Two love stories.

Two girls fall in love with the guys of there dreams. Twist and turns will they stay together or will the boys fame,life style, friends end the beautiful relationships


1. Section1 (My best friend Abbey and I are writing this together!)


Maryland’s P.O.V

“Get off of me you jerk!!!” I yelled at my older sister who at the moment was sitting on top of me, tickling me to death. She giggled, “Not until you tell me where you’re going over break!”  Sienna told me in a teasing voice. “ no.” I told her stubbornly. “If you don’t tell me, the pretty boys in your room are going to go on a little field trip to the backyard.” As she pointed to the backyard full of snow. “ Nooo!!!” I yelled and threw her off of me. She landed on the floor in a bundle of limbs. I ran into my room and grabbed all of my pics of boo-bear, Hazza, daddy direction, nialler, and Bradford bad boy. Next thing I knew my sister was calling my parents. “Mommy, daddy, Maryland hurt me!” I ran out the door as fast as I could with my pics, money, suit cases, IPhone, and my ticket for London.  My house was huge, considering we lived in a mansion. We had 20 TV’s , five pools, six hot tubs,13 master bed-rooms, five kitchens, 7 guest rooms, three living rooms ( main livings),  four  theater rooms, two gaming rooms, and well I could name off much more! After living in houses like these all my life, I wanted to get away. I wanted to  be normal for once, but I knew anywhere I went I knew I would still be Maryland Ann Reynolds. The child of multi-billionaires, never just Maryland.

Liam P.O.V

I woke up with Harry’s cat curled up next to me; I rubbed my eyes confused and got up. I walked into the living room to see that Niall was already awake. “Niall what are you doing?” Niall’s head snapped around towards me and he began to get red. I walked over to him to see that he had every ones breakfast, everything was gone. “Niall! Really! I will be back in a few minutes and I swear if you eat one more thing I will hunt you down!” Niall began laughing. “Liam work on those threats, they are pretty lame.” I rolled my eyes, grabbed the car keys and walked towards the car. This was going to be a day of surprises, I could tell already.

Maryland’s  P.O.V

I went out the back door into the garage.  I looked around trying to find one of my cars. I owned a black ford range rover, a red ford f150 truck, and a ford mustang that was white. I got into the one that was closest to me, that happened to be my truck.  Once I was on the road I got a call from my best friend named Scarlett.  “Hey, what’s up?” I answered.

“Did you know that Chase and Brook broke up?! I mean I knew that they weren’t really hot and heavy anymore…but really this is some serious shit!!!” she practically screamed into the phone. “ I guess that he likes Bridget Cadiller. She is such a slut! I hate her. She was the one that broke up Cooper and Anna…” she ranted on. I sunk into my own thoughts about her. I loved her with all my heart but…sometimes I wondered about her. Majorly, I mean she was never really popular at her old school, Sage Wood High. That was on the east side of town with the people that had normal sized houses. Once she moved over  to L.A. Performing Stage and Singing Arts, she became popular. People were mean to her at first but when they learned that she was my bestie they backed off. You see I was the kids thought of as the ‘Queen Bee’ I didn’t use that though. I was a normal kid. My parents were the ones that had money. Not me.  “ Mar!! are you even listening to any word I’m saying!!??”   “ huh. Well duh! Why wouldn’t I??” I said faking the know.

“ No you’re not.” She said bluntly. “ if you really don’t care about the gossip then…how bout a party tonight. I heard its public. So it should be a good one.?” She said hope filling her voice. I wasn’t much of a partier, I only partied if I really needed an escape from the real world. I could always get away from my problems using the alcohol. I wasn’t addicted by any means, it was just there, like a subconscious thought. Or maybe like an old picture that every once in a while you needed to pull out to regain your balance in life. I used it to become any person I wanted to be. I didn’t have to think about being Mrs. Perfect the daughter of the great Reynolds. When I let myself be free I was just Mary or Lynn. Whatever you wanted to call me, I went by either. But god help me. Not Maralynd. When I finally answered back I said in a bored voice “ Scar, I would but I’m going to London for a week or so. I would go with you..but…maybe this is a better escape for me right now. I bet if you called Melany  would go with you.”

“ Ok. But why are you going to London?” she asked, curiosity dripping from her voice like ice sickles in winter.

“ Just to get away. Plus the shopping’s  great there. I’m also going to go visit The Henley.” I told her.

