The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


24. Back to the hotel


Guess what guys

I'm writing another story!

And the title won't be as bland as  'the boy down the street'

I dunno I was really sleepy when I first started writing this.

Anyway it should be coming out soon, and It's a Harry fanfic :)

Follow me on Instagram? @stripes_and_quiffycarrots  I just started so I only have around nine followers.Yeah I need some help.

Thank you for the people who actually read this and you don't know what you're missing for the people that didn't. 




'Au Revoir,' Louis said in his limited French. 'Merci.

'Bonne nuit,' the man with the moustache replied, and took his hat off in a polite gesture.

One hand held her close to his side tightly, the other hand deep inside his pocket. His jacket was draped over her shoulders, but he didn't mind.

They piled into the limo, and he made sure he was sitting as close to her as possible. Harry smirked from behind him, but he ignored it and buttoned his coat under her chin.

'I'm sorry,' Ellie mumbled against his hand. 'I should have brought my own jacket. You can have it back. I'm warm now.'

He rolled his eyes. 'No you're not. It's fine, seriously, I don't mind at all. Besides, you look cute in my jacket.'

She blushed and smiled weakly, letting the tiredness slip through the look in her eyes. She was exhausted, and it was nearly 1am anyway.

'You can sleep on me.' He indicated his shoulder with his hand. Pushing her head gently down he rested it  and twirled a curl around his finger. She seemed to be relaxed, though alert at the same time. If anything the kiss had made her shy and nervous around him. He knew she would get over it.

It was silent for a bit, before he looked back down at her and noticed that her eyes were still open, glancing outside the window.

'You're still awake,' he pointed out.

'Surprise,' Ellie mumbled sleepily. 

'Why aren't you asleep?'

'I find it hard to sleep while the car is moving.'

'Oh.' He noticed the carrots were hugged tightly to her chest and he couldn't help but smile, unaware that she could see it through the dim light on the roof of the limo. 'Are you ok? Do you want me to sing you to sleep?'

She giggled softly at the thought, and adjusted her position. Realising she was uncomfortable but not wanting to get off his shoulder, he pushed her down again so her head lay on his thigh. She protested, but he lay a hand on her shoulder to stop her from moving. Then he opened his mouth and started to sing.



God his voice was perfect.

Every note was in tune.

Every line was sung brilliantly.

Her eyes defied her brain and struggled to shut.

There was something about him that was comforting and safe and sassy yet so much like an older brother.

Right when her eyes shut she sat up with such force that Louis stopped singing.

'What's wrong? What's wrong?' He panicked, his hand landing protectively on her waist.

She laughed at his confused expression, which turned into a sheepish grin.

'Nothing. I just don't want to fall asleep yet.'

'Why not?'

'Because then you'll still be awake.'

Louis sighed playfully. 'But what matters is you. You're the one that needs to get to sleep. Not me.'

'I know you're tiered,' she insisted, fighting the hand that was pushing her down again. 'I can't just fall asleep and leave you awake. Really-'

He scowled and covered her mouth with his hand. Her eyes went wide and her elbow playfully nudged him in the ribs, receiving an 'ouch!'  though she knew it didn't hurt. The grip on her mouth tightened.

'Sleep,' he whispered hotly in her ear. 'Now.'

She struggled to shake her head.

Louis narrowed his eyes. 'Do you want me to kiss you to sleep?'

Ellie pretended to gag as she rolled her eyes. Though secretly she didn't mind. To think that he had finally kissed her, when she thought he didn't like her... a kiss wasn't a bad idea, though it made things a but awkward. 

'Take your hand off now,' the sound came muffled through his hand, which was finally loosening.

'Only if you go to sleep.'

'Only if you go to sleep.'

'I'm not sleeping.'

'Well neither!'

Behind them Harry chuckled. 'God, just fall to sleep at the same time. Do that or stay awake for the entire night.'

The two eyes each other daringly. 

'Fine,' Ellie sighed. 'I don't even know why we're arguing.' She leant her head against the window and yawned, staring out at the city lights flashing by. Only another forty minutes till they reached the hotel. She might as well stay awake...

Her eyes closed and she fell asleep as she felt Louis pulling her close.



Louis stared at the girl next to him, and wondered how he was so lucky to even know her. His time at Paris had been magical.

Maybe it was the fact that his name was French, which had provided some luck and charm. 

The limo stopped and everyone started pushing to get out. Someone tapped him on the shoulder. It was Harry.

'You gonna wake her up?'

Louis shook his head, 'I don't want to wake her up.'

