The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


10. authors note

Before I start this chapter, I'd like to say thank you so much to everyone who's read my Movella, it means so much! I only expected around 100 people to read it, and when I  saw that I had 1k I squealed and dropped my phone on the floor. My dad thought I was given a death threat and my sister thought my 'crush' had texted me, and now she's annoying me, like all sisters do. Any way, thank you, thank you, thank you!  3 massive thank yous! I love you all!


Elani woke to a shower of bullets. She opened her eyes in surprise and saw Zayn standing outside the door with his Nerf gun. He was grinning broadly and seemed to be struggling to contain his laughter.

'You guys look so cute! I took a picture and put it up on twitter!'

Louis' eyes flew open. 'You what?'

'Put it on twitter! You were so adorable and so peaceful!'

The other boys crowded into the room. Their faces fell when they saw they were awake. Ellie blushed a deep red, making everyone snicker. Niall winked at them. 'You guys kissed yet?' 

She gasped. 'Niall!' 

He chortled. 'Joking, joking!'

Ellie rubbed her eyes. 'Ugh, I'm still tired. What time is it?'

Harry laughed. 'Of course you're still tired! You still want to sleep with Lou! And it's seven. You two lovebirds coming down for breakfast? I cooked pancakes.'

Ellie blushed again and scowled at him. 'We're not lovebirds. He refused to sleep on the bed so we both slept on the floor! Then I got cold and-'

Zayn rolled his eyes. 'Likely story. Just admit that-'

'Zayn!' she protested, while the other boys laughed. Behind her Louis unwrapped his arms around her, the heat fading away leaving coldness. She sighed, longing for that same feeling of safety and protectiveness, but she got up anyway and stretched, flinging the blanket off her and into Louis's now empty lap.

Louis groaned and got up, his legs numb. He mumbled something and grabbed his phone, heading to the bathroom. Hesitating, Harry followed.

Ellie frowned, suspecting something, but then followed the boys out the door. After a while the two emerged and Harry began to serve the pancakes. 

Harry's pancakes were a huge success. Only five minutes had gone before the plate was empty.

'Niall, you really need to learn how to eat slower,' Harry sighed, pouring the mixture into the pan. 'At this rate I'll need to cook another twenty batches.'

However they had no time for twenty as they were running late for school already. Liam kept bouncing up and down, never staying still. 'Come on! I need to go- meeting with the captains. Come on...'

Ellie noticed however that Louis was especially quiet, which wasn't like him at all. It was like he had swapped personalities. He seemed to keep disappearing, with Harry too, she realised. She eyed him nervously. What was going on?

Louis looked up and met her gaze, his eyes watery. She raised an eyebrow. Louis forced a smile and turned his back to her, stuffing another pancake into his mouth. Ok, something was definitely wrong. And she meant to find out.


He turned around quickly, so he could take the smile off his face. It wouldn't help if Ellie noticed he was  troubled. He ran his hands through his hair. He was meant to walk Bianca to school this morning. And he was already running late.

Sure enough the bell rang. Louis raced to the door, not before Liam got there first. He gaped in surprise as he saw who it was. 'Bianca!' he gasped. 'What are you doing here?'

Everyone froze. The room was now deadly quiet, every mouth shut, every ear straining to hear the conversation. Louis ignored the lump in his throat. He could not back away now.

Bianca spotted Louis and waved cheerily. 'I want to speek with Lou, over here,' she said sweetly, holding her hand out as if trying to reach him. 'I have something important to discuss.'

'Louis is busy right now,' Liam said curtly. 'Go to school. You can talk to him there.'

'No. I need to talk to him now.'

Louis looked behind him at the others. What did they think of this? Ellie was in the corner, holding her plate in one hand, a worried expression plastered on her face. Harry got up and walked towards him, his expression understanding but also one of disapproval.

'Go away Bianca.' Liam said, and attempted to shut the door.

Louis took a deep breath. 'No, it's ok. I'll speak to her now.'

Everyone turned to him, confused. What was he doing? Before they could protest he walked out the door and shut it behind him. Immediately Bianca's innocent expression turned into one of fury. 'You were with Ellie last night? How could you?  You promised! You said you wouldn't go anywhere near her! And yet she's over at your house! I'll punch her till her face caves in. I'll boil her in a giant pot and then eat her-'

'Stop!' Louis interrupted in horror. 'You wouldn't dare.'

'Don't be like that, babe. We're dating! And she's a retarted bitch!'

Anger burst inside him. 'Don't ever-'

'Accept the truth, babe. Stay away from her. I'm a whole lot better.'

'Why do you bully her anyway? 'What's your point?'

'I told you before,' she purred, making him feel sick. 'It's something called jealousy, and no I'm not afraid to admit it. You see, you care so much for her, and not for me. So why is that? Never mind, I know you're jealous for me too.'

Louis felt like throwing her all the way to Australia. 'Why don't you leave me alone? Leave everyone alone?'

'We had a deal, babe. Are you intending to break it? You know what the circumstances are.'

'I'm not breaking the deal. But it doesn't have to be this way. Don't you have a boyfriend anyway?'

'I broke up with him. Just for you! See? I love you very much. Now say you love me back, or you'll regret it. I'll cut off your ears and shove them up that cow's butt so you can hear me kick her fat ass. Say it.'


'I'll make you,' she narrowed her eyes. 'If you don't I'll be drinking my coke out of your rotten skull.'

Louis closed his eyes. Do it for Ellie, he thought. Do it for her. He opened his eyes again and choked on his words. 'I love you too, Bianca.'

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