Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


2. The date

Liam's P.O.V

When I first walked into the door I was bombarded with questions. "Mate where were you I texted you an hour ago, and your just now showing up?" Zayn asked. But I couldn't take him serious. All the boys had boxers on their heads, towels as capes, their shirts tucked into their shorts. "Before I answer that what are you guys doing?" I asked them. They all started blushing, besides Louis. "We are playing a game for your information!" He wrapped his arms around Harry's and Niall's waists. "Alrighty, well I was with a girl." I said proudly. They all started oohing and awwing,I felt my cheeks getting warm. "Who is she? Does she have hot friends?" Harry asked me, wiggling his eyebrows. "Boys let me handle this, ok I really like this girl so just let me get to know her before you guys meet her OR her friends." With that I stomped up the stairs to my room, and texted Maryland.


I woke up to an annoying ringing which I found to be my phone. I groaned and looked for my phone. After searching for my phone for a couple of minutes I found it in my bra. I un-did the code and saw Liam had txted me

'Hey,so do u wanna go to dinner with me at the Pizzaros's Reasturaunt tomarrow. u can bring some mates if u wanna.'I felt my heart skip a beat.

' sure. bring louis or niall or someone so my friends dont fell like third wheels.ok?(:'

'Okay, sounds good love. who r ur friends names?'

'Ciarra and Abbey. they are my best friends, the only people who truly understand me.'I hit send then realized what i had done. I quickly sent another message that said 'sry...that was deep and random/:'

'Its okay love. Id love to be one of the people who understand u and that u trust.'

I swooned right then and there. I think I loved him loved him already. WHOA!! Where did that come from.

'ok. c u then, how bout 4:30 in the afternoon.'

', c u then' I was probably the happiest girl alive at the moment. I txted Ciarra first and told her about the plans. Without hesitation she agreed. When I txted Abbey she was probably fan-girling on the other side of the phone...but whatever. You probably guessed she said yes. I went to my closet to try and find what I would wear. And yes I know the 'date' isn't until tomarrow but I was excited. After looking for about an hour I finally seattled on a pair black skinny jeans,my red and white Nike sneaker heels, and a plain white burn out long-seeved shirt. I had decided I would curl my hair and do light make-up. By the time I was done with my preperations it was nine at night. I changed into my PJ's and went to bed. I sighed into my pillow,today was a good day.

Liam's P.O.V

The first thing I thought when I woke up was yes! I have a date with Maryland, and I get to bring some mates. I thought for a few minutes of who I was going to invite, Niall of course, but I don't know who else. "Uh I will just tell Niall for now then decide who else gets to go later." I mumbled to myself as I got out of bed to tell Niall. I went down the stairs as quietly as I could, it was 8 in the morning the boys would be cranky if I woke them up. Well besides Niall because he was always up by now. As I turned the corner there was Niall snacking on a burrito. "Niall, what are you doing!" Niall jumped and dropped his burrito on the ground, and turned towards me. "Jesh mate don't scare me like that." Niall picked up his burrito blew on it and started eating. I shook my head and laughed to myself. "Do you want to come on my date with Maryland today?" Niall's eyes got big, but he quickly recovered back to their usual size. "Wait am I going as the third wheel or like am I getting a date?" Niall said turning red. "Well you would get a date, but I need one of the other boys to come with us, because she invited two friends. And I don't want one of them feeling like the 5th wheel." Niall went to open his mouth to speak when Harry walked in naked. "Liam it looks like I'm your man." I stood there in pure shock, I had never seen Harry nude before. "W-What? P-Please put o-on cl-clothes Harry." He shook his head and stood in his place. "Not until you say I can come along." Harry looked me dead in the eye. "Fine you can come just put on clothes now!" Harry had a smirk pasted on his face and he walked towards his room. "Well looks like you don't have to decided after all." Niall said grabbing another burrito, as he walked towards his room. "We are going on the date at 4:30 dress nice. Tell Harry to dress nice too please." I yelled as Niall was walking. "Yeah sure." Niall said as he was walking away. I nodded my head and walked back to my room. I texted Maryland and said we would pick her up at 4:20 and made reservations at the Pizzaro's Reasturaunt. I took a quick shower and decided I would go to the gym.


