Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


15. With pain comes pleasure

Harry's P.O.V

When we went to at least 7 bars, and spent at least 30 minutes in each bar. Connor and Zach were determined to drink 3 beers at each bar. I drank one at each bar leaving me kind of tipsy by the end of the night. When we pulled up at the 8th bar and there was Niall, drinking and grinding on some girls. "Niall!" His head shot up and he stopped what he was doing and ran to me. "Hey ladiessss, this is my buddy! Single and ready to MINGLE!" I think all of the girls screamed, and started my way. Soon Niall was out of sight, and I couldn't see him anymore. "Hey baby." Some slezy girl said reaching her hand down to my crotch. "I'm engaged." I stated which didn't stop her. "It's ok, she doesn't need to know." I grabbed her hand and threw it to her side. "I'm engaged." I walked pasted her and found Niall chugging another beer. "Niall time to go home buddy." He looked up sadly and chugged the rest of his beer. "Alright time to head back to the bitch." I stood there dumb-struck. "Did you just call the mother of your child a bitch? Cause please tell me you didn't, other wise we are going to have some problems." Niall's eye's widened but soon returned to normal. "H-Harry I'm drunk." Niall stated as though he hadn't know before. "I know time to go home." Niall started to bawl in the truck as I drove to the Passage's house. When I pulled up Mr. Passage was sitting on the porch with Mrs. Passage. "Why hello ya'll." Mrs. Passage said, sipping on tea. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but Zach, Connor, and Niall are quite drunk. So if you wouldn't mind me taking them inside?" Mr. Passage tensed up, but quickly returned to his normal calm self. "Alright go on ahead." I nodded and took them all down stairs. I was gone for 5 minutes when Connor was sleeping on the table, Zach under the table, and Niall missing. I figured he was with Abbey so I slowly opened the door to find Ciarra on a laptop and crying. She looked  up and when she saw me she shut the laptop and ran into my arms. "Why are you crying love?" I whispered into her ear, sending shivers down her back. "I was watching the notebook." She smiled sadly and pulled away from me. "You smell like you have been drinking, you drunk?" She leaned in real close lips distance away. "No." I stated plainly, and a smile split onto her face. "I know, I was messing with you." She kissed me playfully then hopped onto her bed, and patted next to her. I quickly slipped out of my shirt and pants, and crawled up to her and spooned with her from behind. I kissed her neck and slowly slipped into a pieceful sleep.

Niall's P.O.V

The next morning when I woke up the light was shinning through the blinds,I had a massive head ache,and I was in bed alone."Babe?"I called out as I slowly climbed out of bed,I wasn't wearing a shirt so I quickly threw one on. When I opened the door it was dead silent in the house,when I went into Ciarra and Harry's room not one soul was there. As fast as I could with the head ache I went up to the main floor of the house only to find a note on the fridge. It read-Niall,Abbey,Connor,Zach,Ciarra and I went to Abbey's neighbors for swimming. You can walk down like the rest of us,Abbey pionted the house out to you when we first arrived. It's the one with the blue roof.


Why didn't Abbey write the note,and why didn't anyone wake me up. I shrugged to myself then went and got some asprin and a bottle of water,changing into a pair of green swim trunks and some shoes I walked the ten minutes to the pool. When I got there Abbey,Ciarra,Harry,Connor,and Zach were already swimming. Abbey was going off the diving board with Connor and Zach, Ciarra was with Harry in the shallow end splashing each other. Music was blaring out of an old stereo in a little room area shaded off."Hello everyone!"I said and it went silent,Zach waved while Connor and Abbey went and jumped off of the diving board again."Hey,come swim."Harry said as he got out of the pool,Ciarra behind him. Harry was wearing a pair of red swimming trunks and Ciarra a baby pink bikini."Yeah oka-"I was cut off when I heard Abbey scream."Connor I swear to god if you throw me in this pool I will hurt you so bad!"She was in Connor's arms bridal style,and Connor was on the diving board."Too baaad!"He shrugged his shoulders then threw Abbey in. He already took off out of the pool area,when Abbey resurfaced she looked pissed."Connor I'm coming after you!"She swam to the side of the pool and pulled herself out and ran off after him. She was wearing a bright red bikini, Connor a white and blue pair of trunks,and Zach had on orange and blue pair."So Abbey and the guys are close?"I asked Ciarra,She nodded."Yep,you could say that."Then she pushed me in the pool."Let's have fun!"She and Harry jumped in after me and soon us three were all swimming together with Abbey and her friends doing whatever.