“Ok. Whatever, I gotta go. Love ya!!” she said before hanging up on me. Like I said sometimes I worried about her little soul.

Liam’s P.O.V

As I was on my way to get breakfast I saw a park, it looked beautiful. I stopped the car and started walking. I got on my phone and started scrolling through twitter, I was reading some tweets when I passed by one that caught my eye. Mary_Lynn: On my too way to my happy place! Well wasn’t that nice, I started to look at the girls photos. She seemed nice, maybe she was a fan? As I was looking I got a text. Niall- Where are you? My tummy is growling!

I rolled my eyes and quickly texted back,

Liam- Be back in a bit

I quickly got up and went to the store, as I was getting breakfast I was only thinking about the girl. What was so special about this one girl? She was just like any other  fan, or was she? Something about Marylynd that was so different, more special. For some reason she seemed like me, in the middle of thinking this I ran into someone. “Oh I’m so sorry, here let me help you.” I bent down and met eyes with a lady, she had dark hair, blue tired eyes, and bruises covering her body. I saw she had three kids with her, I felt bad. “Thank you.” She quickly walked away, I saw she walked to a man. “Where the hell were you! You’re so fucking useless. Make these kids shut up.” I saw the fear in her eyes, I had to do something. I walked over to her and the man. “Um excuse me is there a problem here?” The woman shook her head, and hide her face. “Who the hell are you? Back off this is between me and her.” The man shoved me. I didn’t like violence  as much as I liked spoons, but I didn’t like to see someone defenseless beaten. “You better leave her alone or the police will be involved with this squabble of ours.” Fear slide across his eyes and he started to back away. “Thank you, your kind.” The woman thanked me, I nodded my head. “You don’t have to take it. You can do things to stop this unhealthy relationship. Please get help, here’s my number if you need anything.” I grabbed a piece of paper, wrote down my number gave it to her. She nodded and walked away with her kids, I smiled. I paid for my stuff and drove home.

Maryland’s P.O.V

I was finally aboard my private jet. I was sitting in one of the bean bag chairs and was on my laptop. I was Facebook scrolling through all the friend requests I always got. Most of them were of loners that went to my school, you know the kind of kids that try to stay hidden and out of the gossiper’s eye. I immediately clicked accept on them, the other requests were from people I didn’t know. All guys. What pervs  I thought to myself. They most likely looked at my pics and saw sex written all over my chest. But the thing was I wasn’t easy. I may be 5’7 with really shiny, long, wavy, copper red hair with dark natural blonde highlights, big green eyes, and yeah I guess you could say I had a nice body. I worked out every night. I liked working out, it was another one of my get aways. Next I went on twitter. I made a tweet that said ‘ On my way too my happy place!’ I logged out of my laptop and decided to take a nap.


I woke up to see that a flight attendant was shaking me awake. “ I’m sorry miss, but the plane has landed and we are in London. I am very sorry to wake you.” The blonde haired girl said.

“ Oh. It’s okay, thank you for waking me. And please don’t call me miss. Call me Lynn or Mary. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. But please not miss.” I said in a dreadful but happy tone. I hated it when people talked to me as if I were higher in standing then they were. My mother on the other hand basked in the knowledge that she had power over people, so did my father. But me and my siblings hated it. I had two older siblings Trey who was 22 as of a month ago. Sienna who was 18. And my younger sibling Kadillin who was only 14. She may be young but she knew enough to know that she didn’t like to be treated as if she were higher than anybody. Once I had my phone and money in my uggs I stepped off the plane and put on my sunglasses. Finally I thought as I breathed in the fresh, crisp London air. By the smell and dampness on the ground it had just rained here not too long ago. I had forgotten how cold it could get here. I went over to my luggage and pulled out a hooded purple, Jack Willis hoodie out of my bag. I shrugged it on and went through the terminal and went straight to the private car that was waiting out front for me. My luggage was already in the car, so I hopped in and enjoyed the car ride to my apartment I rented out in downtown London. I thought it would be smart at the time that I decided to rent it out. I mean I live here at least half of the year.