After Liam txted me that he would pick us up at four twenty I called my girls and we decided we would go to the mall and get some dresses,shoes,and so on and so forth. They had shown up at my house shortly after. We hopped into Ciarra's blue BMW Beamer. After hours of shopping we all found our dress. My dress was white with a sweetheart neckline, paired with silver sparkley platform heels. My hair was put into a low chignon. Ciarra was wearing a sexy deep blood red halter dress, paired with cream stiletto heels. Her hair was put in a side braid since her hair was so long. Abbey wore a green strapless cocktail dress with black wrap heels. Her hair was in loose curls, since she never wears her hair down. Just like they said they were here at 4:20. Abbey and Ciarra fought like sisters because they were so childish and had been best friends since the seventh grade when Abbey moved from Ireland. They started to push each other to get to the door first to open it. In the end they ended up on the floor laughing their butts off! "GIRLS!You are going to ruin your outfits. So stop laughing and get up!" I scolded. In response I heard them both mumble yes ma'am and I think I heard Abbey say "Someones on their monthy gift today" then giggling. When I opened the door Abbey and Ciarra were still giggling and whispering, But their stood Liam in a tux. He looked hot.


Liam had made us wait in the limo because he didn't want me or Harry to scare away one of Maryland's mates. I was so nervous though because he had said my date would be a girl named Abbey. Harry nugged my side bringing me out of my thought. Coming out of the house were to girls behind Liam and what I thought would be Maryland. One of them was wearing a light green dress with her hair curled and the other had on a red dress with a side thing going on. I thought it was called a braid though,they were both beautiful girls but I hoped the one with blonde hair was my date. Soon enough they were in the limo. "Okay mates, this girl here is Maryland." He said pionting at Maryland."And i'll let the other girls introduce them selves."

The one with brown hair was first to speak,only to be cut off be the blonde haired one. "Im Cia-"

"God damnit. C I was talking." Said who I assumed was Abbey. She then turned to me."I'm Abbey. It's nice to meet you." She said giving me a hug. She released me to soon though. "I'm Ciarra." Said the brown haired girl after Abbey had pulled away from me. I looked over to Harry to see him almost drooling over Ciarra when she was talking. I elbowed him in the side lightly to catch his attention. "What do you want?" He asked annoyed.

"Your drooling." I stated and smirked. He immediatly wipped at his mouth. All the way to the reasturaunt I made small talk with Abbey. I learned her favourite foods are mostly everything, her favourite colours are green,blue,and purple. I also learned that she had no siblings and she was from Ireland, she didn't have an accent because her parents were both from England. When we arrived at the reasturaunt I helped Abbey out of the car and had my arm around her waist as we walked to the door through the paps. When we were through the door I was about to pull my arm away from her waist but she stopped me by saying "I acually don't mind your arm." She said shyly.

"Okay, sure." Once we were seated Abbey grabbed hold of my hand under the table. The waiter came shortly after asking if we were ready to order. We all chorused yes. Harry ordered first. "I will have the pasta with bread sticks on the side."

Next went Liam." Soup and salad please."

Maryland-" Salad, and bread sticks"

Ciarra-" Ummm...alfredo chicken."

Me-"Soup, breadsticks, and chicken."

Abbey-"Alfredo chicken with a salad." I could already tell this night wouldn't get any better when Abbey squeezed my hand, which was still in her hand. 

