body ached from sleeping on the cold floor. Her room looked so different, so much emptier and bigger without all of her stuff. 

She stood up and stretched, and was about to open the door when a pair of arms hugged her from behind.

'Hey!' she protested.

'Good morning,' Louis greeted her sleepily, and lifted her up, swinging her away from the door.

'I was just about to make breakfast,' she said, struggling to get back on her feet and reach the door handle. Louis wouldn't let her.

'Put me down!' she demanded.

'Why?' yawned Louis, lifting her up higher. She squealed.

'Just put me down!'

'Why should I?'

'Because- because I said so!' Elani said, her arms just out of reach of the door handle.

Louis scoffed, 'Great answer. You could be a lawyer.'

'But I'm hungry!'


'I need to cook!'


'I need to get to the kitchen!'

Louis grinned cheekily at her. 'Who says I have to put you down?'


'Why can't i just carry you down there?'

Elani hesitated, searching for a comeback. None came to mind and she sighed, giving up.

Louis grinned, knowing he had won. 'Yes!' he flipped her so he was carrying her bridal style and ran down the stairs with ease. Elani screamed and clung onto him, making him laugh. He paused at the end realising it was not his house and that he had no idea where the kitchen was. He looked down at her. 'Help?'

Elani looked into his gorgeous blue eyes. She noticed the gentle curves of his cheeky grin, and his messed up hair, which was sticking up all over the place. He looked ridiculous. She bit her lip and struggled to stop herself from laughing.

Louis narrowed his eyes. 'What?'



She shook her head, looked at his hair again, and unable to keep in the laughter for a second longer, started giggled uncontrollably in his arms, making him frown.

'Do I have something on my face?' Louis asked.

'No. Put me down now!'

'Not unless you tell me what's funny!'

'It won't be funny any more if I tell you.'

'Tell me!'


'I'll drop you.'

'Don't you dare! Put me down or I'll-'

'Or you'll what?' Louis asked, leaning in and smiling down at her. 'What will you do to me?'

 'Uh, yeah-' Her answer flew straight out of her mind as Elani got lost in his intense expression, how close they were, the way he smiled and his eyes twinkled, how he was so adorable even with his mucked up hair.... 

His phone rang. Louis put her down carefully. 'I'll answer it.'

He picked up the phone.


Elani struggled to hear the voice on the other end. It was his mom, Johanna. Louis looked a bit worried about what she was saying to him. Immediately Elani began to feel worried to. Would she be able to stay over? For four weeks?

'No mum I was helping Elani with packing, she needs somewhere to stay. Her parents went on a holiday.' He paused. 'Yes mum, sorry mum. Oh. She can stay.' He glanced at her happily. Then his smile turned back to a frown. 'You're what? Going on holiday too? Oh how could i have forgotten? When? Tomorrow. No- can she? Oh that would be great!' He smiled excitedly and gave her the thumbs up. Elani grinned back. 'Yeah she could help me with my homework! No mum I won't bludge. Thanks mum I'll be there in a second.'

He put the phone down and high-fived her. 'Yes you can stay!' he shouted, jumping up and down. 'This will be great! And the best part is, my mum will be away with my sisters on a mother-daugther thing! So we get the whole house for ourselves! For four weeks Elani! FOUR WEEKS!'

Elani laughed, 'Oh man, I don't know if this will be a good thing or a bad thing.'

Louis gave her his cheeky grin. 'Lets go back to my place! We can start unpacking. I don't feel like going to school anymore.'

Elani giggled. 'Funny cause we have a maths test.'

He stopped jumping. 'We have a what?'

'A maths test.'

He face palmed himself. 


He rubbed his nose.

Elani shook her head. 'You didn't study did you?'

'Not one bit. I'm going to fail.' He groaned.

'And whose fault is that?' 

Louis scowled jokingly. 'Don't you dare go all motherly on me.' He opened the front door, stepping outside into the coldness. Elani shivered as she followed him, picking up her suitcase and locking the door behind her.

They walked back to Louis's house in comfortable silence. Elani thought about how much she had changed in the past few hours.  She smiled. It was Louis. He had brought out the happiness in her, making her forget about all her problems. He had made her feel wanted.

Louis caught her smiling. 'What are you smiling at?'


'Is my hair still sticking up?'

'No. But it was before.'

'What is it then?'

'Nothing, I told you!'

'Are you sure my hair isn't sticking up?'


'Then what is it?'


'So you're smiling at my cuteness?'

'Yes! I mean, no!' Elani blushed and looked down.

Louis was grinning. 'Ha, got you there. Then again, everyone smiles at my cuteness.'

Elani laughed, and before they knew it, they were at Louis's house. His mum stood standing at the front door disapprovingly. 

'Louis! You never told me where you went!'

