Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


8. Wait what?

Ciarra's P.O.V

"I think we are safe now." I said as I pulled Harry into a spare room. "Well what do you wanna do?" Harry asked wiggling his eyebrows. "No I'm not in the mood." I said snuggling into his chest. "Ok well what do you want to talk about love?" Harry said as he threw his arm over shoulder. "Would you ever marry me?" I looked at Harry to see his face turn pale. "Oh am I really that bad." I said pulling away from him. "No that's not what I ment." That was all I heard from Harry say as I was walking out the door. "Ciarra don't over react about this." Harry said catching up with me. "You know what Harry, I thought I loved you. Wait I do love you but you are constantly putting me down! Why? Am I not good enough for you, well if I'm not then let me leave." I yelled as I stormed down the stairs, I saw Zayn sitting on the couch watching some T.V. and I ran into his arms. "Woah what's wrong Ciarra?" Zayn asked wrapping his arms around my shoulder. "I-I j-j-just w-wa-wan-wanna go h-h-ome." I cried into his chest. "Ok sweetie lets get your coat and shoe's and I will take you home ok?" I nodded my head and started getting my stuff. "Ciarra come on don't leave ok.I love you too, please don't." Harry kept asking and pleading but all I wanted to do was go home. "No I want to go home." I kept saying, but he ignored me. "Please baby. Lets go lay down and figure things out." Harry whispered one last time in my ear. "Just let me go home." I whispered back. Zayn came down stairs with his stuff. "Alright kido lets go." I nodded and hooked arms with him and got in his car.

Niall's P.O.V

I was trying to get Abbey to talk to me right now because I had finally got her to get up."Babe, pleasee just talk to me!?"I pleaded with her. It was no use though. She just shook her head at me,and walked out the door."Hey Harry,wheres Ciarra?" I heard her ask, I walked out the door of Louis's room to see her talking with Harry."She left."He said then turned on his heel and went into the bathroom locking the door."Thanks?"She called through the door."Babe. Just say something to me!"I went up to wrapping my arms around her waist. She removed my arms from her waist and continued walking. She walked down the stairs, and into the kitchen. I just followed her like a lost puppy."Loubee, could you take me home please?" I heard her ask in the kitchen. I stormed in now, I was kinda pissed at her right now."Sure I would Dubby!"He said happily."I can take you Babe."I simply stated, she just ignored me. What. The. Hell. Why was she ignoring me?"Bro,you scared her. She is not going to talk to you."Louis said in a 'duh' voice."Fine!" I yelled at the, I saw Abbey cringe but whatever. I stormed out of the house not even grabbing my jacket.

Abbey's P.O.V

"Fine!" Niall yelled, I cringed at his tone of voice. He stormed out of the house, I knew he was mad at me and it really hurt my feelings. I felt the lump in my throat and I didn't stop the tears that fell."What is the matter dubby?"Louis asked, I wipped the tears away."Oh,nothing...I don't know why i'm crying."I told him."Bullshit."He simpley stated,I looked over at him and sighed."I guess I just don't want him to be mad at me. This was a second chance to have it all go perfectly."I let more tears fall."Well dubby,not one thing in the world is perfect."He came over and put me in a hug."Can we just go to bed Loubee?I asked him."Sure,lets go."We made our way up to his room and we soon fell asleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Okay everyone...this is an authors note. Louis,and Abbey are not dating or anything like that!!!They are just very close FRIENDS!!! tHANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~

~The next morning, Abbey's P.O.V~

When I woke up my leg hurt and I remembered I had hurt it just yesterday. I gingerly got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I finished my morning routines I went down the stairs to the kitchen. The events of last night came rushing back to me. When Niall stormed out of the house, me crying, falling asleep in Louis's bed with him. That was a mistake, I should've taken the couch. It's not like anything happened but you know...I shouldn't do that. I went over to one of the cuboards and grabbed a s'mores pop-tart. I decided I need to go see Niall. I turned around and knocked into Zayn."Sorry Zayn about your hair last night and knocking into you."I told him."S'okay,I just woke up."He stated, I laughed at him just walked back the guest room where I had some clothes. I threw on a pair of green Under Armour play up shorts,a white T-shirt with volleyball written on it in silver,I put my hair in a loose pony tail and walked back down the stairs. I yelled bye to Zayn as I pulled on my tan Uggs and walked out the door. I went over to my car and got in. I started it up, soon I was at the 'house' I shared with Niall. I let myself in and called out to Niall. He didn't answer back so I wallked up the stairs to see him asleep in bed. I didn't want to wake him up so I just layed next to him. He reached out to me in his sleep and pulled me next to him. I sighed and fell back asleep.