Harry's P.O.V

When I saw the brown haired one get in the car, I was attracted to her beauty. I hadn't noticed I was staring until Niall nudged me. "What do you want?" I asked annoyed. "Your drooling." He smirked. I blushed and when I looked up I noticed Ciarra was blushing too. Maryland and Liam were talking, so was Abbey and Niall. "Well this is awkward." Ciarra stated looking bored. "I guess you could say that." She smiled and moved to sit next to me. "So your the famous Harry Styles flirt of One Direction, your very quiet." She said leaning very close to me. "Well if you want a flirt." I started to lean in and she quickly pulled away. I was about to ask what was wrong when we pulled up to the restraunt. I saw Niall wrapped his arm around Abbey's waist, and Ciarra noticed too. "Lets make every girl in the world hate me." Ciarra whispered in my ear and grabbed my hand, not before giving me a peck on the cheek. I blushed and we walked into the restraunt. We sat down and ordered, and I still had Ciarra's hand. "So where you from?" I asked making small talk, though I HATED small talk. "Aspen, Colorado. Date of birth January 28th,1994. Two brothers, T.J. who is 20, and Chris who is 28. My mom Kim who is 48 and I don't have a dad. So what else do you want to know?" She batted her eyes, the whole time she was talking she had a annoyed tone in her voice. "Wow not even an hour and I have my date annoyed." I said truthfully, looking away from Ciarra. Out of nowhere Ciarra grabbed my face and kissed me, we were interupted by Abbey. "Woah Ciarra I know your hungry but you don't have to eat his face off!" I turned red but Ciarra stayed her skin color. "Your just jealous that I made a move and your not getting anywhere." Abbey and Niall turned pink. Ciarra had a smirk on her face, and grabbed my hand again. Our food came, and Abbey and Niall both started digging into there food. I had never seen a girl eat to so messy on a date. "Want to see something funny?" Ciarra whispered into my ear. I nodded my head and she reached over and took a piece of Abbey's food. Ciarra quickly shoved the food in her mouth, Abbey tackled her across the table. Next thing I new Ciarra and Abbey were wrestling on the table. "Ciarra! Abbey knock it off!" Maryland was screaming. "We are going to get kicked out." As soon as Maryland said that the manager came out. "Um excuse me ladies but I have to ask you to leave, your destirbing the other costumers." Ciarra and Abbey both smirked got off the table covered in food. "I didn't like this place anyhow, the food is to expensive and doesn't even taste good." Abbey stated grabbing Ciarra's hand. "Thank you Liam, Niall, and Harry for having us but SOME people don't want us here so we shall leave." Ciarra said that as loud as possible, both her and Abbey bowed and started towards the exit. "Wait Ciarra I'm coming with you." I walked up to Ciarra and grabbed her free hand, Niall came running along and grabbed Abbey's other hand and we all walked out of the restraunt together.

Liam's P.O.V

"I'm so sorry, that's so embarressing!" Maryland exclaimed turning bright red brushing the food off her dress. "No I'm sorry I knew Harry would cause some sort of trouble." We both started laughing and we got up to pay the bill. "Let me." Maryland went to grab her purse when I took it. "No, never." I quickly paid and ran out the door with her purse still in my hand. "Liam come back here with my purse." She started to run after me, I slowed down and gave her time to catch up with me. "I will only give this back if you promise to come on a proper date with me." She smiled. "Oh fine BUT just us." I laughed and nodded my head. "Let me walk you home." I said and gave her back her purse. "Ok." She blushed and we made small talk until we got to her house. "I'm guessing it's this one." I saw Niall,Abbey,Ciarra,and Harry sitting on a porch being as loud as possible. "Sadly yes." She smiled and we started approaching the house. "What you can't get in?" Maryland said standing by the door. "No!" Ciarra said rolling her eye's. "Thanks Liam for the wonderful night." She kissed me on the cheek. "See you on our next date." I whispered in her ear. She nodded and walked in the door with Ciarra and Abbey. "Come on guys." I said towards Harry and Niall who were still staring at the door. "Uh fine!" Niall said dragging Harry behind him. "I already called a cab." Harry said right as a yellow cab pulled up.

Abbey's P.O.V

Once Niall,Harry,Ciarra and I were at Maryland's house we were going to let ourselves in but the door was locked s we all agreed to just sit on the porch and talk. Niall and I were going to prank Harry and Ciarra but lets just say Niall needs to work on his whispering. Harry and Niall had a kick out of Ciarra and I's food fight at the reasturaunt but I don't think Liam and Maryland were. Ha, whatever. Sometimes Maryland was a tight ass! At the moment Niall and Ciarra were in an aurgument over who was best at rock,paper, scissors. Niall obviously didn't know Ciarra was stubborn and at times could be impossible to change her mind. Thats what I loved about her."Niall, I have one more than FIFTEEN times out of the SIXTEEN! And I let you win one so you save a little bit of that bif ego you had." She stated. I looked at her in the eyes and saw she had a detirmined look in them. UH-OH. This was not good, whenever she got that look their was no way in hell of stoping her."Fine, you win."Niall huffed looking at her with mock hurt. I scooted closer to Niall and placed a kiss on his cheek. He turned red and turned to look at me shocked by what I had done."Wh- wh- what was that for?" He stuttered.

