one direction on tour with you

when you read this imagine its you a friend and one of the boys that you like from one direction


4. in a hotel room with (niall,harry,zayn,liam,louis you pick which one)

when we got of the plane in newyork the boys and you and your friend hop in to the a car after half an hour you all were at the hotel you were staying in a room with (pick which one ) your friend is staying in a room with(pick which one ) you and (pick which one )didn't do much because you both were jetlaged. it was night time you both decided to watch a movie you choose paranormal activity 1 you both sat and were watching it at one point you got so scared that your head was in (pick which one) chest because you were so scared but you like scary things but (pick which one) decided to turn it of because you were so scared you both went up stairs just before (pick which one) opened the door he was kissing you passionantly he opened the door and he landed on the bed he started taking your clothes of and you started taking his clothes of you can probably guess the rest. it was morning and you woke up next to (pick which one) naked he woke up and said morning babe that was a the best night iv ever had babe same (pick which one) dont you have a interveiw today OMFG i totally forgot thanks babe c ya when i get home and he kisses you so passionantly bye babe you say you hear (pick which one) say hello to your friend and lets her in before she comes in you quikly put some of (pick which one) clothes on when she enters your sitting on the couch and you both start talking you tell her about last night and how amzing it was then you find out the same thing happened to her but with (pick which one) instead that day you both decided to have a movie marathone. about 4 hours later..............................

(pick which one) came home so did your friends boyfriend (pick which one) came home with your boyfriend after half an hour your friend and her boyfriend went to there hotel room then (pick which one) asked if you wanted to go on a date tonight and you said yes.


can you plz read my other movella its       niall horan love story      plz comment if its any good. can you also plz comment if this chapter is any good and sorry about the name for the chapter i couldn't come up with a good name thanks.

luv you all and thank you for reading xx

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