The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


26. Fight

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Louis cried out in desperation as Bianca disappeared down the lift. His fingers repeatedly pressed the buttons, his heart in his throat as he waited for it to make its way back up. In horror he glanced down to see that Bianca had placed a large tree branch between the doors, preventing them from closing, therefore stopping the elevator from making the trip back up. Louis was stuck.

'Bianca, let me down now!' he commanded, kicking the doors of the lift as hard as he could. 

'Hey!' someone yelled.

He craned his neck, praying that a policeman had come to his aid.

Ellie ran forward, ready to punch Bianca in the nose. Louis gasped, stumbling back from the rail which he leant on. What was she doing?

'Ellie, what?' He cried, shaking his head furiously. 'Run! She's after you!'

Bianca sneered. 'That's right! My entire plan. I knew Louis would chase after me, and I knew Elani would chase after him! Right where I want you!' Out of her bag she drew a knife.

Louis' face went pale, realising that her plan had been to lure Ellie in, and keep him trapped on the second floor. He shouted in despair. 'She has a knife Ellie! Run!'

Her body was quivering in fear, now pressed against a wall in the playground. 'I know it's a knife! What do you think I see it as? A letter opener?'

Bianca began to advance, knowing that she had her cornered, the knife glistening under the sun. If he didn't act fast Ellie would be seriously injured. But what could he do from up here?

'Ellie run!'

'I'm not leaving you!'

He groaned, knowing she wouldn't, and judged the distance from where he was to the ground below. Taking off his shoes and taking aim he threw them at Bianca, who looked up and dodged one shoe, the other hitting her on the chest. She snarled, resembling a wolf, but ignored him and continued to stare Ellie down.

Desperately he took his iPhone out, hurling it at Bianca with more careful aim. It hit her on the head, and she clutched her forehead which was now showing a huge purple bruise. The phone fell to the ground and shattered.

'I haven't forgotten about you,' she said daringly at Louis. 'I can come after you later.' She took a step forward over the scattered pieces of Louis' phone, face to face with Ellie, the knife the only thing separating them. 'You can still change this, you know. Never talk to Louis again. Never touch him. Never see him. Maybe then I won't kill you.'

'No!' he shouted, throwing his keys, then his wallet. Bianca ducked, giving Ellie space to run. Her feet thumped below on the garden beds, weaving between the plants, nearly at the fence where Bianca couldn't chase her. She was almost there when Bianca stood up again. Her arm was in a position to throw, the knife in her hand...

A cold hand clenched his heart as he put his hand in his pocket, finding nothing else to throw. He looked around him. Not even a single stone. He watched as Ellie frantically sprinted. He watched as Bianca took aim. He stared down at the distance between the second floor and the ground. Then looking around one last time, he made up his mind.

As there was nothing else to throw, he threw himself.



She looked behind her as Bianca fell in an 'ooof' before being knocked out. Her eyes adjusted to the thing that fell on top, and she screamed, running back.

Around her the policemen had arrived, and Harry ran quickly to her side as she began to sob.

'Louis, Louis!' Liam cried, grabbing Louis by the shoulder. 

'I'm good,' Louis mumbled, eyes tightly closed. 'Broken leg. Maybe a broken arm. Ellie-where are you...' he blacked out.

Things happened quickly. The ambulance came and carried both Bianca and Louis into the van, where they were rushed to hospital. Their parents were contacted, and the rest of the boys were left to drive to the hospital themselves.

Ellie looker with hatred at the knife lying on the ground, before the police picked it up for examining. Zayn saw her looking and pulled her in for a hug.

'You ok?' he asked gently.

She shook her head, burying her face into his shirt as the tears started to flow. He patted her back comfortingly, stroking her hair.

'He'll be fine, don't worry.'

She hugged him tighter as the other boys surrounded her, whispering comforting things into her ear, telling her everything was going to be ok. She couldn't believe it. Not after what had happened.

She was separated from them as the policeman started interrogating her. Through sobs she explained everything, from the very beginning, and the more she talked the more she realised she really loved Louis, and she would give everything to make sure he was ok.



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