" were sad. So I cheered you up." I smiled at him, then turned back to Ciarra and Harry."Who wants to play truth or dare?" I sang looking from one face to the other. Soon they all nodded in agreement. I started off the game by asking Ciarra."Babe, truth or dare?" I asked her using her nickmane from me from the 7th grade. "Ummmm...lets try truth." She said."Do want Hazza to be your boyfriend?" By asking that I earned a death glare, if looks could kill! "Yes." She then turned and gave Harry a kiss on the lips. Harry then asked-"Does this mean we're dating?" Ciarra simply smiled and nodded her head yes. She looked back at me. "Abbey, Truth or Dare?" She smirked."Dare." I told her calmly, I hardly ever stood down a dare. "I dare you to make-out with Niall, then you have to back that up by asking him to be your boyfriend." Wit that I tuned my full attention on Niall. And with that we proceeded to kiss. It felt like bombs were going off, our lips moved in sync. I lost track of time. But to soon he was pulled away from me by Harry."Don't maul her mate." He joked at Niall. His face turned red as if on cue. I pulled him back to me and asked my final question by geting down on one knee and looked around for the closest thing to me. Flowers, I qiuckly plucked one and cleared my throat."Niall James Horan, Will you do me the honors of being my boyfriend? I have liked you since the first moment we meet. I know that it was only four hours ago but will you." I asked it faking a mans voice. Niall put his hand over his heart and a hand over his mouth. He said yes. I jumped up from my spot and procceded to try and pick him up in stilettos. I did manage to pick him up and spin once before falling down on the porch that earned us a-lot of laughs. Just after that Maryland and Liam showed up, just as quickly as they got here they left. 

Ciarra's P.O.V

Shortly after Niall and Abbey's little moment Maryland and Liam came waltzing towards the house. As we all exchanged a quick conversation they left. I was sad but in a way happy that I would get to go to my one true love. Sleep. I started to walk towards the stairs leading me to my room. "Oh hell no get your arse's back over here." I heard Maryland exclaim as Abbey walked towards the kitchen and me towards my room. "Mary I'm sorry that we ruined your date with Liam. I will call him in the morning to properly apoligize." I yelled to her as I continued to my room. As soon as I got to my room I shut the door and changed into my cheer shorts, softball shirt and put on my volleyball socks. Yeah it looks funky but I liked it, it looks hot. I threw my hair into a messy bun on top of my head and went to brush my teeth. I heard scratching and my bathroom door, I opened it to find my Golden retrevier awaiting for my presense. "Whdksoids." I went to say something to the dog but remembered I was brushing my teeth, I spit out the tooth plaste and bent down so I was the dogs height. "Why hello there moose." He wagged his tail and walked into my room, I didn't mind though. I turned off all the lights and crawled into my bed and quickly started to doze off.

5 am

*tink tink tink* I rubbed my eyes, the sound was coming from the window. I silently creep towards the window and saw someone standing outside, it was to dark to see the face. I stumbled away from the window and grabbed my softball bat and slowly went to the front door. I undid the lock and walked outside. "Hello beautiful." The figure came into the light, it was Harry. "Oh my fucking god Harry, your lucking you didn't get hit. Cause when I swing I swing hard." He chuckled and gave me a hug. "Sorry love I didn't mean to scare you I just didn't want to wake anyone else up." I kissed him quickly before pulling him inside. "Wait, I got to get Niall." Right as he said that I saw Niall running towards the house. "Oh my, Maryland is going to freak." I pulled them both in and locked the door. "Niall Abbey's room is the closest room to the kitchen." He nodded his head and walked towards Abbey's door. "Come on Harry lets go." I pulled him up the spiral stair case and into my room. I quietly shut the door and turned on the light. There stood moose growling at Harry, Moose slowly started cornering Harry. "Moose knock it off, friend not food." Moose gave me a look then started wagging his tail and went to Harry. " I thought I was going to die!" Harry let out a breathe and patted the dog. "Alright well you do you boo and I'm going to sleep." I shut off the lights and hopped into my king sized bed. "Oh love your no fun." I felt the bed dip down and a body next to mine. "Harry we aren't doing anything..... For now." I could tell he was blushing. "Goodnight Ciarra." Harry whispered into my ear and he wrapped his arm around my waist. "Goodnight Harry." I whispered as I started falling asleep again.


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