Little direction. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ON HOLDπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Em, in this movella one direction are still just as famous as they are now BUT... They are 7 years younger than they are in real life
Niall Horan love story


10. My place (AGAIN!!!!)

••••••••••••NIALLS POV•••••••••••••••
"so 'Tom' why does it feel like your lying to me?" she demanded
"fine.. Fuck uh my name is-" I started
"Niall Horan" she enterupted me. shit.
"your not going to scream or faint are you?" I asked bothered
"no.. Because if I scream Becky will hurt you.. And if I faint Becky will hurt you" she said all very seriously, stared at Eachother with very straight faces for 30 seconds and then burst out laughing.
Ohh I know!! " hey you wanna come and meet Liam and Louis?" I asked her
" um Niall you don't even know my name and you want me to meet your mates!?" she enquired
"oh urm hi I'm Niall and you are?" I said introducing myself properly
"Summer-Lee" she said "but you can call me Simon, that's what me mates call meh!"
"aha! So I'm your mate am I?" I asked adding 'sass' into my tone,
"yep you sure are! And that's why you should give me your number!" she winked at me I winked back and wiggled my eyebrows at her then she came very close and said...

•••••••••••••••••••••••••SUMMERS POV••••••••••••••••••••••••

"ya'know there's a tiny little private area on the beach that I was on my way to..."
"ahh I get your drift" he said casually and started to walk towards the beach.
I scratched beckys head and she purred (fungact: Becky purrs!)
"I'll race ya!" Niall shouted,
"oh it's on! " and with that I started to swiftly run down the hill then straight ahead. I waited for about 1 and a half minutes for him. geez... Either I'm exstremely fast or he is really slow...
"wait.....for......meee...." he wheezed/shouted.
"fine!" I grinned. I turned around to find my best friend, Gales, walking off the beach.
"SUMMER!!!" she shouted. Yeah you probably presume that we see Eachother everyday at school, but we don't. I go to Barrytown school here in the village but she goes to greymain the school in town (when I say 'town' I mean greymouth). "Gales!!!" I said, Niall just stood there awkwardly.
"oh! Shit-fuck... Uh gales? This is Niall." I said to gales nervously,
"hi Niall I'm gales!" she said to him brightly.
"oh fuck!!! What... Why now??? Quickly girls into the bus!!" I looked behind us to find that some paps had just pulled over, "fuck.. Girls!! Stop gawking and run!!" he yelled at us. We moved quickly and swiftly towards the bus.

"hey!! U lot!! Open up!!" Niall was whacking the buses door with his palms. The door opened, there stood Louis Tomlinson. Louis grabbed Nialls hand then he picked me and gales up and took us inside the bus.
"hi I'm Summer and this is gales," I explained to Louis.

•••••••••••••~~~~~LOUIS' POV••••••••••••~~~~~~~~

She was beautiful. Well Gales was too, but summer was amazing. I will admit that I have seen girls 10x prettier than her but she was (cléchè moment) beautiful on the inside! Wow.. But I could see the way that Niall and summer looked at Eachother. I had no chance.
"hey! I have an idea," summer stated "how about you take the bus and pull up outside of my house? I mean the paps can't trespass or anything!" she was funny and smart. Good combination. I told the driver and he drove off "FUCK!!" screamed Summer "what?!" I yelled at her, " I fucking left Becky tied to a fence post back there!" shizzz this is baaad! "oh I know how about I talk to David on the walkie talkie!" aww is that her bf? :( I hope not!
"Davis come in Davis!" she said into the contraption that she had pulled out of nowhere "yes? And stop calling me Davis!" said the contraption "uh I left Becky down the beach" I saw her cringe as she said it, she shook her head "dads not gonna be happy!" said another voice coming out of the WT (walky talky) "I know Hayden!" she yelled then she looked guilty " Im soooooooooooooo sorry!!! U guys I shouldn't have yelled at you" she said glumly "s'ok I'll pick her up when I take the cows to the run off" David said "thanks Dave!" and she put it back to wherever she got it from.
"sooo who is HUNGRY!!!" yelled/demanded/questioned gales "meeeee!!" oh Niall you are ALWAYS hungry! (Niall isn't actually always hungry he just eats when he is bored)


A/N hey guys it's meeee summer and I am so Im so sorry about taking so long to write this chapter I tried like three times and I wanted to save it to drafts and that diddnt work (obviously) so I just tried doing it all at once but got it deleted twice?!!? So enough moaning! Aha! Speaking of moaning... Happy Halloween! It isn't that happy for me or my family tho coz my uncle died on a Halloween soo ya... Luv u all lil broha's!!!

~Summer is awesome!
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