Louis looked down guiltily. 'Sorry.'

She sighed. 'Well, hello Elani! I'm very glad you're coming to stay! I need someone to look after him.'

Elani looked down shyly. 'Thank you for letting me stay, mrs Tomlinson.'

She laughed cheerily. 'No problem! Always a pleasure. Come inside, both of you. You need to get ready for school.'

Ten minutes later they had finished their breakfast, got dressed and done their hair. Louis hugged his sisters and his mum before going out the door.

'Why didn't you tell me there as a maths test?' Louis groaned as they rounded the corner.

Elani shrugged. 'To be honest, I completely forgot about it.'

'Because you were thinking about my cuteness, right?'

She shoved him jokingly. 'No!'

'Ow.' he complained, rubbing his arm. Elani knew it didn't hurt.

'I packed extra lunch today,' she sighed, thinking about school. 'Incase Bianca takes some.'

'Why do you give it to her?'

She looked down. 'I don't know,' she mumbled.

'She's bullying you a lot worse than I thought.'

She shrugged. 'Its not that bad...'

'Not bad?' Louis shrieked. 'What about those bruises?'

Aww, it really was sweet he cared.

She shrugged again. 'I'm used to it, I suppose.'

'Elani, how long has this been going on?'

She fell silent, thinking about all the times she had been taunted, pushed around, getting called names...

'How long Elani?'

She sighed. 'Since year two, Louis.'

'You never said anything!'

'I didn't want you to get involved,' she said quietly.

'But you got punched!'

'I'm fine.'

'You're not! This bullying needs to stop!'

Elani shook her head in exasperation. 'It won't. It will never stop.'


Elani avoided looking at him.


She kept walking.


She felt tears come to her eyes, and she quickened her stride.

She heard Louis run after her.


 'What,' she said miserably, and stopped walking.

'I will make this bullying stop.' Louis said stubbornly, folding his arms. 'I can't imagine how you've survived for this long with Bianca treating you like that.'

'No Louis, don't get involved. Please!' She pleaded desperately. To be honest she didn't care if Bianca teated her unfairly or teased her, so long as it wasn't happening to Louis. 

'You're my best friend!' he cried out, almost angrily. 'How could you not let me get involved? I care about you!'

Elani sobbed, letting the tears run freely down her cheeks. 'Nothing will stop the bullying, Louis. Forget about it. Anything but getting you involved. No one cares about me anyway.'

'Wait, what?' Louis said incredulously. 'What about me?'

'It doesn't matter, Lou. There's nothing you can do about it.'

'No.' Louis said firmly. 'I have your back and I'll always have you're back. I'm stopping this whether you like it or not.'

Elani fell silent. What was he doing? Why was he sticking up for her? And mostly, what would Bianca do? She had to stop him.




Why didn't she want him to get involved? There was something wrong about the whole situation. However he decided to let the topic drop.

They walked up the school gates. Elani's guard had suddenly risen. She kept glancing around, stopped talking and tried to blend in with everyone. That was one thing he noticed about her. She always wore simple clothes; jeans and a plain t-shirt. Simple hairstyle. Nothing fancy, as if she was trying to draw less attention on herself. 

The bell rang. Elani looked up at him and smiled. 'Good luck in your test.'

Louis snorted. 'Thanks. Though I'll probably be stuck on the first question.'

She laughed, her eyes sparkling. How could anyone not notice her?

'So, you're hanging with us today, right?'

She nodded. 'If you don't mind.'

'Of course I don't mind,' he said and hugged her. 'You better go to class now.'

'Yeah,' she mumbled, and ran up the stairs.

Louis caught sight of Liam and ran after him. He turned around just as he reached his side.

'Hey. How's everything going?'

'About what?'

'You know, with Elani.'

'Oh yeah, everything's good.' After yesterday the three hadn't said a word about Louis' statement. 

'Did you talk to her?'

'Yep. And she's staying at my house for four weeks! Her parents are going on a holiday. And even better, my parents are going on a holiday too! So we get the whole house to ourselves! How cool is that! She's going to start unpacking this afternoon!'

Liam laughed. 'Ok, calm down. We have a maths test.'

Louis's smile turned into a frown. 'Yeah. I haven't studied at all.'

'Well, good luck mate.'

'Thanks. I really need it.'


Louis walked out of the classroom and flicked his hair into place. Maths had been disastrous, and he was just glad to be outside. 

'Is Elani hanging with us today?' Niall asked.

Louis felt the same annoyance he felt before. Why was Niall so eager to be around her? Of course he didn't know about what Louis said, but still...

'Yeah.' he said. 'I'll wait for her outside the classroom.'

'I'm coming.' Harry stated. 'I'm going to the canteen.'

'I'm going to the bathroom,' added Zayn.

