one direction on tour with you

when you read this imagine its you a friend and one of the boys that you like from one direction


13. telling the boys and mornng sickness


After dinner the boys left and Y/N was on the couch so I went over and sat down next to her she layed down, her head on my lap. I turned the TV on and put on Y/N fav movie halfway through Y/N's eyes were getting heavy and started to droop she tried to keep them open but it didn't work she fell asleep within seconds. I decided to leave her for a little bit so 10 minutes later i picked Y/N up bridal style and tucked her into bed I went back down and watched the rest of the move because I'v never actually seen the end.

1 hour later the movie ended and I went back up stairs and striped into my boxers and got in bed Y/N must have felt the sudden warmth and moved closer her head was now on my chest, and I fell asleep with the love of my life and my unborn child in my arms.


It was 6 in the morning and I could hear someone chucking up so I ran into the bathroom holding Y/N's hair up until she was finished. A couple of minutes later Y/N had stoped vomiting and I helped her back to the bed with her crouches, she layed down and i kissed her head and went down stairs and called louis saying that Y/N wasnt feeling well and she was vomiting. I still have to go to the studio and I went upstairs to tell Y/N she was already dressed, "Y/N I have to go to the studio do you feel well enough to come because you dont have to come" I asked worried "yea i'm ok just give me a sec i'll be down and ready oh and can we get somthing to eat on the way there" she answered cheerily "ok and sure we can what are you craving" I asked "i'm really craving hashbrowns and a frappe" she answered questionagly "sure thing we'll go to mc'donalds" I answered her half question "now get ready" I said and went down stairs and sat on the couch a couple minutes later Y/N came down looking as fresh as an rainbow. We left and went mc'donalds Y/N got 2 hashbrowns and a caramel frappe without coffee because shes pregnant I got 15 hashbrowns for the boys and myself and 5 coffee frappes for the boys and myself, we got our order and left for the studio.



sorry for the short chapter I'v got major writers block, sorry for the bad spelling and if theres not enough punctuation or grammar.




please it would mean a lot and guess what, I got an email from movellas saying that this movella is on the 1D fan app thx and it would mean alot again thx and sorry for the late update xx :) <3

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