Niall's P.O.V

When I woke up I didn't expect to see Abbey in my arms. When did she come home I thought, I slightly pushed her away from me so I could get up. I heared her turn away from me as I walked out of the door. I just shook my head, I wasn't mad just hungry. I was down stairs eating when I got a phone call from Liam.


Liam-hey,so Ciarra hurt her ankle real bad so we are going to the hospital.

Me-okay,i'll wake up Abbey. We will be there soon.

I hung up the phone went back into my room where Abbey was still asleep."Love,wake up please."I shook her gently, she turned over and grumbled into her pillow. I thought she said something like go away but I didn't know."Love...Abbbbey. You really need to get up for me now."I told her, I crawled up on to the bed and straddled her."You asked for it!"I told her before attacking her sides with my hands. She was laughing so hard she could barely breath."!!"She gasped out before going into another fit of giggles. I moved my hands to her knees where I knew she was the most ticklish."Are you going to get up?"I asked her seriously, she was kicking,wiggling,and laughing at the same time now. I had to was a slight turn on."Y-yes."She stuttered as she laughed."Okay."I got off of her and helped her up." are so dead! I have major stomache."She lightly punched me in the arm.She looked down to her leg and I saw that there was blood, ran to the bathroom cursing under her breath. She must have cut it or something."Babe,you done yet? We kinda got to go to the hospital."She came out of the bathroom limping, I had forgotten about her knee."Why do we need to go to the hospital? My check up isn't for like another three weeks." She went over to the wall near the bed where her crutches were and put them under her arms."Ciarra kinda hurt her ankle I guess."I scratched the back of my head."Well lets gooo! Andele,andele!!"She yelled as she crutched herself as fast as she could down the stairs and to the car. I shook my head at her as we got in the car,"You know. You could have hurt yourself going down those stairs."I told her once we were on the road."Just shut up and drive Wilber!" She grumbeled to me and looked out the window."Sorry..."I mumbled.

~skipping car ride. Abbey's P.O.V~

When we arrived I got out of the car with my crutches and made my way inside the hospital. I saw the guys at the far back of the waiting area, I made my over to them and sat down next to Zayn and Liam."Well,what the hell happened."Yes I know it was a grand entrance, just as I said it Niall came in. 'Did I really crutch that fast?' I thought to myself. 'Guess I!' Niall sat down next to me and grabbed my hand."Well she fell off of Harry's bed and landed on her ankle. Harry lifted her pant leg to check it out and the bone was sticking out. She passed out so we took her here."Liam explained,looking at me. I just nodded my head and got up grabbing my crutches, I started pacing. Well 'pacing' wasn't really what I did, I more like limped/hobbled/crutched back in forth in a line in front of the guys. I started to feel nervous, I mean I knew Ciarra would have to have surgury but I didn't do well with hospitals. I was better than Ciarra but...still. I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Niall."Why don't you come sit on my lap?"He asked me, I nodded my head and sat down with him. I turned to Liam." is Maryland doing?"I tried to distract myself."Uh-shes good. The baby is due in only three months."He smiled, the emotion showing on his face."Thats's great, what are you going to name the baby?" Niall asked from beside me."If it's a girl we are going to name her Alexandra Tiffany Payne. If it's a boy we are going to name him Celeb Mark Payne."Liam smiled proudly."Maryland shoul be here soon. She was flying in from the states. She went to visit her parents."I just nodded my head, as if on cue she walked through the hospital doors. Great!! She came over and sat down in between me and Liam. I got pushed slightly. But that was not happening."I'm sitting right here!" I told her clearing my throat."You didn't need to push me over. I would have just moved if you asked."I told her,I looked at her. I wouldn't hurt her,but I wouldn't let her walk all over me."Oh,Abbey. I'm sorry!"I could see she faked it, we didn't like each other but I wasn't gonna hurt Liam."S'okay."I mumbled to her and stood up. I grabbed my crutches and started pacing again. I saw someone come in with a huge gash in their head but I just kept pacing. I saw them sit down a full couch away from the boys and me,I guess Maryland to. I went over to him it looked serouis."What happened?" I asked, I took off my shirt and tore it in two,under the shirt I had a sports he didn't see anyhting to revieling. Him and his, what I would guess as his sister looked at me questionally."I'm trained for this kinda thing. I was in the CIA. I had training for this."I explained, they just nodded. I inspected the injury."Follow me."I helped him stand and put his arm over my shoulder. I handed my crutches to his sister. I helped him walk to the girls bathroom. I did all of the work to get him there because his siter was to short to really do anything.I sat him down on the toilet and cleaned up his wound. I wrapped it and cleaned it out;much to his discomfort."Well,i'm sorry it hurt."I told him as I helped him back out to the waiting room."It's okay. Thnak you!" He told me as he gingerly sat back down."No problem."I told him,I turned back to his sister which I learned her name was Sabrina and his was Tim. I grabbed my crutches from Sabrina."Thank you."She said, I just nodded my head and crutched over to the guys. The all stared at me in shock."What?" I looked down at myself,I had blood all over me;but whatever."You..just like. Wow."Zayn said,I shrugged and went over to the wall next to the couch Niall was sitting on."How did you know how to do that?"louis asked shocked."I had training in the CIA. They trained Ciarra and I to be able to heal or whatever. I could be a doctor,I know how to stitch and wrapp and all that good stuff."I just shrugged it off,I didn't really see why it was a huge deal. I was tired so I went over to an unoccupied couch. I stacked pillows so I could elivate my leg. I layed down,my head was on the arm rest. I closed my eyes and drifted into sleep.

