The Boy Down The Street

Elani Chade (pronounced Elahni) is an extremely shy, timid girl, who is struggling through bulling at school. Her only true friend, Louis Tomlinson, is loud, popular and a jokester. They are complete opposites, but are inseparable. What happens when they start falling in love? Will it work out well, or will it break their friendship?


4. 5 crazy boys.


Louis had walked her home, hugged her and said goodnight. After that she had snuck into her room, past the living room where her sister was on the phone, and had a shower. She had stood in front of the mirror. Was she really pretty, like Louis had said?

She stayed up so late that she didn't notice her parents come in the house. They came home at around 1am, and then left again before she woke up. Because of this she only saw them when they had day offs,  or on public holidays. Otherwise, she was left to deal with the house on her own, as she was the oldest girl, which was a lot as her brother was as messy as a pig.

She rushed down the stairs and flung herself into her surprised parents arms.

'Elani! What are you doing so late? Or so early? It's a school night!'

'I know mum but I wanted to see you both.'

'But you'll be tired tomorrow!'

'I'll be fine.' 

Her dad made a 'tutting' sound. 'You won't be a great business man if you stay up late.'

'What about you,' Elani said, 'You only get a few hours of sleep.'

'But I'm used to it.'

Elani sighed. 'Anyway, I missed you. A lot.' 

Her parents smiled and hugged her back. 

'Well, while you're here, I might as well tell you that your dad and I are going on a holiday.' Mum said.

'For four weeks,' added dad.

Elani's mouth opened in despair. That would mean-

'Am I coming?' Elani asked pleadingly, clutching her hands together.

Dad frowned. 'That wouldn't really be a holiday.'

Elani looked down sadly. 'So I'm not coming.'

He shook his head.


There was an awkward silence.

'But you can stay at you're friend's house for a while. That'll be fun, right?'

Elani bit her lip and looked down. 'Yeah, fun.'

'Can I trust you to organise stuff yourself? You're grown up now.'

'Uh, yeah.'



There was another silence.

'Well,' said mum uncomfortably, 'you better go to bed. Goodnight.'

'Night,' Elani replied miserably, and made her way upstairs. She thought about how distant she was to her parents now, how they only texted or had very short conversations. It was basically like she was living without them. Like there was no one there for her. 

What about Louis? A voice said at the back of her mind.

She brushed the thought away. He was just being nice. No one really liked her.

She had gotten into bed and slept right after that, to tired to think about anything more.


The next morning Elani stood at the school steps alone as usual, waiting for the bell to ring. Bianca went past with her group of friends and sneered, but said nothing. A few other girls gave her pitiful smiles, but everyone was too scared to go up to her in fear of being bullied by Bianca herself.

A minute before the bell went off Louis approached her, smiling slightly.



'How are you?'

'I'm good' she said with a small smile. 'And you?'

'Absolutely brilliant. Did you want to hang out with us at lunch?'

Elani looked around, and saw that Louis' friends were gathered behind him and smiling at her. She looked at them. They didn't look emo or anything like that, plus they were Louis' friends, so she returned the smile.

'She's pretty,' said a blonde haired boy, making her blush.

'I know, and she lives just up the road from me.'

'Oooooh!' They said, wiggling their eyebrows, making her blush again. Louis turned to them annoyed.

'Anyway, these are my friends, Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn.'

'Hey,' they smiled, and stepped up to hug her. Louis cleared his throat, and they all looked at him puzzled. He tilted his head slightly, and frowning they stepped back and waved instead.

'So anyway, if you want to meet us by the canteen-'

'Yeah, I'd love to,' Elani said before she could stop herself. They group looked so welcoming and  friendly that it was hard to resist.

Louis grinned. 'See you then,' he seemed like he was about to do something, but then stopped and turned away. Feeling a bit disappointed, Elani walked up the stairs just as the bell rang.



Louis waited anxiously for Elani in front of the canteen, fidgeting restlessly. The other boys noticed this.

'What's up? Why so nervous?' Asked Liam in concern. 'Is everything ok?'

'Well, listen,' Louis started, deciding to talk to them before Elani came, 'This girl, her name's Elani by the way-'

'Is that the pretty one?' Niall asked.

Louis frowned in annoyance. 'Yes, the pretty one we talked to this morning, well, she's being bullied by other girls, so I want you guys to be extremely inclusive and nice to her.'

'How can we not be nice to such a pretty girl?' Niall asked.

'Not only nice,' Louis said, felling extra protective. 'She's very shy, so don't ask too many questions, and if she wants space then give her some,' he said pointedly to Niall.

