one direction on tour with you

when you read this imagine its you a friend and one of the boys that you like from one direction


1. imagine meeting one direction in person

one day when you come home and you turn on the tv on to celebrity gosip you hear that there are one direction tikets on sale you instantly go and buy vip tikets to meet them in person that night you went to bed really happy. the next day you find out that your friend got a tiket to but it wasn't a vip tiket but you both decided to go together any way. the next day you and your friend go shopping for dresses you got a really pretty dress and your friend got a pretty dress as well but you got the better one you just didn't say that to her to protect her feelings that night you were excited for the next day for the concert it didn't take long for you to fall asleep. you woke up really excited that next day you got ready and you went to your friends and not long at her house you and your friend was leaving to go to the concert you were so excited that you were meeting ne direction you said to your friend that you would get there signatures for her.1 hour later you finally arive at the stadiem and your really excited you get in side and you meet them before they go on and niall, louis, zayn, harry and liam give you there phone numbers and they ask you if you want to go on tour with them and you agree but you ask your friend can come and they say yes and your excited then you ask when is the tour and they say there leaving tomorrow you say im gonna get my friend and pack ill see you tommorow then you ask where do we meet they say they'll pick you up you give them your address you say good bye and you go get your friend and tell her the good news and you both go home strait away and pack some good clothes, some worm clothes, winter clothes then you go pick your friend up again and go to your house and you both get to sleep strait for tomorow for when one direction pick you up.  


sorry its only one chapter i will update soon

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