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Em, in this movella one direction are still just as famous as they are now BUT... They are 7 years younger than they are in real life
Niall Horan love story


2. Off down the coast road!

••••••••NIALLS POV••••••••
Louis and Harry woke me up by jumping ontop of my bed
" fuck off!" I scream at them they just laughed and said that there was pancakes in the kitchen, with that I jump up and run into the kitchen "6 please!" I say sittin an the table I soon get about 7 pancakes put in front of me "whoop whoop!!" I scream then I turn to the boys " today I wanna go further along the coast and see the scenery and visit all of the little towns on the way. I think I'll go to the beach as well , anyone wanna join?" I ask " I will! " screamed Loius "yeah me too" Liam agreed so its settled then? " I'll go tell the driver" I state


I was starting to feel sick but the I relies a town called 'Barrytown' was coming I got up and told the driver he turned and went down a street called Cargills road, to my left there was a shut down pub and on the right was a pink building with lots of posters of bands and entertainment I presume it's the hall I make a mental note to ask Paul if we can do a gig there. Then there was a few houses and at the end of the houses ( there was like 5 on each side) there was a playground so I guess that it is the school we go down the street further and about 40 seconds later we come to the end of the street where there was about 4 boulders to stop cars from going over the edge. The tide was in so we I mean / decided to take a walk up the street from where we had just come from I came to a driveway ( a very long driveway ) which had a trike roped to the letter box I wen up further and went past 2 houses and a graveyard then I came to a big shed which had some calfs in it. there was a lot of paddocks at my sides then I saw a girl. An average looking girl she was on a penny skateboard with a goat on a chain. She was wearing some white sand shoes with a lot of vivid drawings on them she was wearing some light green jeans and a brown t-shirt that had 'California gurl' on it she wore a white fidora with an orange hatband around it, you may think it looked random but it looked really good. She looked up and saw me she then fell off her skateboard.

••••••••••SUMMERS POV••••••••••

I am so sick and tired of mum and pa fighting *sigh* I'll take becky on a walk I thought and then I thought it would be fun if I brought my penny skateboard with me.
I unhooked Becky off the fence post and put my skate board under my arm untill we got to the end of the driveway I as halfway down the road when Simon (that's my skateboards name) started making clicking sounds I looked down and realized that someone was looking at me I looked up and saw a blondey brunettey boy looking at me that's when I fell off Simon
"SHOOT!" I scream before I fell face first onto the tar luckily , I had put my arms out but my chin only just touched the ground.
"oh shit!" the boy shouted and he ran up to me
" you okay sweets?!" he demanded
"em sure" I said in my half British accent
" really? You fell pretty hard? Here let me take the goat" he said before I could do any thing she bunted him in the leg "NOOOOOOOOOO!!" I cried
"fucking jesus son of a bitch!" he exclaimed
" becky doesn't like any strangers talking or touching me" I commented meekly
" NO SHIT SHURLOCK" he yelled at me
" *sob* I'm sorry! * sob* " I said in tears
His face softened " hey don't fret love it's not your fault you have an over protective goat..." he said gently.
"haha" I said with a weak smile " who are you?" he looked taken aback then he smirked and said "Tom" he said simply
"well 'Tom' can you please explain why I think that you are lying to me?


Hey guys I will try to update tonight or tomorrow but I need another character! Please give me some ideas!!
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