one direction on tour with you

when you read this imagine its you a friend and one of the boys that you like from one direction


11. leaving the hospital

when you woke up (PWO) was fast asleep as you were admiring the way he looked then you got this feeling in the pit of your stomic you grabbed your crouches and went to the bathroom; then you emptyed the contents into the toilet (PWO) came in and held your hair out of the way when you were finished (PWO) helped you up and you made your way back to the bed, feeling slugish and gross (PWO) called a nurse and she asked for a sample of urine she came back with what looked like a pregnancy test; she gave it to you and it was positive you showed (PWO) and he was estatic he was going to be a father you got dressed and the nurse gave you some tablets for morning sickness. then you left when you got outside there were loads of paps and fans luckily paul was there.  

2 minutes later........................

you were finally at the van you got in with (PWO)'s help you sat down and you saw all the boys stairing at you for an explenation. (PWO) came in the van after you and sat down next to you the boys were stiil stairing at you so you decided to tell them, after you told them they were all like are you okay and stuff you didnt tell them about the pregnancy yet, because you didnt think it was a good time the van took you to your house and all the boys got out then (PWO) helped you out. you slowly made your way to the front door which was already open thanks to one of the boys when you got in (PWO) helped you to the couch and sat next to you.  

3 hours later............................

it was diner time and (PWO) cooked and all the boys stayed you thought it was the perfect time to tell them so you and (PWO) stood up and you both told them they were excited and they all huged you and (PWO)  carefull of your leg though.



sorry for the very short chapter im just trying to update all my movellas (i swear my life is a disaster) sorry for the long wait and sorry if i spelled some words wrong plz comment what you think and ill try my best to do what you request oh another thing if you want a movella dedicated to you just email me its in the discription thx for reading i cant believe iv got 1k reads thank you so much xx :)<3

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