Ciarra's P.O.V

After an hour of swimming with Niall and Harry I hopped out and layed a beach towel and let the sun soak up the water off of my body. It suddenly got colder and Niall stood over me and picked me up and hugged me getting me wet, I looked over at Abbey who looked like she was about to cry. I was about to tell Niall when I was thrown into the pool, water flew up my nose. When I resurfaced, I had a bloody nose. I quickly ran into Zach's house and to the bathroom. I heard foot steps coming to the door. "Are you ok?" Abbey asked from the other side of the door, I unlocked it so she could come in. "Not that a little bloody nose is going to kill me, but you on the other hand. Are you ok? With Niall?" She quickly rushed in and locked the door behind her. "I really don't know, Niall and I seem to fight so much lately." Tears were beginning to form in her eyes. "Well I mean it doesn't help when you run off with Connor and Zach. I mean think about it, in the last two days you have been here with Niall have you spent anytime together?" She looked at me as though I was telling her something she didn't know. "I mean-" I cut her off. "Harry and I are leaving tonight any how, we just wanna get back home. I mean he isn't going to be here forever right? They have to go on tour in a couple of weeks so." Abbey sat silently on the toliet contamplating her next move. "Niall never told me....." She almost whispered out. "Well maybe that's because you haven't spent one on one time with him." By now my nose had stopped bleeding. "And by the way, you might wanna tell Mr. and Mrs. Passage your prego." I stated blankly and walked out the bathroom back to the pool, and found Niall, Zach and Connor in a heated conversation. "Maybe you folk might just wanna head on back home, Abbey's alot better here." I heard as I was approaching them. "Oh really? You think so?!? I think otherwise." Niall said stepping dangerously close to Zach. "Yeah, so go on." Zach pushed Niall, before anything could happen I went in between them. "Zach and Connor you both are just pussy chasing bitches. Don't talk to him like that got it? Do you really know Abbey as well as you think??? I bet you two didn't know she was prego?" They stood there looking like idiots with their mouths open. "That's what I thought." I kissed Niall on the cheek and leaned to his ear. "Go get her." I grabbed Harry's hand and we walked back to the Passage's and gathered our stuff. We said our good bye's, and I left a note for Abbey. We got into a taxi, and got on Harry's private jet and I was cuddled up into Harry as we watched the notebook.

(Okay this is an authors note,I just wanted to say that Ciarra writes Harry and Ciarra's P.O.V's and I write Abbey and Niall's P.O.V's. I just thought you would want to know.


Abbey's P.O.V

The night after the pool and when Niall and I talked I sat on the couch thinking over everything that happened in my life. From my first pair of stitches,to my first plane ride alone. I sat on the couch while the boys talked and watched the movie 'Hall Pass'."Are you okay?"Niall whispered in my ear,his arm slung over my shoulders. I moved closer to his side and sighed, sinking into his side I said"I'm just thinking..."I put my head on his shoulder and intertwined our fingers."What were you thinking about?"He asked me, he started to rub my shoulder."I don't know just thinking,I'm kinda tired actually."I made a move to get up but Niall stopped me, with his arm around my waist he pulled me back to his strong chest."I'll come with you..."After a pause he continued."But first I need some food."He laughed and then picked me up and carried me to my room."C'ya!"I called over my shoulder to Connor,Zach,and Connor's little brother Cail."Bye!"They all called back,Niall threw me over his shoulder with me laughing the whole time. I he threw me on my bed then jumped on top of me,"Niall!"I laughed out as he started to tickle my sides,"Yeah?"He asked,laughing himself."St-stop! Go g-get!"I was able to finally breathe when he stopped and got up,off of me."Fine!"He stuck his tongue out at me then walked out of my room. I sighed then got off my bed,I stripped off my clothes so I was only in my underwear and bra. Taking off my bra I put on my old Ridel volleyball mesh shirt that was long sleeved. Pulling back the covers I let my self sink into the matress,I quickly fell asleep. I barley remember Niall coming in,I felt his warm,chisled, strong chest against my back, his welcoming arm wrapped around my waist."I love you so,so,so,much."He murmered before falling asleep himself.