'And I'm returning my library books.' Liam indicated his pile on the floor.

Niall pouted. 'Well, I don't want to be a loner. So I'm following you all.'

Louis sighed. 'Fine.'

They walked up to the canteen and waited outside. Niall began chewing on a packet of chips. Harry bought is food, Zayn fixed his hair and Liam went through his timetable. Louis kept an eye on her classroom. When the bell rang Elani was first at the door, spotted Louis and tried to rush out. However someone had hold of her jacket.

She stumbled out of the door and tried to loosen the grip on her hood. The person didn't budge. It was Bianca and her 'gang.' She turned around to face them, her eyes wide. Louis could make out the words she was saying. What are you doing?

Bianca's friends all closed in on her. She was stuck in the centre of a now tense circle, looking like a scared rabbit. Louis was frozen. All his body could do was watch.

Bianca made the first move. She slapped Elani across the cheek, leaving a huge, red handprint. Elani staggered back, hand covering the bruise and trying not to cry. Louis faintly heard Niall give a yell, and Liam drop his books. Anger blared in his eyes. His body unfroze and he rushed forward.

'Huh, boyfriend Louis not here to save you anymore, right?' Bianca's friend Alice sneered, 'he can't protect you and put you under his wing when he's not here, can he?' The other girls through back their heads and laughed loudly.

'He's not my boyfriend!' Elani cried, backing away from her. Louis felt heart broken at what she said. He forced himself to walk quietly.

'Of course! He probably wants nothing to do with you,' a girl with blonde hair giggled, 'you're so fat and ugly. How did you get here? Did someone leave you're cage open?'

Elani wiped a tear away. 'Go away! Leave me alone!'

'Hah,' Alice scoffed. 'Got set the reset button on you're life. Maybe you won't be so stupid then.'

'Yeah,' Bianca retorted. 'I've seen monkeys prettier than you.'

Elani's eyes darted from Alice to Bianca. Her expression was blank, her shoulders tense, her breathing irregular. Her arms were folded around her stomach, waiting for the punch she was knew she was going to get.

Sure enough Bianca smirked and punched her in the face. Elani bent over, her nose bleeding. Niall gasped and ran over to her, Liam at his feet. Harry returned with his food, his eyes and mouth wide, and stood next to Zayn.

'What's going on?'

Zayn shook his head in disgust. 'Those girls...'

Louis's jaw was clenched tight. Nobody, nobody touches his best friend, he thought. Already Liam was helping Elani off the floor, and Niall was screaming his head off at the girls. All they did was smirk at him.

Louis rushed forward, shoved Niall aside and stood in front of them, arms crossed. Bianca's eyebrow rose, a small smile playing at her lips. 'What do you want, cutee?'

'What the hell were you doing?' Louis exploded. 'What has she ever done to you?'

'What do you want?' Bianca repeated, as Niall and Liam, both helped Elani to the medical room, Harry and Zayn following anxiously.

'I want you to stop the bullying. Now. How does it feel to be that mean?'

Bianca smiled, and ushered her friends away. When they were out of hearing distance, she took a step closer to him and started playing with his hair. Louis stepped back in disgust. She folded her arms angrily. 'Do you want me to stop bullying her, or what?'

'What do you want?' Louis snapped. 'Get away from her. Get away from me. Get away from all my friends. You have no right to treat people like that.'

Bianca grinned and fiddled with his hair again. 'The only reason I've been bullying her is because she's friends with you. See? She doesn't want you to get involved, because then the bullying will get worse. Plus, you'll get bullied too.'

'That's ridiculous!' Louis shouted. Bianca placed a finger on his lips.

'Shh. This has to be secret. I won't stop if this won't work out. You see, I'll stop only if you'll be my boyfriend, and stop being her friend.'

'What?' Louis exclaimed. 'Never! Why would I date someone like you? And Elani, she's been my best friend for years!'

'Because then I'll make the bullying worse. I still have a whole book of things to say to her.'

'Why are you doing this?' Louis said, his voice filled with loathing. 

'Elani doesn't even like you, Louis.' Bianca said, staring into his eyes. 'I can tell. She ran away from you when you 'saved' her last time I taunted her. She's never hugged you first. She's never held your hand, or kissed you. See, she only uses you so you can protect her. But it will all work out if you go out with me. I won't bully her, she won't need you to guard her 24/7. Plus, you'll find I'm way better than her. If you really love her, you'll do it, Louis.'

Louis felt heartbroken, like he was shattering. It was true. Elani had never hugged her first, or held her hand. Plus, he would do anything for her, so...

'Fine,' he said in rage, stepping back from her. 'I'll be you're boyfriend. But you promise you will never touch her again.'

'Oh, I promise!' Bianca said in glee, and kissed him on the cheek. 'I'll talk to you after, babe.'








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