one direction on tour with you

when you read this imagine its you a friend and one of the boys that you like from one direction


2. going on tour

after a good night sleep niall, louis, harry, zayn and liam come nocking on your door asking are you ready to go and you yell out yes we are ready and you and your friend come out and like usual you look beatiful better than your friend anyway the boys stuter and say that you's look beautiful and you and your friend say thanks then the boys put your lugage in the car with there lugage and you hop in the car and they say of to the airport.2 hours later.............. where here are all of you happy to go to new york and you and your friend says yes to. you get out of the car uget your lugage go through customs and go to the gate 29 for the flight to new york 1 minute later........... your all at the gate boarding to first class you are all excited you and your friend were sitting next to which one you was a 2 day flight and who ever you were sitting next to said that you could lay on him and you said ok later during the flight the sky was dark when you look out and you had tea not to long ago so you were going to  watch a movie and lay on (choose which boy you like) on his chest and not to long after you fall asleep so he turns of the tv and puts a blanket over you and soon after that he falls asleep to and in the backround your friend says to who she is sitting next that is so cute i think they would make a cute couple and he agrees with her after a while they all fall asleep. the next morning one of the boys wake you up( choose which one) and say that there is some breakfast for you so you wake up say good morning and eat breakfast and you get changed in to fresh clothes and when you get back (choose one of the boys) say that he wants to talk to you so you go with him and he asks do you want to go on a date and you say yes you ask when he replies with in new york and you say i'd love to you both go back to your seats and you lay on his chest and watch a movie and you both say to each other I can't wait.  

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