Liam’s P.O.V

When I got home it was loud and noisy, all the noise was coming from the kitchen. I walk in to see the boys playing real life fruit ninja. The kitchen was a MESS! To add on to it, they could kill someone! “Boys! What are you doing?!?” I yelled over the noise. Everything stopped they all looked at me with shock written all over their faces! “Well Liam…..” Zayn tried explaining when I stopped this. “Clean up this mess, then go shower. You all are staying here as your punishment, and if you do anything bad there will be consequences!” They all shook their heads, but just to test their luck Harry spoke up. “What sort of consequences?” He looked at Louis who had a smirk planted on his face. “Well for you Harry kitty goes bye bye for a week. Louis no seeing Eleanor for a week, by the way she is hearing about this! Zayn every mirror will ‘disappear’ for a week, wont that kill you. Lastly Niall, no Nandos for a week! You all heard me right! Get this mess cleaned up, put away the food I bought too. I’m going out, when I get home this all better be spotless!” I once again left, this time I wanted to go to downtown London. It was so beautiful, and my favorite café was there. The drive wasn’t long to get to my café, as I walked in to the small cottage looking café I saw a girl sitting alone and drinking some sort of pumpkin spice latte listening to music. I ordered and sat down next to the girl. “Hi is this seat taken?” I nervously asked, my voice trembling with every word. She pulled out her headphones before replying. “Oh sorry, no take a seat.” She started blushing and moved her stuff over a bit so I could have room. “What’s your name?” She asked smiling looking directly into my eyes. “Uh, umm, oh yeah sorry. Liam, Liam Payne.” She started blushing, which was cute  the way… Wait what am I saying I don’t even know this girl. I gave her a few minutes to process the statement before talking again. “What’s your name?” Her shook her head and replied. “I’m Maryland, sorry I’m so confuzzled about this. I mean you’re so normal, I’m glad you’re not one of those snotty stuck up celebrities. I like that your original, one of a kind.” She was madly blushing now, I started to blush too. Wait why did Maryland sound so familiar. “Well thanks, you know for someone to act this normal around me is astonishing!” We both out of know where started laughing, and we couldn’t stop! This girl was amazing! After we recovered from laughing , there was a comfortable silence between us, then my phone vibrated.

Zayn- Everything’s clean you can come home now

I looked at the clock it had been an hour already.

Liam- Alright

She looked at sort of sad. “What’s wrong Maryland?” I asked her, she looked up from her fingers and spoke. “Oh just we will never meet again, all things have to end sometime right. Oh you can call me Mary or Lynn ether works.” She tried pulling a fake smile, which was very unconvincing. “They don’t have to end Lynn. Here let me see your phone I will put my number in it.” She passed me her phone and I passed her mine, we exchanged numbers and said our good byes and I left the shop filled with joy.

Maryland’s P.O.V

Wow was all I thought. How could I be so lucky!! But in all reality he was a pop star. And well I was Maryland. Just a girl from the united states that moved to a new exotic country every other year because my parents didn’t like living in ordinary places. So far I had lived in Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Egypt, United Kingdom, Ireland, and right back to L.A. California. Where I was unfortunately  born. I started to walk back to my apartment which was only about four blocks away from the café. I was crossing the park when two boys that looked about my age came over to me. “ Hey! Where are you going sexy?!” the one with dirty blonde hair asked. He was alright looking I thought to myself. “ Yeah, where do you think you’re going beautiful?” the other one asked he had brown hair. There were two things that could come in handy in this scenario I thought to myself. Well maybe three. First I didn’t get into the school I had gotten into for no reason. I was an awesome actress and singer. And secondly my parents had me go into karate when I was five up until I was in the 6th grade. I was a black belt. I turned back to them and looked them straight in the eye. “ I was going to my boyfriend’s flat.” I told them faking a British accent. This should be good I thought. Which instantly put a smirk on my lips.

“ Oh. Well don’t you come to our flat.” The one with brown hair told me.

I put a playful smile on my lips and asked them in a teasing voice. “ What are your names, ill only come to your flat if I have your names.”

“ Well my names Kade.” Said the one with brown hair. “ And the dumbass next to me is Luke.” Kade said pointing to the tall dirty blonde to his right. Before I knew what was happening they both came onto me. Kade grabbed my left arm and Luke my right. They obviously didn’t know who they were messing with. I kneed Luke in the balls and once he let go I punched Kade in the face. The both let go and I ran. I ran and ran for what seemed like seconds, but in all reality was probably was at least three minutes. When I reached my apartment I quickly unlocked the door and opened the door. Once I was inside I locked the door back up and trudged up the stairs and into my room. Once my head hit my pillow I was out dead. Asleep.


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