one direction on tour with you

when you read this imagine its you a friend and one of the boys that you like from one direction


15. Telling uncle si

A/N hey guys sorry haven't updated been really busy year nine this year freaking out anyway sorry about not updating and this might be my last chapter. Also I'm going to use names in this chapter its just a little hard so if u want to be in it just comment and I'm sure I can figure something out need people who want to be in it thx xo :)  characters will be Niall and his girlfriend is going to be Asha need girlfriends for the rest of the boys comment and will choose.


Asha's P.O.V

I woke up this morning and felt like vomiting I made my way to the toilet and just started to vomit violently. Niall came and held up my hair his a great boyfriend. when I finished we went back into the room and I layed down. Niall went down stairs and called Louis and told him. I started getting dressed then Niall came in and asked if I was ok to go to the studio I said yea. we left and went to maccas I got 2 hash browns and a caramel frappe Niall got the boys and himself 15 hash browns and 5 coffee frappes 'god I'm gonna miss coffee' I said to myself. we got our food and drinks and left for the studio. when we got there Niall had to carry everything and I feel bad that he had to just because I'm on crutches. we got to the studio and the boys were waiting Louis got up off a seat and offered

Louis: " hey Asha you can sit here" Louis said motioning to the seat he was just on

me: "thankyou Louis " I said sitting down

Niall handed me my hash browns and frappe and then handed the boys there's

boys: " thankyou Niall " they all said in unison

we started talking about random stuff then Simon walked in we never actually met and I was scared.

Simon: "hey lads who's this young lady" he asked the boys and looked at me

Niall: " this is Asha uncle Si she's my girlfriend" Niall said walking towards me

Simon: " ahh Asha I'v heard so much about you, I'm Simon but can call me uncle Si" he said putting his hand out for me to shake it and I shook his hand.

me: " nice to meet you uncle Si" I said shaking his hand

Niall: "uncle Si Asha and I have to tell you something" Niall asked questioningly

uncle Si: " sure what's up?" he asked

Niall: " well Asha is pregnant"

uncle Si: "congratulations you two and if  you want Asha can go on tour we'll just have to take tour busses"

Niall: " thankyou for understanding uncle Si and thankyou for letting Asha come on tour" Niall said excited

after we all finished our conversation the boys one at a time went into the booth to record, when Niall came out I had to remind him that I had to go to the doctor to get the cast off and for and ultra sound. Niall said good bye to the others and so did I then we left.


A/N sorry if this is confusing its just easier to use name instead of what I was doing before comment what you think and comment if I should continue or not thanks for the views by the way.

p.s sorry for the short chapter just not sure what to write




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