one direction on tour with you

when you read this imagine its you a friend and one of the boys that you like from one direction


8. falling and A/N

When the concert was over you and (PWO) went home you got changed and went to the lounge room. Where (PWO) was watching a movie you asked "what we watching babe" he replied with "where watching journey to the centre of the earth". You made your way over and laid down with your head in (PWO)’s lap he was playing with your hair and his other hand was around your waist. Half way through you and (PWO) were kissing and then it turned to a really heated make out session. He carried you up to his and your room while he was still kissing you and he started to take your clothes and you started to take of his you can probably guess the rest. The next morning you woke up and (PWO) wouldn’t let go of you then he opened his eyes and said "you’re not going anywhere", you then said "why? Do you want more of what happened last night?", he said " yes and last night was the best night ever it was awesome", you replied with "same babe, ok we'll do it again but only because your cute not really but who cares". That morning you had fun and got out of bed after (PWO) and had some lunch. Then went to an interview with the guys and your friend, after the interview you went home and the boys and your friend came with them and had a movie marathon. It was lots of fun then all the boys and your friend went home. You and (PWO) were left to clean it up you both decided to leave it until the morning. You went to bed because it was really late. That night when you hit (PWO)’s chest you fell right asleep. When you woke up niall was gone you got out of bed and headed down the stairs. when you were 1/4 way down the stairs you tripped and fell all the way down to the bottom, you were screaming in pain and (PWO) came running over and asked what happened, you couldn't say anything because you were in so much pain, so you were just holding your knee close to you, but that’s not what was hurting it was your ankle he caught on after he called the ambulance, he tried to comfort you it worked a little bit but it didn’t work the ambulance arrived, and put you on one of these bed things and put you in the ambulance (PWO) was sitting next to you, still trying to calm you down it worked this time and then the paramedic gave you some morphine. When you got to the hospital they rushed you to x-ray and came back. (PWO) was sitting there as soon as you entered the room he stood up and asked “what did she do to her ankle”, to the doctor he said “that you broke it pretty badly and you would need a cast for 8 weeks”. 2 more weeks then usual you had to stay the night after you got your cast (PWO) stayed with you the whole night.


hey sorry this is the last update for a while i get back on the 30th of january so ill try to update then hope you like this chapter and sorry if the grmmar's wrong i'v decided to start putting grmmar in so it makes more sence so if it's wrong blame my computer thx~keira xx :)

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