Niall put his hands up defensively. 'Ok, fine. When did you first meet her?'

Louis narrowed his eyes suspiciously. 'When she was around five. She moved in to start school here.'

The boys nodded, understanding his feeling of protectiveness over her and fell silent, waiting for this girl they were all longing to meet.

Finally she showed up, rounding the corner.

'Hey Elani,' Louis said, feeling relieved. 

'Hey, sorry I was late. Uh, I met Bianca when I went out of class so-'

Louis couldn't help but smile. 'That's fine. Are you ok? Did she say anything to you?'

'No, she just took my lunch, that's all-'

Niall gasped in horror. 'She took your lunch? You must be starving! Here, you can have some of mine.'

Louis's eyes widened. Niall only offered food when he really really really really liked someone. Quickly he shook his head. 'No Niall that's ok, I know how much you like your food; I'll buy her some.'

'No, no, I'm not hungry.'

Zayn gasped.

Liam gasped.

Harry gasped.

Louis gasped.

'What?' They all yelled.

Elani looked at them in puzzlement.

'Well, maybe I'm hungry but I can buy more food later.' Niall admitted.

Elani shook her head in that cute way she did. 'No, no guys, that's nice of you, but I'm fine. Really.'

'But you'll die of starvation!' Niall protested.

'No it's ok, I've gotten used to it.'

Niall looked like his eyeballs were going to fall out. Elani couldn't help but laugh, a proper laugh, where her eyes sparkled and her smile shined, making her look almost like a completely different person than the depressed Elani he mostly knew. Louis began to feel jealous. Niall tossed half of his food to her as she smiled gratefully, and he turned away to hide his pained expression.

'Ok guys,' he said, interrupting the silence, 'lets play truth or dare, so we know each other better.'

The other boys agreed immediately and sat in a circle. Elani didn't look so sure.

'It's fun, don't worry,' Harry said winking at her, 'you'll enjoy this.'

Elani nodded and moved into the circle, and to his delight, sitting next to Louis.

'So, who first?'

'Me!' said Zayn eagerly. 

'Zayn, steal one of Niall's chips and eat it,' Harry suggested. The dare seemed simple, apart from the fact that Niall was very protective over his food.

'What? No!' wailed Niall.

Zayn edged forward and snatched Niall's very last chip from the packet. Niall narrowed his eyes and tried to eat Zayn's hand as a punishment. 

'Stop!' Zayn said, trying to tug his hand out of Niall's firm grip. 'Stop!'

'Not unless you give my chip back!'

'You have to eat it,' Harry reminded Zayn, who desperately kicked out and spilt the rest of Niall's food onto the floor.

Niall immediately let go, and Zayn quickly ate the chip and swallowed. 

Niall turned around and shook his head. 'Zayn malik, I'm going to get you back for this.'

Zayn quickly jumped up and started running around, screaming, 'It was a dare! Let me go!'

Niall ignored him and chased after him.

Harry laughed. 'That's what happens when you steal Niall's food. He chases you around until you promise to buy him more. Unfortunately Zayn didn't bring any money today.'

'Who next?' Louis asked. 'Liam? Truth or dare?'

'Truth.' Liam chose.

'What's your favourite movie?' Louis decided to say a simple one, to encourage Elani to join in.

'Uh,' Liam sat in thought. 'I'd say, Toy Story.'

Louis let out a snort of laughter.

'What?' Liam protested.

Louis shrugged. 'Nothing. Elani? Do you want to have a go?'

Elani bit her lip and nodded.

Liam smiled reassuringly at her. 'Truth or dare?'

'Dare,' she slowly.

Louis prayed Liam wouldn't give her a hard one.

'I dare you to- put celotape on your mouth for the rest of lunch.' Liam said grinning.

Knowing Elani the dare wasn't hard as she didn't talk much any way. Louis ripped of some tap from his bag and taped it gently across her mouth, smoothing the ends down with his thumbs and tucking the strayed strands of hair away from her face and behind her ears. She looked down. Louis could see her blushing, making him blush too. Harry smiled knowingly.

'Now Louis,' he said, 'Truth or dare?'

'Truth,' Louis said, not wanting to do stupid things infront of Elani on the first day.

Harry was smiling more broadly than ever. 'Louis, do you like Elani?'

Louis froze. His eyes moved back and forth between Elani and Harry, wishing with all his heart he had picked dare. 'I-' he looked down, deciding to say it right there and then. 'No.' He said quietly. 'I don't like Elani. I- I love her.'





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