Ciarra's P.O.V

I woke up have expecting Harry to be laying in bed with me. But I was disappointed to see him not there. I grumbled and walked to the bathroom, tripping over a lonely shoe. "Shit." I fell flat on my face and started laughing. That must have been funny, I giggled getting up but I couldn't case of my ankle. I looked down at it to see it already swelling. "Oh just a little swollen." I said as I forced myself up and not to limp on it. After I finished getting ready it was numb, I went to my bedroom and changed. I put on my Minnie mouse sweater on, with some aeropostile sweats. Once I got done I went down stairs and grabbed my car keys I need to get something to eat. I threw on my Nike high tops, I quickly started it and headed to anywhere. I drove around for a while then found a shop selling food. I quickly got a cinnimon roll, and a hot chocolate. "Thanks." I said as they handed me my stuff. After I finished eating I decided that I should probably talk to Harry. I drove to the house, and as I walked in it was oddly quiet. I peered through the rooms, I found Zayn in the kitchen making food. "Hey love, how are you?" Zayn asked eating his food. "I'm fine kido. Thanks for asking." I walked around and found Louis in bed still sleeping. I finally dreaded opening the door to Harry's room to see him cuddling a pillow. "Harry?" I whispered limping in the room. "Ciarra..." Harry mumbled in his sleep. "Sweetie wake up." I gently shook him, he looked so cute when he was sleeping. "Uggh Louis not know." Harry shoved me off the bed, making me shout in pain because of my ankle. "WHAT! Ciarra baby are you alright?" Harry hopped out of bed and came to my aid. "Well that wakes you up." I smiled weakly, trying not to let tears spill over. "Love let me see." Harry said tugging gently on my pants. I nodded and looked the other way, and I heard Harry gasp. "What is it that-." That was all I said when I saw the bone sticking out of my ankle. All I remember was letting the blackness consume all of my thoughts.

Harry's P.O.V

Once Abbey had fallen asleep it was my turn to pace around. "How long does it take to fix an ankle?" I grumbled right as the nurse came through the door and Zayn's phone started to ring. "Harry Styles?" I practically ran too the nurse who looked shocked. "Wait the Harry Styles from One Direction!" The nurse squealed. "Sorry I'm engaged." I said so quickly that I was shocked, because that's why Ciarra and I had our fight about. "Oh.... Well Ciarra just got out of surgery, she is fine she will have a cast and cruches for a while. But other wise she will be fine, your welcome to visit her if your her finacee." The nurse said sadly, but a surge of excitment flew through me. "Please take me to her." I said quietly, she motioned me back to her room. "Here she is." The nurse pointed to a quiet, and dark room. I walked in to see Ciarra asleep. "Oh beautiful." I silently cried into her arm. She turned to face me, and opened her beautiful brown eyes. "Harry." She whispered, looking right into me. "What is it love?" I mumbled trying to choke back tears. "Marry me."



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