'But then we'll be stuck in here. She's blocking the door,' Niall stated, his accent clear.

Outside the Mrs O'Brian stood under the umbrella and motioned furiously with her hand for them to get out. Without hesitating further Louis scooped up Ellie in his arms and in haste stepped out into the rain. She stirred, but did not wake.

'Move man, move!' Zayn groaned as Louis adjusted her position, making sure he wouldn't drop her. Ignoring the agitated shouts he walked in the fasted pace he could into the building,

'What's that,' Harry whispered beside him, his hand pointing confusedly at the bag of carrots, which Ellie gripped in one hand,

'That's my present I gave her today,' Louis spoke back fondly, watching his step. 'It says Louellie on it.'

'Genius,' Harry agreed.

'That's why we're best friends!' Louis nodded. 'I'm fantastic, and you recognise it.'

He received an eye roll which he shrugged of, and jerked his head, motioning Harry to open the door to Ellie's room for him. Then ignoring the pedo face he was given, he confidently strode into the room and lay Ellie on the bed.

He took a moment to stare at her.

Her eyes were shut, but she could picture the blue/green eyes shining, especially when she was happy. She was very happy lately, since Bianca had stopped harassing her. He wondered what she was up to now.

Noticing the spread of water on her pillow seeping from the strands of her hair, Louis quickly ripped the towel from the rack and placed it under her head carefully, trying to dry her hair. When that didn't work, he dragged the cord over to the bed and started the hairdryer.

With a shout Ellie woke up, her eyes wide with confusion. Spotting the hairdryer she burst out laughing, and sank back into the bed. 'Oh my god, I thought it was a chainsaw.' she gasped, her eyes fluttering shut for a moment. Louis had an urge to tickle her, but didn't, the hairdryer still blowing in his hand.

'I was going to dry your hair.'

 A smile spread her lips. 'That's sweet. But really, you didn't need to. Like, how did I even get here? And i think every girl knows how to dry her hair by herself, thank you very much.'

Louis pouted. 'For you're information, I carried you up all those stairs in the bloody rain. And come on, it's not like I'll rip your hair out.'

Ellie raised her eyebrow causing him to throw the nearest pillow, which she easily avoided.

'Please?' Louis almost begged. It was just an excuse of course, to stay with her, and he did want to badly touch her hair and prove that he would be a perfect boyfriend. He hadn't asked her out yet, wanting to give her time first.


His eyes went wide, bottom lip pouted, arms joined together behind his back, the hairdryer clenched, the cable snaking across the red carpet. His eyes pleaded, like a lost puppy dog. They were in Paris, so why not?

'Fine,' she huffed, though secretly she was pleased that he enjoyed her company, and patted the bed next to her. Grinning Louis launched forward and jumped onto the bed behind her, leaning onto the head rest.

'Louis ouch!' she whined, as he bounced on her foot, causing her to cross her legs quickly. 

'Sorry! Sorry!' he winced, stopping the mattress from shaking and turning the hairdryer on. 'Ok Love, just trust me ok?'

Goosebumps studded her arms as he swiped her hair over her shoulder, before combing his fingers through the wet strands. She felt his weight lean foreword, causing the mattress to sag in the middle. The hairdryer was aimed at the top of her head as he started drying it gently.

It was silent for a while before she decided to say something to ease the awkwardness she felt. 'I enjoyed the dance tonight.' she noted, turning around to look at him.

His hands turned her head back around, his breathing tickling the back of her neck. 'So did I. Best time of my life.'

She laughed breathlessly, twiddling with the edge of the blanket. 'You're not a bad dancer. What was that thing you showed me? Stop the traffic-'

She felt a strand of her hair being separated from the rest and twirled around his finger. The hairdryer stopped, the room suddenly becoming very quiet.

Ellie yawned, rubbing her eyes. She had to admit, she was extremely tiered. 

'Sleepy,' Louis smirked.

She nodded silently, stifling another yawn. 'It is nearly 2am, you know. ' Her hands held up her head as her eyelids drooped.

Before she knew it hands gripped tightly around her waist and easily lifted her onto Louis' lap. She stiffened, but relaxed as he wrapped his arms comfortingly around her.

'Harry will be wondering where you are,' Ellie mumbled, her head resting on his shoulder.

'Oh well,' he didn't sound like he cared, and her heart skipped a beat.

One of Louis' hands left her and grabbed the blanket, pulling it up so it covered them both. Feeling the warmth of her hair, plus the warmth of the blanket and Louis, she fell asleep straight away.

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