one direction on tour with you

when you read this imagine its you a friend and one of the boys that you like from one direction


7. Restaurant and the next day

A/N (PWO) means (pick which one) for short

you went to this fancy restaurant it was perfect, when you were there you took your seat, ordered while you were waiting for the food you were talking about everything, when the food came you were still talking but eating at the same time when you finished (PWO) payed the bill and you headed to the car you went home and decided to go to bed, because (PWO) had a concert tomorrow and the same thing you did last night you did again.

The next morning

when you woke up you noticed that (PWO) was gone you headed down the stairs and saw him, cooking you went over and said "morning babe" he said the same thing when he finished cooking, he turned around and kissed you passionately like he always did, you sat at the table and started eating you were talking about the concert then (PWO) interrupted you saying that you were allowed to come to the concert, then he said " so dress nice but not too nice" when you finished breakfast you and (PWO) called the boys and your friend over for a movie marathon, when it was 3pm your friend and her boyfriend (PWO) went home so she could get ready for tonight the other boys stayed, you went upstairs to get changed as you were getting changed someone came in then you realized it was (PWO) you were like thank god it wasn’t the other boys, he came over to you and kissed you and helped you with the zip at the back of your top you said thankyou and both headed down stairs, the boys said “it was time to go” you walked out with (PWO)and made your way through the paps and fans to the van it was a 30 minute drive to the stadium, you went back stage and saw your friend you and her were talking while the boys were getting ready, when they were going on stage (PWO) came and kissed you and (PWO) kissed your friend then they headed on stage.

A/N sorry if its a short chapter i just got wrtters block and im going on vay cay so ill write more and update when i can hopefully i can update all of my movellas before i go and im glad you guys like it

~Keira xx:)<3

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