Harry's P.O.V

There was screaming and the lights were flashing, Ciarra looked over to me fear written all over her face. We didn't get to go on the private jet so we just got on one with older people. Just a couple of minutes ago they said they were going to do an emergancy landing, something was wrong with the plane. It hasn't gone as planned, women were screaming, men trying to hush the women though scared to death. "H-Harry?" Ciarra looked at me as though she had given up hope, she was choking back tears. "Ciarra don't, we are going to be ok." I grabbed her hands and kissed her forehead, and she let the tears fall. "I-I-I'm scared." She breathed into me. "We will make it, ok?" Right as I said that we hit a bump, and she lifted her head. "Harry we are going to die, I love you." She attached her lips to mine, and when she pulled back she was shaking violently. "Baby we are going to be alright." I hadn't noticed myself I was shaking just as bad. "Harry stop, we aren't going to make it." The pilot came onto the intercome. "Sorry, but we are going to crash land now. I'm very sorry." Ciarra's grip tightened onto mine, and she looked at me. "Harry I'm so sorry." A lonely tear slipped down her face, I wiped it away with my thumb. "I love you, bye." She closed her eye's and blackness rolled over me.

"Harry, Harry wake up." I opened my eyes and Ciarra was looking at me curiously. "What- What happened?" She laughed and grabbed my hands. "We are in London." I attached my lips to her's and refused to pull away. "What got into you?" She asked as we walked to the luggage rack. "I had a dream we crashed." I mumbled quietly. "That explains why you kept saying we are going to be ok." She laughed and kissed me once again. "Harry we are ok, I'm right here."

Abbey's P.O.V. -A week after being in the states- We were finally back home,yes me and Niall were finally back home-out of the states at last- I loved my family but they were really over barring at times."So babe what do you wanna do?"Niall asked from next to me on the couch,I smiled."Hmmm,well I don't really care. Later on though I have an appointment with my doctor to see the Baby or babies."I was super excited about and I had a feeling Niall was also."Okay we'll do you wanna just relax then?"He asked in a soft tone, I sighed."Yeah,that would be nice!"I snuggled in closer to Niall's warm side. Three hours had passed since Niall suggested we relax and it was finally time to go to the doctors."Okay babe I'm gonna go get ready."I got up from under his arm."ok..."He mumbled,he was watching an intense game of soccer at the moment. I went up the the stairs then into Niall and I's room. Searching through the closet I found a pair of light denim skinny jeans,a red t-shirt from Jack Willis,and some red Nike high tops. I put my hair up in a messy ponytail then I was ready to go. I would do my make-up in the car,

Ciarra's P.O.V

Being home was peacefull, not having to worry about any drama. "Lets go!" Harry was shouting at me from the living room. "Hold on one minute." I grabbed Harry and I's matching sunglasses and went out into the living room to see Harry excitedly looking at me. "Ready?" I nodded and we walked out to the car, and I got into the driver seat. He looked at me then just smiled. "I love you." "I love you too." I kissed his cheek and started the car, with paps surrounding us. I drove to the animal pound, when I looked at Harry he was shaking. I parked the car and locked the door. "Harry look at me." He slowly turned his head to face me, and when he did a smile was glued to his lips. "ONE kitten, just one." He nodded like a child, I unlocked the door and he jumped out. I laughed and walked be him and attached our hands. When we walked in he ran straight to the kitten section, and I walked to the dog. I found a cute cocker spaniel puppy, I called the lady over to unlock the cage door. She quickly unlocked it and gave me a worried look. "She is really aggresive, be careful." I nodded my head and the puppy walked slowly towards me, sniffled me then wagged its tail and rolled over. "Aggressive eh?" I said as I petted the puppy's soft tummy. "I want to adopt her." She nodded gave me a collar and lesh and procedded towards the front desk, where I found Harry holding and orange kitten and filling out papers. I picked up the puppy and put her on the desk. "Oh if it isn't you." I kissed his cheek and studdied the kitten. "His name is Milo." He gently set the kitten on the desk, revealing a cast on his back leg. The cocker spaniel puppy wondered close to the kitten, and snuggled up to it. "Once again aggresive." I filled out the paper work and decided to name the puppy Genevieve. Harry then held the kitten in one hand, his other in mine. I had Genevieve in my free hand walked to our car. Milo and Genevieve curled up in Harry's lap as we drove home, when we got there we made Milo a bed out of blankets and pillows on the couch. Genevieve hopped up by him and layed with him. I smiled and kissed Harry on the cheek. We snuggled up with our new found best friends and turned on the T.V. to reveal that football(soccer) was on.



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